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  1. County going with the narrowest, least mobile, midfield in the history of the SPFL Premiership.
  2. Assassin's Creed games are rubbish. Regards, The Horizon Zero Dawn User Comments Commenter P.S., I'd quite like to play BOTW but that would involve sinking money into a Switch that I'll probably never use again
  3. The Athletic and Old Firm fans need to be stopped. He'd probably be fine (and that's it, "fine") in a team that is comfortable with dominating possession and has two other midfielders next to him (not doing an identical job). But he's not, so he isn't. A lazy comparison but Jamie Lindsay had a similar career path. No previous experience in the top-flight but a good spell in the Championship, and chucked into a rubbish County team. Lindsay looked better. Edited to add: it's a bit annoying that there's an interview with the, erm, Ross County manager and the discussion is about a Rangers loanee.
  4. Thanks for the Standard Grade History lesson, Sandy. It's not particularly relevant to UK government borrowing or financing pensions in the 21st century, but thank you anyway.
  5. Using Weimar Germany as an example
  6. When I was at school, the smokers were all total gimps. They were well below me in the social ladder (comfortably mid-table, like a St Johnstone or Everton).
  7. "good fitba" =/= "passing the ball between the midfield and defence, then hoofing it forward to nobody in particular".
  8. It would be cool to have Darth Vader trying to hunt down Obi-Wan. Maybe the Inquisitors finding him, getting their arses handed to them, then Darth Vader turning up and seeing the aftermath.
  9. I switched over last night and watched something else at half-time because it was just so boring. Checked WhatsApp to see we were 1-2 down and assumed it finished 1-2 (saw the final score on Twitter this morning). I've been quite apathetic this season. There's a disconnect without being able to get to games, and I can count on one hand the number of full games I've watched this season. It's less than the number I've started then turned off out of boredom. There's a big clear out needed at the club. Coaching staff get given cushty gigs because of who they are, rather than any evidence of them being decent coaches. We've had more shite managers over my time watching the club than good ones so I'm not holding out much hope that the next appointment is going to be a good one. The squad is dreadful. And we've had rubbish, unbalanced, bloated squads for the past four or five years. I can't remember the last time we had a decent left-back or left-sided midfielder. The vast majority of this squad need binned. If I were Jason Naismith I'd be frantically looking for another club because he's far too good to be playing with these players. Hughes has improved us but he's rubbish. Like Coyle, he's yesterday's man but County inexplicably give him the gig. He doesn't know his best system or his best team. The worst part of it is that regardless of survival or relegation is that nothing changes! Stay up and we continue with the treading water approach. Go down and it's the same as last time - short term thinking to bounce back straight away. I got no enjoyment out of the last Championship winning season, it was underwhelming. TL;DR - we're shit, I'm underwhelmed with everything about the club at the moment, and apathetic about relegation.
  10. County haven't had a decent guy out wide on the left since Graham Carey
  11. ICT are going to win this but I'll have turned it off by halftime so won't see it.
  12. This is going to be the worst game of football to be televised in colour.
  13. Don't judge Oli McBurnie on his goals. Judge him on his fabled link-up play. Or the fact that he supports Rangers.
  14. We'll beat Austria, squeeze past them into second place, and the Thumpers of the world will be giving it:
  15. If I wanted plausible thought-provoking television then I wouldn't be watching Line Of Duty. I'd stick on The Wire instead. It's the most clichéd, one-trick, hackneyed, drama on TV. It's big, dumb, blockbuster fun. And I enjoy every moment of it.
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