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  1. Canada had quite an impressive opening game against Belgium (although Belgium have looked lifeless in both games since) but they've now conceded 6 goals in the last two hours of football. They look lacking in quality everywhere other than the front three. Morocco look reasonably solid though.
  2. Terrible call from the referee. Uruguay have been absolutely dreadful though. I had money on them getting to the QFs but I'd happily see them sent packing by Ghana.
  3. Juranovic is playing like a guy who has never had a winger run at him before.
  4. I seem to remember similar "It's Croatia! If we press them with high energy then they won't cope! No legs in midfield!" build-up before our game against Croatia last year. They coped pretty easily.
  5. Lee Dixon taking issue with Argentina struggling against a hard-working, but limited, CONCACAF side. No self-awareness.
  6. England have some terrific players - some of whom are unfairly maligned on here (not rating Harry Kane? Jinkies!) - but I don't quite get the Declan Rice hype. He's... fine? But that's about it.
  7. Weird seeing guys from sides like Chelsea, Juventus, and Barcelona wearing the USMNT uniform. It doesn't seem right. Where's your Jozy Altidores? Your Michael Bradleys? Your Steve Cherundolos?
  8. I just love Jackson Irvine. His rise to become Football's Coolest Man has been incredible. Maybe my favourite player to pull on a County shirt.
  9. To be fair, England have had an embarrassing Nations League campaign and all the talk in the build-up was about how they would inevitably struggle to break down a supposedly stodgy Iran side. As it is, they're 3-0 up without really working through the gears. I reckon they're allowed to be a wee bit optimistic after today (even accounting for Iran being absolutely terrible); although I still think they'll be QFs at best .
  10. Ecuador and <2.5 goals is looking less and less value the longer this game goes on
  11. A soft penalty for a questionable handball evens things up for that one against Brian Graham in the League Cup semi-final.
  12. A one goal defeat is arguably a better result than anything Celtic achieved in this year's Champions League.
  13. Sounds like Harmon is finally our version of literally every player ICT picked up from the English Papa John's leagues. He's the player I wanted Ben Frempah to be.
  14. That 5-4 game was really fun. At 4-4 it felt like getting a last minute winner, only to see there was still 10 minutes to go.
  15. yoda


    I saw Sigur Ros in Stockholm a couple of weeks back. They were awesome. I'd happily stand and listen to them play "Samskeyti" on a loop for 2 hours.
  16. The mewling over "a kinder, gentler politics" seems to mean little more than "don't say nasty things about me, a government minister, on Twitter", rather than actually introducing kinder, gentler policies that don't seek to dehumanise thousands of people.
  17. I feel like this conversation comes up every time the Arctic Monkey release a new album (apart from maybe AM because they had two or three songs on that which felt like throwbacks to the first album*). A large chunk of people won't be happy until they're back writing a second "Mardy Bum". I liked Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. It was fun. They embraced a total change of direction and it mostly worked. This new one has some highlights, and other parts that don't quite hit the mark. It's not terrible; it's not brilliant. There are better albums this year and that's okay. *And despite that, Mad Sounds and No 1 Party Anthem were probably my favourite two songs on the album.
  18. "Look at me! I'm the Governor of the Bank of England!"
  19. Circa 5 months of decent results sandwiched by terrible results and aimless football. They were the exception, not the norm.
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