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  1. There's a lot of good music around just now (and over the last decade and a bit too). It's just your average P&B poster who whinges about the state of music today is only spoon fed whatever stuff Radio 1 and Radio 2 want them to hear.

    It's similar to complaining about how modern cinema is rubbish because Marvel movies and whatever garbage reboot we've got this month are mostly terrible. There's a lot of good stuff out there if you're prepared to look for it.

  2. Kettlewell is probably in my top three favourite County players of all time. He wasn't as technically gifted as Brittain, Lawson, or Vigurs but he made such a difference to the team with his style of play and work rate. One of those players who probably deserves a lot more credit than he gets: he played in all four tiers and never looked out of his depth.

    It was a shame things didn't work out as County manager. But I'm quite glad to see him getting another opportunity at this level. 

  3. 2 hours ago, 54_and_counting said:

    Probably the joke about vasquez being mistaken for a man when she's doing pullups is deemed offensive 


    49 minutes ago, ICTChris said:

    I'd forgotten about that.

    The actress who played Vasquez now runs a lingerie shop in LA.

    It's probably to do with the actress being "browned up" to look Latino. 

    I don't really see too much of an issue with warnings before films - particularly on streaming services. If you go to the cinema then there's a BBFC warning before every film anyway.

  4. I went to see TÁR last night.

    It's objectively a great piece of filmmaking. A great character study. Cate Blanchett is great. I enjoyed being surprised by so many recognisable faces (General Veers!). It looks great. It sounds great. It's well written. Lydia Tár is the Hollywood's worst (best?) "villain" since Daniel Plainview (it's probably lazy but I couldn't help but think of a comparison with There Will Be Blood).

    And yet... there's a point in the film with, maybe, 20 minutes to go where I just switched off and stopped engaging. That final stretch felt a bit needless; there's a logical end point but they kept going. It went from a 4 star Letterboxd review to 3.5 stars. Even typing that out feels sacrilegious.


  5. 20 minutes ago, Bairnardo said:

    Someone tell me about Matthew Writght plz



    an English television presenter and former tabloid journalist. He worked as a journalist for The Sun and was a showbusiness gossip columnist for The Daily Mirror before launching a television career. He hosted the Channel 5 topical debate show The Wright Stuff from 2000 to 2018.


  6. Another Scottish Cup run filed straight into the bin.

    Let's set aside his baggage - I've shared my views on that before - and focus on his record. It's dreadful. 

    The team was mostly garbage for around half of last season. A terrible first 10 games, followed by a good wee run, then an inconsistent run, then an abysmal end to the season chucking the best chance of Europe we'll see for some time. 

    The squad isn't good enough. Dhanda and Iacovitti are maybe the only two I can see deserving of a step-up to a better club. The rest is a collection of guys who should have been binned years ago, faceless jobbers, the instantly forgettable, and "projects" that might have come good under a more progressive manager.

    But the club went all in on him so I guess that's it. Either this or an untested Don Cowie.

  7. Maybe Malky Mackay isn't the genius that his friends in the media would have us believe. That top six finish (the dismal run of results that followed it doesn't get mentioned) appears to have papered over some amount of cracks. I only see highlights but there doesn't appear to be any style or identity to this current team.

    There's maybe two or three players who would get gigs at other clubs in this league or a similar level. The rest will be clogging about the Championship or the English Conference soon enough. And given some of the stories about their behaviour, I'd be quite happy to see most of them binned. 

  8. I feel like this conversation comes up every time the Arctic Monkey release a new album (apart from maybe AM because they had two or three songs on that which felt like throwbacks to the first album*). A large chunk of people won't be happy until they're back writing a second "Mardy Bum". 

    I liked Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It was fun. They embraced a total change of direction and it mostly worked.  This new one has some highlights, and other parts that don't quite hit the mark. It's not terrible; it's not brilliant. There are better albums this year and that's okay.


    *And despite that, Mad Sounds and No 1 Party Anthem were probably my favourite two songs on the album.

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