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  1. Iceland, Ireland and Albania would be my ideal group for points/progression. Iceland seem to be on the way down after their heroics at Euro 2016, and ROI are total dogshit just now. Albania aren't up to much despite doing quite well in the WC qualifiers but 9 of their 12 points have come against Andorra and San Marino so they'll drop back in that group after the next round of fixtures. Bosnia, Romania and Montenegro would be my ideal group from a pints perspective.
  2. Fair play to the media team for winning the award ahead of some huge clubs who's budgets and man power will be miles ahead of theirs. I've said in the past not everything they do is my cup of tea, but then again it's probably not aimed at people like me which is absolutely fair enough - they can't be all things to all men. The work they do in highlighting the community aspects of the club and the various campaigns such as suicide prevention and food bank collections deserve recognition. I'm a fan of the monthly Inside Motherwell video which is usually quite fun and gives a better insight into the players/club. As @Ron Aldo says, any positivity for the club is a good thing, and these guys very much do their part.
  3. I'm fairly unconcerned with Tony's contract situation at the minute. He seems to have finally found somewhere where he feels settled and it looks like he's enjoying his football for the first time in a long while after years of bouncing around the UK and Europe. He's clearly one of our best and most important players and he seems to have finally found a home so, without being too presumptuous, I would hope that the contract talks would be fairly straightforward....? That being said, I'd be keen to see an extension signed before Christmas just to avoid any risk of a pre-contract offer coming in from elsewhere. As others have mentioned, it'll be a very strange time next summer when we come back from pre-season with the vast majority of our starting XI under contract. It'd be nice to add the bold Tony to that list.
  4. One more goal sends us top of the league [emoji102]
  5. Concede an offside goal, and Van Veen and Grezza in the book in the first half. This is going exactly as we all expected.
  6. With Slattery and mad KVV in the team I have never been more certain about us receiving a red card against this mob on Sunday. Cannae wait, hope it’s a good one.
  7. 100%. They better hope they’re safe by Christmas because half that squad will be in the jail after the Christmas night out.
  8. Yeah he was binned after being injured for most of the second half of the season and largely being on the bench for the first half. He is stupidly rapid which can be useful but he has virtually no end product to speak of. I wouldn’t trust him in any way, shape or form to play wing back. He spent most of his time with us being screamed at by Stephen Robinson because his all round awareness, positional sense and defensive workfare weren’t up to scratch. This was kind of understandable because his time with us was his first experience of ‘real’ football but he got benched before long and in any of his cameo appearances didn’t really show that he had developed that side of his game at all.
  9. Agree with Yassin that on the face of it, it looks like we’ve had one of the better a windows. Just need to hope that our main signings come good and we’re not stuck with a bunch of jobbers on 3 year deals. I appreciate we are now in a different market with covid etc but it’s quite pleasing that we got a similar transfer fee for James Scott after 36 appearances and 4 goals as St Johnstone got for Ali McCann.
  10. Ooft. That’s a shocker of a deal especially after McCanns stand out performances in Europe. A rival being done out of some cash is usually quite funny but I actually feel sorry for you Saintees - a real downer after such a fantastic 12 months.
  11. I’m pretty happy with our business overall. I’d maybe have liked another attacking mid/playmaker but not to worry. I’ll be interested to see what formation we run with now that Grezza has all his own players in but it looks like we have the options to go with the usual 4-3-3, a 3-5-2 or a 4-2-3-1. I’d be very keen to see how may pieces a back 3 of Mugabi, Ojala and Johansen could reduce a opposition striker to.
  12. Just noticed that on twitter haha. No surprise that members of The Thread[emoji769]️ are cerebrally in tune, it’s what drives its success.
  13. Congrats Jambos. Fan ownership has generally worked very well for us in the last couple of years so it’ll be good to see what can be done with a much larger fan base and level of financial contribution. Definitely the right way to go to keep clubs in the hands of those who care about it most. It might be a bit early to know this, but is your plan the same as ours - for the club to be self sufficient and aim to break even every season, with the fans contributions used as an emergency/special projects fund? Or are your contributions being used for regular expenditure and topping up the playing squad budget?
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