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  1. I'd have kept Gardyne (and Naismith and Shaw) but County were rotten last season too. We'd hardly be better off with Mckay or Vigurs starting every week.
  2. The "my wean needs to get to school" one is the most desperate attempt to get some media clout I've seen in a while.
  3. Never have I ever seen a more desperate attempt at attention seeking. And it's not even from the Insulate Britain (#FBPE) types.
  4. I've not watched County at all this season - other than highlights - so I'm probably not best placed to comment but "0 wins in 9 games" and "3 points from 27" seem to be more important statistics than "had lots of shots". We've go three equally dreadful strikers who will get 8 goals between them. Yet another hapless clown at centre-back, and the only good defender punted out at right-back because the actual right-back should be clogging about the eighth tier of English football. The only roll of the dice seems to be that maybe the keeper should be dropped and Ross Laidlaw can save us.
  5. Not snobby enough. In A Lonely Place, Fire Walk With Me, and Tokyo Drifter.
  6. I don't like Corona, don't buy supermarket coffee, and own three Criterion Collection blu-rays. I'm obviously a massive, class-traitor, snob.
  7. "Little Orphan Funkhouser".
  8. For reasons I can't quite pin down, I want to dislike BCNR but I really enjoyed their album. And I hate myself for it. I'm a fan. I've recommended it to a few folk over the past week.
  9. A lot of County fans took issue with Mackay being appointed and still do take issue with him. I know a number of folk who aren't financially supporting the club for the foreseeable future (myself included). I have firsthand experience of confronting folk who racially abuse players. The alleged actions of one moron doesn't make us all racists. Hopefully it gets investigated by both clubs and if something was said or gestured then the person responsible gets banned.
  10. One of the Novara grifters used the "No Surrender" bit in a meme during the Euros. It was ironic or something.
  11. Perth and Stirling are, objectively, the worst two cities in Scotland.
  12. Agreed. They can look impressive in fully packed stadiums on the continent. However: a) continental ultras are complete oddballs b) it looks ridiculous in Scottish football c) nobody really wants a plume of coloured smoke in their face
  13. The mental gymnastics on display, man. Dundee fans would have been up in arms if Peter Pawlett or some other Dundee United clogger had pinged a smoke bomb into the away end on Sunday.
  14. And another decent read on the situation from Adam Tooze: click
  15. The timing of an interview with Harry Paton isn't... great?
  16. Adam Tooze has a nice summary of the Evergrande situation.
  17. Wet Wet Wet's "Love Is All Around" was #1 when County played their first league game in the SFL.
  18. My radical idea for funding the NHS (and indeed things like the UC uplift) involves taxing the rich and the government simply spending more money. I won't be taking any further questions. Thank you.
  19. It's comfortably the worst away day in the league, and arguably the worst away day I've been to. Too far away from the city centre. Heavy wee guy energy from the fans on the train there. And then stuck away in a corner with an abysmal view. It's essentially an upmarket Almondvale. And despite all that, Celtic still shouldn't be shutting out away fans just because it's County and the away support is small.
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