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  1. The bit in "Breaking Point" where Buck Compton just breaks down always gets me too. Proper "lump in the throat" stuff.
  2. You, a wannabe intellectual: *reads Nineteen Eighty-Four* Me, a person of culture: *reads We* I don't make the rules.
  3. I rewatched "Band Of Brothers" this week. The scenes in the camp during "Why We Fight" get me every single time I watch them. Doesn't matter that I know what's coming, I still can't prepare
  4. MacGregor's line about using the furlough scheme for players who might not have been offered contracts anyway as "immoral" was outrageous. If it genuinely is a financial issue then fair enough, that's somewhat understandable, but cutting loose players (when there's a scheme in place that has the aim of limiting unemployment) just really doesn't sit right with me at all. It's not as if clubs are going to be lining up to offer these guys contracts.
  5. I read Andrew Rawnsley's "End Of The Party" a few years ago. It's about the New Labour government; if you're into that sort of stuff then it's probably worth looking at if you haven't already read it.
  6. Do folk honestly think that this will topple the Tory government at the next election?
  7. I have spent the last fortnight listening, and then listening some more, to every Arctic Monkeys album. I hereby declare the following definitive ranking of their albums: Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino Humbug Suck It And See AM Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not Favourite Worst Nightmare All placings are final.
  8. +1 for the preemptive Adam Tooze shout. His Twitter is a gold mine for interesting articles and charts. His writing is unusually accessible for someone who focuses on economics. I like The Economist, particularly their columnists - Free Exchange is always good - but I don't always agree with how they report things. I'd agree that the FT is more objective though. Martin Sandbu is usually excellent.
  9. ^^^doesn't grasp basic macroeconomics but will plough on regardless
  10. Simon Wren-Lewis dismantling the "...but my economy" argument with relative ease. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/11/britain-economy-coronavirus-deaths
  11. This is a 100% Certified Fresh bngr:
  12. The attitude of British exceptionalism is absolutely part of why we've got the highest death toll in Europe. It has always been there but, since 2016, it has really taken off.
  13. A good measure of a person's character is whether or not they rate The Last Jedi. A couple of mis-steps aside, it's comfortably the best of the prequel and sequels.
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