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  1. The management team obviously see something in him (and/or everyone has been offered a new deal and he's, wisely, accepted it). I don't see it personally, but Craig Curran scored a handful of goals in the topflight and McManus is a better player than him.
  2. All things Dundee FC

    It reads as though their new CEO is wanting to get one over on his former employers.
  3. General Politics Thread

    An interesting read (John Cassidy is a very good economics commentator; compare and contrast him to someone like Paul Mason) here: https://www.newyorker.com/news/john-cassidy/the-reinhart-and-rogoff-controversy-a-summing-up If we take Osbourne at face-value and assess austerity against the main objective of reducing the debt then it failed miserably. If we take it (as we should) as an ideological attack on the welfare state, and a rolling back of "big government", then it has been a roaring success for them. The current spending levels are, to borrow a phrase, the "new normal" - this is the base level of services from here on. The amount of spending increases that would be required to elevate us to pre-2010 levels is enormous, and unfortunately, I don't think it would be palatable to a lot of voters*. *the "I want more spending but I also think he should run the government like a household" types we regularly hear from.
  4. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I'm not entirely sure British Steel's collapse can be pinned as "Brexit related". That said, lording it over Brexit voters because they've lost their jobs misses the underlying reason as to why they voted for Brexit (and if anything, this will only strengthen their resolve).
  5. General Politics Thread

    Oh, look! Ideologically-driven austerity has been a social catastrophe. Who could have predicted that?
  6. This is the summer where I finally get over ICT hoovering up Rankin, Cowie, and Barrowman. Although, ICT offering better wages and/or paying a fee for a player was totally different to County doing it. Totally different. Like not even remotely similar.
  7. Caravans at this time of year, in this part of the country, localised entirely within the Highlands
  8. Finishing 10th with the third highest budget is pretty tinpot too.
  9. Fucking hell, I thought I was a miserable c**t. He appears to be able to pass a ball more than 10 yards, which puts him ahead of everyone in centre-midfield apart from Vigurs. And Vigurs probably isn't going to be playing every week given (a) the nature of his recent injury, and (b) he's not the player he was 4/5 years ago. It's not exciting but he's functional and serves a purpose - that's what this summer window is going to be like, maybe one or two gems. The budget is, by all accounts, smaller than last time out in the Premiership.
  10. I would find it quite funny if, after all this, Donaldson doesn’t actually sign. We’d just have to poach McCart instead.
  11. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    Hopefully the Glasgow Saints scrape through this; guarantees County 11th at worst next season.
  12. "Good shot-stopper" is damning with faint praise for a goalkeeper. It's literally their job. I'm not devastated to see Fox go but he's been a decent player over the last few seasons and all the best to him in the future. Good to hear that Munro is going out on loan to get game-time, hopefully it's not a Elgin though - that seems to be the place where County youths go to die. Getting Grivosti signed up should be a priority. An impressive season and he'll go for a decent fee next summer - I'll be raging if he leaves this summer over contract negotiations. I doubt he's asking for silly money either.
  13. Comic Book Movies (and TV Shows)

    I ended up watching both Ant-Man films. They were fun and the effects were really well done. I'm off to see Endgame tonight. Binged on Ragnarok (great fun and refreshing to see Thor's character actually get fleshed out a bit) and Infinity War (enjoyed it and despite the content they had to fill in, it didn't feel that rushed or crammed) last night. I skipped Doctor Strange by accident but I got the jist of the character and how he fits in. Might go back and watch that at some point though. Still patching Spider-Kid and Captain Marvel: Kevin Feige can't expect me to watch everything.
  14. Animal Kingdom

    The original Australian film is excellent - Ben Mendelsohn is genuinely frightening . David Michod will probably never do a better film. See also: Andrew Dominik and TAOJJBTCRF
  15. All things Dundee FC

    Really sad to see anyone lose their job.