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  1. Most unexpected, yet most welcome.
  2. yoda

    Albums of 2019

    I've got three or four albums to work through still but I think I'm settled on my top 5 albums of 2019, in no particular order: Stella Donnelly - Beware Of The Dogs Julia Jacklin - Crushing Angel Olsen - All Mirrors Fontaines DC - Dogrel Vampire Weekend - Father Of The Bride Also, I'd like to amend any previous shouts for my favourite song of the year. It's an absolute dead heat between Sharon Van Etten's Seventeen and Lana Del Rey's Mariners Apartment Complex.
  3. This is total pish by the way (btw). It might be "dreadful" if you're looking for the second coming of bucket-hat wearing Britpop'rs, but there's a lot of quality stuff around just now.
  4. Yeah The Economist's political coverage isn't that objective. I understand that, by its nature, it is very centrist (by today's standards), but it's not exactly subtle. The "Free Exchange" column is really good though. I have a subscription to it (although I'll be ditching it when my current one expires) but that's mostly just so I can look really clever whilst sitting with it in public.
  5. yoda


    I downloaded some of their stuff on Spotify last night for my walk home! Fair enjoyed it.
  6. yoda


    Julia Jacklin was very good last night; honestly, what a voice - "Head Alone" is one of my favourite songs of the year, and but was somehow improved upon live. There were a few sound issues at the start but she and the band recovered from that. I listened to "Crushing" maybe once or twice after it was first released, but always in dribs and drabs. I enjoyed it though. However, I gave it another few spins a couple of months back and although I don't think it is as consistent as "Don't Let The Kids Win", it has a lot more peaks. It's difficult to argue against it placing in a lot of the Album Of The Year lists that are coming out. Also it was my first visit to St Luke's. Decent wee venue, would happily go back.
  7. The Central Belters appropriating culture just so they can feel more Scotch
  8. Given that the entire "Hollywood is run by the Jews" thing is an extension of the "Jews control the media" trope, then the answer is, obviously, yes. I literally cannot possibly think of any situation in which any sensible person would bring up "well those Jews sure do dominate the US movie industry!" unless they were about to go down a road littered with other anti-Semitic tropes.
  9. I see this is "sold out". No doubt the home end will be packed full of Highland OF fans giving it:
  10. If Celtic want double-figures, then they'll get double-figures. Otherwise it will be the routine 4 goal victory. Fortunately I'll be doing better things with my Sunday than watching it.
  11. For a poster who seems to have a (misplaced) sense of intellectual superiority, you sure are a total dunce when it comes to basic economics.
  12. Draper was horrendous against Hamilton. I reckon he can only play as part of a midfield three at this level now. Which would be fine, but seemingly none of our forwards can play as a lone striker. The trade-off appears to be between a midfield three and one striker, versus two strikers and a midfield two. A couple of positives from yesterday: Sean Kelly is absolutely fine and ideally both Foster and Kelly would be the full-backs Lee Erwin (Leigh Irwin) showed glimpses of being a very useful player once he's fully fit
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