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  1. Perth and Stirling are, objectively, the worst two cities in Scotland.
  2. Agreed. They can look impressive in fully packed stadiums on the continent. However: a) continental ultras are complete oddballs b) it looks ridiculous in Scottish football c) nobody really wants a plume of coloured smoke in their face
  3. The mental gymnastics on display, man. Dundee fans would have been up in arms if Peter Pawlett or some other Dundee United clogger had pinged a smoke bomb into the away end on Sunday.
  4. And another decent read on the situation from Adam Tooze: click
  5. The timing of an interview with Harry Paton isn't... great?
  6. Adam Tooze has a nice summary of the Evergrande situation.
  7. Wet Wet Wet's "Love Is All Around" was #1 when County played their first league game in the SFL.
  8. My radical idea for funding the NHS (and indeed things like the UC uplift) involves taxing the rich and the government simply spending more money. I won't be taking any further questions. Thank you.
  9. It's comfortably the worst away day in the league, and arguably the worst away day I've been to. Too far away from the city centre. Heavy wee guy energy from the fans on the train there. And then stuck away in a corner with an abysmal view. It's essentially an upmarket Almondvale. And despite all that, Celtic still shouldn't be shutting out away fans just because it's County and the away support is small.
  10. Hinteregger has the look of someone who should be clogging about Borough Briggs or the Falkirk Stadium.
  11. Well, duh. Arguably the second best player Millburn Academy have ever produced behind Richard Hastings though.
  12. Brendan Rodgers's greatest achievement at Celtic was making Ryan Christie look like one of the best players in the country.
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