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  1. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    They were pulled up about their behaviour at the time and will hopefully be banned. I expect its the same demographic that cause bother within the ICT support - wee Stone Island clad gimps with OF leanings who follow all those "AWAY DAY BANTER" Twitter/Facebook pages, and whose sole purpose is to cause trouble and act like bellends because that's how they imagine football fans should act. I wish! Saw a few of them outside the ground and then spotted a few from within the ground. They all started streaming out when County went 1-2 up. I expect posters like @Tarmo Kink and @micaley68 were amongst them.
  2. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    County are going to win the league and a cup having failed to put in a good 90 minutes all season. Very much a team that turns up for one half. County were shite in the first half. A combination of complacency against a collection of cloggers, and the management team going with some weird attempt at a totally fluid front four and midfield two. Cowie and McManus were rubbish; Graham and Stewart can't play together effectively; there was no width at all. Connah's could have been 3-0 up by half-time. Their goal was an absolute peach. Rugby style line-outs and very cynical challenges appeared to be their main gameplan though (I thought the referee clamped down on it very well but should probably shown more than the 2 yellow cards). The audacity of their manager to harp on about how they were "real men" when one of their guys went down like he'd been fucking shot after a fairly soft challenge from Fraser in the first-half. That said, in fairness, they have a style of play that works for them and why would you change it? County were so much better when the ball was on the ground but absolutely no movement. Presumably SK/SF went through them at half-time because the second half was played exclusively in the Connah's half. Just no movement and poor decision making until Mullin came on and he tore them apart with Gardyne. If it wasn't for continued poor decision making, County could have scored four or five in that last 20 minutes. I thought Stewart's effort went in earlier in the half but appears to have been cleared just before the line! Nice to win the cup, and hopefully it's a momentum boost for the final stretch of the season. I'm also hoping that SK/SF can see the issues with the personnel and system yesterday. P.S., a massive shout out to the group of ICT fans who took time out of their Saturday to kit themselves out in ICT gear and sit amongst the CQN fans, giving it big licks to the County fans throughout the day, only to leave en masse when the second goal went in. A bunch of total weirdos.
  3. 2018/19 Challenge Cup

    Draper is an injury doubt according to the Courier. I’d go a 4-2-3-1: with a three of Gardyne, Mullin, and Armstrong behind Graham/Stewart
  4. Christchurch Mosque Shootings

    "But I watched the slaughter of men, women, and children just to get an insight into why someone would do such a thing." f**k off, you're creepy voyeurs on the internet not qualified forensic psychiatrists.
  5. 6870 v 89 Title Decider

    Imagine we bottled it...
  6. This time with Alan Partridge

    "I love doing that to women"
  7. 6870 v 89 Title Decider

    I hope County annihilate them, sack Tannadice, and then salt the earth. A Carthaginian result pls
  8. I hope they treat him with the same disdain as they did the "Millennial Socialists" in one of their recent issues
  9. Albums of 2019

    I really like Julia Jacklin's new album. I've had "Head Alone" on near repeat since it was released as a single. Only had one listen to Stella Donnelly's debut but I like it - the contrast between her lyrics and her voice/music is really stark but it works very well. I might see if there's still tickets left for her Glasgow gig. Looking forward to efforts from The National and Pip Blom over the coming months.
  10. This time with Alan Partridge

    I assumed that the Michael drawing was a police sketch?
  11. Joe Rogan absolutely peddles an agenda, whether or not he does it deliberately is open to debate however. He's a libertarian weirdo. I like some of his material when he has non-political guests on but, if we're being frank, he's "woke" rather than "bright" and has shown time and time again that he's doesn't really have the capacity to think critically. That whole "intellectual dark web" faction is horrendous. There's a really strange trend online of people (under the umbrella of "wokeness") saying that they're open to ideas and that they're better than you for it. Unfortunately they conflate "I'm open to ideas" with "I can't think critically about things so just expose my existing prejudices".
  12. Ironically, the people who tend to listen to Peterson's life lessons are the biggest "cucks" out there.
  13. It's not Roy's money. It's leftover cash from the JLS (feat. Olly Murs) concert.
  14. Gigs

    Stumbled across Illuminati Hotties on Spotify a few months ago and really enjoyed their stuff.