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  1. Stalkers were the worst to deal with. Particularly when you first encounter them.

    I liked HZD a lot. The story didn't draw me in at the start but it grew on me.

    The combat was awesome though. Taking down Thunderjaws became great fun. Stormbirds less so. 

    The Frozen Wilds expansion was good too. 

  2. Putting money into the right people's pockets (i.e., low paid households and those relying on benefits) is the best way to reduce the impact of the current spike in inflation. You're not going to reduce energy costs or food prices by increasing the BoE's base rate. And I don't think the current episode is a "monetary phenomenon", or at least, that's not the biggest driver.

    Hard agree on the property owning bit though.

  3. Yeah it's a good thread. There's been some good stuff from the IFS and (I think) Resolution on how energy price inflation is going to hit poorer households. 

    It does, kinda, point to how ratcheting up interest rates isn't going to solve this problem. Putting money directly in people's pockets would do a lot more IMO.

  4. 52 minutes ago, blackislekillie said:

    Dont be a flirt! Tell all.

    He was up in court a few months ago accused of assaulting and abusing an ex. The original article said it was going to trial at some point. It also said this:


    It’s claimed he insisted the woman exercise daily “according to his instructions” and also dictated what clothes to wear.

    He also allegedly monitored her spending and would throw household items around while arguing with her.

    The charges further alleges that Paton manipulated the woman by repeatedly ending then recommencing his relationship and, on various occasions, insisted she leave their shared Inverness home.

    Paton also allegedly shouted and swore at the woman, acted in an aggressive manner towards her and uttered derogatory remarks towards her.

    The Canadian-born footballer is also accused of assaulting his ex-partner to her injury by pinning her against a wall and pushing her out of bed, as well as behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by repeatedly driving a car towards her.

    All of the allegations relate to a period between February 2019 and May this year.


  5. I didn't like "Brave New World" at all. It did nothing for me. Relatedly, I much preferred "We" to "Nineteen Eighty Four".

    Finished "Bad Blood" the other day. It's the story of Theranos by the WSJ journalist who broke the story about their various frauds. It was a lot more gripping than I expected and is almost unbelievable at points (until you remember who these people are). 

    "Dune Messiah" is next on the list.

  6. 15 hours ago, NotThePars said:

    Worth reading the second at least to see how it subverts the white saviour trope that people were losing the head about a few months back. 

    Whether you read the rest depends on whether you want to see how weird it gets. Definitely stop at the Frank Herbert books though don't read the ones written by his son.

    Awesome I'll pick up the second one and take it from there.

  7. I finished "Dune" recently. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Are the sequels worth checking out? I'm tempted to pick up "Messiah".

    Even more recently I finished "The Expendable Man" by Dorothy Hughes. Really terrific. A 100% certified page-turner; I was totally pulled in and fired through it in two or three nights. I think I might have preferred it to "In A Lonely Place".

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