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  1. The Bitcoin Bros on Twitter (and I'd assume Reddit too, but I don't use that) are probably the Worst People On The Internet. Cult like.
  2. A month since I was last drinking in a pub. Sad! Sturgeon must condemn.
  3. This fixture always reminds of the time, in an Inverness pub, that a staunch Highland Rangers fan called me a "****** b*****d" because of my name.
  4. Not necessarily. (or rather, more supply doesn't necessarily mean lower prices) Obviously this isn't totally analogous to your example. As an aside I think the issue with a lot of "this will solve the affordability crisis" takes is that they're not particularly realistic; they assume that we're starting from a blank canvas rather than a society where the view that housing is a valuable financial asset is firmly entrenched.
  5. Football fans are such simps. Yours, A football fan
  6. As a Ross County fan who accepted relegation several weeks ago, I don't think I'd kick up a fuss if they called the season now - we're objectively the worst team in the league. Although I'd point out that it's not the exact same situation as last season given there's more games left (in County's case, 15 compared to 8.) and there's less points separating County, Motherwell, Accies, and St Johnstone, than there was separating Hearts and Accies last season. What I wouldn't do is embarrass myself online and in public like a large number of Hearts, Partick Thistle, and Falkirk fans did. I certainly wouldn't spend months on here having a tear stained meltdown.
  7. Sam Stanton offered a deal according to the P&J. This clown is literally beyond parody
  8. The hospitality workers who are fleecing the public purse out of all those undeclared tips are actually spending that cash and keeping the wheels of the economy moving. If anything we're the real wealth creators.
  9. He's (probably) infinitely cooler than Maldini. And his hair is better too.
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