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  1. 1 hour ago, LIVIFOREVER said:

    Wouldn't mind Alan Forrest getting a call up at some point, reckon he'd have scored given the same amount of chances Armstrong had, he's got a lot better shot on him anyway and would've at least hit the target. Seems to be playing in much the same position for Hearts and has scored 3 goals the last two games.


  2. I caught the first half on the radio and then the second half on the TV. Other than a couple of runs from Mudryk, it didn't sound like Ukraine caused too much bother in the first half. 

    I'm not sure I agree with the "no more 5 at the back" shouts from some on here and many on Twitter. It's nice to have options and being able to switch between a couple of formations at this level is a useful tool to have. It's like having four quality full-backs: it's good to have options and depth.

  3. 22 minutes ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:

    That's not what most people are complaining about though.

    It's the directionless plot of the first episode which has, quite rightly, put it in the firing line. Style over any literary substance is the big concern.


    It was the first episode of what is supposed to be a multi-season TV show. They're not going to lay out everything in the first hour. You need to be prepared to wait.

    It is a weird criticism. Like in the most recent Star Wars one when folk whinged that some specific plot point wasn't explained in the first episode - only for it to be explained several episodes later. Almost as if that was the point.

    This whole series might be absolutely terrible but "the first episode had no plot" is not a particularly legitimate criticism. And it's been used as a cover by a lot of the permanently online culture warriors in order for them to cry more about "wokeism".


  4. 5 minutes ago, TheScarf said:

    I see Haaland is, as expected, making mincemeat out of the Barclays defenders, despite every Nigel saying he wouldn’t score a barrow load in the best league in the world. 


  5. I like Julia Jacklin's new one. It's her, what, third record now? You know what you're getting - nothing groundbreaking but an enjoyable, solid 7/10, album. On that Australian theme: I've not had a chance to listen to Stella Donnelly's album yet. I couldn't get back into the first single after initially liking it, but I really liked "How Was Your Day?".

    The Danger Mouse & Black Thought effort is next on my list.

    Think I've seen announcements of new albums from both The Orielles and The Beths. So that's a couple to look forward to. And the new Arctic Monkeys single has got me quite excited for The Car.

  6. Celtic fans (I'm painting with broad brush strokes here, but in general) seem to like portraying themselves as leftist class warriors. It's nice for them as they get to wave St Pauli flags.

    Yet as soon as any discussion about how to make Scottish football more equitable comes up they spew out some stuff about how "actually you little clubs just need to try harder and aspire more... maybe if you gave us more tickets then you wouldn't have a problem?". It's all very odd.


  7. Read a tweet yesterday about Mackay's record as County manager. I've not fact checked it but it said that he has the second lowest PPG and Win % of County's permanent managers since 2011/12. Only Coyle was worse (obviously there's Championship stat padding for Kettlewell / Ferguson).

    So I went and had a wee look at the results over the past 12 months. 1 win in the last 11 league games at the moment (to go with the 1 win in the first 11 league games of last season).

    Democratic Debate Democrats GIF by Bernie Sanders

  8. That was liquid television! This whole series has been bittersweet - it's been really terrific stuff but it's also been a slow countdown to the whole thing coming to an end. I don't want it to end but I also want a resolution!


    Kim's story was just devastating.  Rhea Seehorn has maybe, probably, been the best actor in the whole show.

    I loved the reflection in Gene's glasses too. A great touch. 



  9. 8 minutes ago, GroundHoppingBear said:

    Rangers barren times? We literally just spent years in the lower leagues. Celtic have twice one nine in a row. They won four trebles or whatever it was. That’s obviously barren years for Rangers.

    You won all three leagues in that time! There's fans of teams you were playing against that haven't even seen them win one! 

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