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  1. You won all three leagues in that time! There's fans of teams you were playing against that haven't even seen them win one!
  2. In my lifetime, Rangers have won 13 topflight league titles, 10 League Cups, and 9 Scottish Cups. Celtic have won 17 topflight league titles, 11 League Cups, 11 Scottish Cups. You've both got 3 European finals between you in that time too. But, please, tell us about the barren times.
  3. That's the "best ever January signing" you're talking about. My hot take is that Ten Hag won't see out the season. Pochettino arrives by Easter and is out the door within 18 months
  4. Why do Old Firm fans have such an issue with 3pm kick-offs (or more specifically, 3pm kick-offs for away games)?
  5. Gorgeous looking game. Tedious and repetitive busywork after a few hours though.
  6. We're the biggest bunch of pathetic simps on the planet. I don't go to home games because of the managerial appointment and how it was handled. However, I was half planning to get to a couple of away games this season (I've not seen most of the usual away day crew in person since 2020!) but I'm not overly keen on forking out upwards of £25 to sit in a rubbish stadium with archaic facilities for two hours. Edit: I'm not sure what prices were last season, or even during the 2019/20 season, but not going to games for a couple of seasons has really made me prioritise spending on other things over the football. Part of that is the value for money aspect.
  7. Robert Eggers' The Northman was released this year and shot on film.
  8. I'll be patching this for the rest of the season if today is anything to go by.
  9. I really, really, really liked Self Esteem's album.
  10. One win at Tynecastle and I missed the goal because I was getting a tea or a coffee or something.
  11. The top four will be the same as last year. Fifth to eleventh could be any combination of County, Aberdeen, Motherwell, Hibs, Livingston, Kilmarnock, or the Glasgow Saints. I think St Johnstone will finish bottom without ever really getting cut adrift.
  12. The squad looks strong in terms of depth. The quality of the squad is a bit more open debate. Having said that, on paper, it's probably better than most of the last few seasons though. I expect County will end up anywhere between 5th and 11th.
  13. This Xara kit remains my favourite County top:
  14. yoda

    The Boys

    The Black Noir stuff was really, really, really, really good.
  15. yoda


    I was at Sharon Van Etten at the Barrowlands last week. Seeing her do "Seventeen" live ticks a box off the gig bucket list.
  16. Frank Sobotka was a good union man and had links to organised crime (including human trafficking). It's not a stretch to believe that many union officials participate in similar criminal activity.
  17. I saw Twitter rumours (one tweet) that we're signing some big Canadian forward who has just been released from the Romanian Barclays.
  18. Yeah he was signed by Adams. Scored his first goal in a 1-2 home defeat against Kilmarnock (from a Joe Cardle cut in and cross IIRC). Pretty sure their front three of Ngoo, Magennis, and Obedayi ragdolled a defence containing Balk, Dreesen, and Celcer.
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