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  1. I'm sorry but the best loan window was when Adams signed Kiss, Songo'o, Tidser, Cikos, and Slew.
  2. Putting money into the right people's pockets (i.e., low paid households and those relying on benefits) is the best way to reduce the impact of the current spike in inflation. You're not going to reduce energy costs or food prices by increasing the BoE's base rate. And I don't think the current episode is a "monetary phenomenon", or at least, that's not the biggest driver. Hard agree on the property owning bit though.
  3. Yeah it's a good thread. There's been some good stuff from the IFS and (I think) Resolution on how energy price inflation is going to hit poorer households. It does, kinda, point to how ratcheting up interest rates isn't going to solve this problem. Putting money directly in people's pockets would do a lot more IMO.
  4. He was up in court a few months ago accused of assaulting and abusing an ex. The original article said it was going to trial at some point. It also said this:
  5. Jet fuel (Charles-Cook) can't melt (can melt) steel beams (steel men).
  6. Textbook stuff from this thread. "Yes. Day Zero makes sense for Day One. Well done Boris." "No! You can't call the first day Day One! Wee Nippy Sturgeon :@"
  7. Mackay walked into a good job at the SFA (and stayed there for several years) and managed the national team for a game against the Netherlands. The idea that County is some sort of second chance isn't really true.
  8. I said similar last week but it's odd seeing Hjelde playing in the Premier League less than a year on from starting at left-back for Yogi Hughes' County team. Didn't look out completely of his depth either.
  9. I think I've still got TRUE FAN points in the bag from those abandoned games in Dumfries way back in 2011. Although booing David Goodwillie on the couple of occasions I saw him play, as well as not going to a home game since 2018, mean I am running low on credit.
  10. "Declan McManus? You'd be better off with Elvis Costello!" pipes up yer auld da as he cleans his Adidas gazelles.
  11. I didn't like "Brave New World" at all. It did nothing for me. Relatedly, I much preferred "We" to "Nineteen Eighty Four". Finished "Bad Blood" the other day. It's the story of Theranos by the WSJ journalist who broke the story about their various frauds. It was a lot more gripping than I expected and is almost unbelievable at points (until you remember who these people are). "Dune Messiah" is next on the list.
  12. Leo Hjelde has gone from Yogi Hughes to Marcelo Bielsa in 12 months. Both good, honest, football men.
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