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  1. To be fair, England have had an embarrassing Nations League campaign and all the talk in the build-up was about how they would inevitably struggle to break down a supposedly stodgy Iran side. As it is, they're 3-0 up without really working through the gears.

    I reckon they're allowed to be a wee bit optimistic after today (even accounting for Iran being absolutely terrible); although I still think they'll be QFs at best .

  2. I saw Sigur Ros in Stockholm a couple of weeks back. They were awesome. I'd happily stand and listen to them play "Samskeyti" on a loop for 2 hours. 

  3. I feel like this conversation comes up every time the Arctic Monkey release a new album (apart from maybe AM because they had two or three songs on that which felt like throwbacks to the first album*). A large chunk of people won't be happy until they're back writing a second "Mardy Bum". 

    I liked Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It was fun. They embraced a total change of direction and it mostly worked.  This new one has some highlights, and other parts that don't quite hit the mark. It's not terrible; it's not brilliant. There are better albums this year and that's okay.


    *And despite that, Mad Sounds and No 1 Party Anthem were probably my favourite two songs on the album.

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