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  1. Hoffenheim seem to be doing alright, IMO.
  2. I’d extinguished every memory of the QoS game from my mind, so I assumed he had picked up two bookings! RossStewartMania on the bench instead then.
  3. Just hook this kind of post directly into my veins.
  4. Alloa impressed me at the game in December. Some better finishing would have seen County a couple of goals up at half-time, but Alloa were a lot less open in the second-half and defended really well. The goalkeeper (Parry?) made some excellent saves, and they looked dangerous on the counter. A very well organised team with some attacking quality in Zanatta, Trouten, and Flannigan. You would expect County to go with the same XI that beat Motherwell, with guys like Mullin, Armstrong, and Semple on the bench? Although, SK/SF might fancy flinging in a more offensive midfielder in place of Spence? I'd go: Fox Fraser Watson vdW Kelly McManus Paton Draper Lindsay Gardyne Graham Subs: Munro, Grivosti, Semple, Spence, Mullin, Armstrong, Mckay It's essentially a must-win game given (a) the previous two league results, and (b) a win extends the lead over at least one of Dundee United or Ayr. I think County will scrape by with a less than comfortable 2-0 win. Would have quite fancied going to this one as I'm in Inverness but Escape From New York at Eden Court was a more enticing option 10 days ago!
  5. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    I don't go looking for your posts but from what I've read, you do the same thing: state an opinion as if it's some sort of absolute fact. I mean, nearly everyone does it on the internet so it's a strange thing to pick up on.
  6. I'm, wait for it, quite excited about both of these signings
  7. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    The ironing is delicious.
  8. [Insert Lance/Louis/Neil Armstrong pun here]
  9. Chuckling at the mental image of a County fan with a megaphone trying to get 80 fans at Alloa to do some choreographed routine in the glorified gazebo.
  10. The Highland Derby

    Genuinely thought he was called "Scott Rooney"
  11. The Highland Derby

    Fully expect some faceless ICT jobber to make a c**t of himself again. We get it, you really want to show how much this derby means to you. The problem is we don’t know who you are.
  12. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Pumping out ICT on our way to the QFs
  13. I wasn't at the game yesterday but sounds like Kenny was okay? I'd rather see him in the middle, at this level, than at left-back. I'm also not entirely convinced that Fraser is fully fit. Another CB would let him get a break, and move Watson out to RB (did Watson start the season there?). Fontaine is obviously not going to be playing again this season, and Morris appears to have been rushed back too soon. Draper needs to be playing in centre-midfield, particularly if Vigurs isn't. Oh, and Demetriou is still out! So, realistically our current defensive options for next couple of weeks are: Fraser, Watson, Grivosti, VdW, Kelly
  14. Why not both a centre-back and a winger? Revolutionary, yes, but it could just about work out.