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  1. Annie Clark's turn as Poland manager is the sort of bold change in direction that you've come to expect from St Vincent.
  2. Simping for Andy Burnham is as bad as simping for Sturgeon or Sridhar.
  3. Having started and finished The Witcher 3, HoS, and probably 50% of BaW, I'd definitely have voted for TW3 in my top 10. I found it a real struggle to get into, mainly because it feels like they chuck you into the deep end. Once I got properly into Velen - and the Bloody Baron in particular - it really stepped up a few gears. Not without its drawbacks (there's unnecessary grind, it's too long, it gets repetitive, and every other criticism you can aim at every open world game) but I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would after my first 10 hours.
  4. Feels like there's only been 3 good corners in this whole tournament. And one of them was in the first game.
  5. In a tournament of shite kits (i.e., everything designed by Puma) the Portugal home one is a gorgeous number.
  6. Great to have the fans back. I wonder who those charming black shirted gentlemen are? Oh.
  7. Missed the O'Donnell booking as I was hiding behind a cushion at that point. Delighted that I've finally managed to see footage of it.
  8. From the lows of Monday to this tonight! That was absolutely magnificent. To a man they were excellent. Gilmour is just exceptional. Tierney really brings another dimension to the team; Adams too. Hanley and O'Donnell deserve so much praise. A straight shoot out against the Croatians now. A mention for England: that's two games in a row where they've looked one dimensional up front. All that talent in the final third and Kane is dropping deep to get the ball. Gary Neville questioned Italy's credentials the other night but England look miles off them.
  9. I have not enjoyed that at all. We've been good though. Still a long 45 minutes to go.
  10. Feels a bit like the Grant Munro situation, only reversed. The manner of Gardyne's exit bothered me but I don't really care that he's ended up a Caley. It probably would be different if they were at our level and he was playing against us regularly.
  11. Another 90 minutes of the Swiss being entirely uninteresting. They'll probably end up sneaking through too. Italy look like they've barely broken sweat so far. They've got an extra couple of gears to hit. Much like Belgium and France.
  12. Germany over the past decade have had a wonderful collection of players - yet some glaringly deficiencies - and there's something a bit sad about them ending this period with a group stage exit in 2018 and not even a runners-up medal in the Euros. One World Cup almost feels like underperforming. France look solid. Germany have - so far - failed to lay a glove on them.
  13. Sweden, much like Switzerland, have a couple of decent players but they are just an exceptionally turgid team to watch at tournaments. It's obviously relatively effective but I don't understand how.
  14. A crumb of comfort. Thank you. Thankfully, aye. I was 5 then, and not in the UK, and had no interest in football. That weird age group who were alive but have no memory of the 1998 World Cup.
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