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  1. I’d rather have ads than listen to Tanner to be fair.
  2. Decided to stick some money on this to liven up an otherwise boring Tuesday night. I’ve just stuck on Hibs TV and have to say the set up and production quality is the best I’ve seen so far on any of the club tv channels. Good effort from the Hibees.
  3. The thought that diddy Chris Kane was going to do us again there.
  4. Interested to see how McGinley does if O’Halloran gets a run at him. McGinley looks like he should be slow but he’s secretly fucking rapid.
  5. It got lost a bit with the Campbell and Maguire chat but I’m quite surprised to see Chapman keep his place in goals. Though conceding 4 to Celtic would have been an acceptable excuse to drop him for Archer.
  6. Guess that’s Campbell and Maguire having to isolate then. Pretty unfortunate.
  7. Good news for us, he’s a decent player who I assumed would have started for them. Not to tempt fate but he’s a great penalty taker too. Wonder if any other Serbs will be ruled as close contacts and unable to play ala Christie and Tierney for us in the last camp?
  8. Got a feeling this’ll be the last we see of the bold Chapman.
  9. That’s James McFadden. The Springburn accent is often confused with French. The other guy is Stiliyan Petrov.
  10. He’s done absolutely fine there in the last 2 games and you can’t argue with 2 clean sheets, but Ross County and Livi were both fairly shite and he hasn’t really been tested. Being able to handle the likes of Ross Stewart (as much as I rate him) and Big JET (as much as I think he’s shite) is a different game from dealing with the movement/guile of an Edouard, Griffiths or Ajeti who he’s likely to come up against this weekend, and I have my doubts he’d manage it quite as easily given some of the goals we conceded earlier in the season when he lost his man. That being said, he’s not Ricky Lamie so I say stick with the shape and give him a go.
  11. The wind is causing all sorts of havoc here. Chapman threw the ball from our box to about 10 yards outside the Livi box 5 mins ago.
  12. Good play by Watt. He’s been good today. O’Hara is good at pens.
  13. The number of needless fouls he gives away in dangerous wide areas is infuriating.
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