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  1. Angel Olsen at the Barrowlands in February. To be honest, if I'm not going to see a gig for at least a year, then it was a good one to go out on.
  2. Quite surprised that FKA Twigs wasn't nominated. Laura Marling's was pretty good though, IMO.
  3. Remember when P&B's great economic minds were warning against the furlough scheme and massive government deficit spending because of WEIMAR REPUBLIC HYPERINFLATION? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-09-16/u-k-inflation-rate-drops-to-lowest-since-2015-in-covid-shock
  4. Did I miss the memo where Caithness wasn't covered by the phrase "Highlands and Islands community"? (No, I did not)
  5. There's a lot of terrible - and I mean genuinely awful and poorly informed - takes in this sub-forum but the prediction of a Caithness Autonomous Region might be the high point of terrible takes
  6. Respect to the P&B Da Brigade as they desperately try to convince themselves that the Arctic Monkeys are terrible and that their decade had the best music ever, whilst simultaneously listening to Top Gear's "THE BEST AIR GUITAR DRIVING MUSIC ALBUM EVER: PART 6" on repeat. Anyway, this was the high point of the landfill indie era:
  7. The main problem with the "household budget" analogy has nothing to do with competition between countries (and the "crowding out" argument is balanced out by the "crowding in" argument, almost as if investment decisions in the real world depend on more than just government debt policy). The main problem with it is that it is total nonsense - government income and expenditure are linked, so a cut to government spending also decreases its own income. National, public, debt is not comparable to personal, private, debt and if you read comments from someone comparing the two, feel free to file such comments in the bin.
  8. Crankish #IndependenceNow Weirdos 🤝{economic illiteracy}🤝 Unionist Simps
  9. I mean... name me a top level footballer that hasn't played for a club that is happy to take money from countries with appalling human rights records.
  10. Trying to argue in good faith that it's not a red card Credit to the fans of the Paisley Saints, they're the most blinkered, tinted-specs wearing, non-OF supporters in the Premiership.
  11. Cutting to the chase: you think you're right, and when someone has an opinion you don't like you ignore it and then brush them off as being nasty and laughing at you. You present a Spiked article, and when it is widely derided as being poorly researched and ill-informed bullshit, you take the huff. This Joe Rogan Lite approach of mindlessly questioning things without actually engaging isn't going to "improve the situation" either. There's an element of self-declared liberal, left-leaning society, who seem to think that the rise of the right are entirely as a response to, erm, people on Twitter championing social justice. These people are very naive. The crux of the issue is this: the BBC used the n-word, for no reason other than to shock viewers; a black Radio 1 DJ takes issue with this and resigns. A certain element of Twitter and tabloid media explodes in outrage over the fact that a black man might not actually like a serious journalist using the n-word for no reason other than to shock viewers. That's the story, and to dress it up as some sort of LOONY LEFT CULTURAL MARXISM misses the point in spectacular fashion.
  12. This is honestly such a nonsensical bullshit post. It's a take that isn't nearly as half as clever as you think it is. The BBC should have just bleeped the word out. There wouldn't have been any issue and it wouldn't have lessened the supposed "impact". But it gives the Joe Rogan pseuds and the Auld Das something to get up in arms about: "POLICING LANGUAGE? WHAT NEXT? IT'S LIKE NINETEEN EIGHTY FOUR! ORWELL!"
  13. It feels like we haven't won at Hamilton in years. I can't remember the last time I saw us string together a good 90 minutes there, let alone win
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