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  1. I'm sure quitongo got sent off on sat for morton. And again tonight.
  2. I got this shirt remake from another company. Wasn't a great fit and the badge was too big . Dunnottar retro shirts I think it was.
  3. Ayr United are 6 games unbeaten at the top of the league .the bubble will burst and you most of all will be screaming for bullen out .I pray we win though .
  4. I think the words outstanding candidate was used when Hopkin got the job .
  5. Ayr United academy own olly ecrepont keeping a clean sheet for Scotland today in Spain in a 1 nil win .could have a bright future .boy must be 6ft at 15 .
  6. Everything associated with rugby are wanks you mean .
  7. Any ayr fan looking for a beer and something too eat should try skinny malinkies sports bar in Arthur Street great food and some nice ayr utd memorabilia on the walls including david castillas gloves.
  8. Murdoch was my man of the match yesterday unreal ,albinson had some cracking saves .shows what some confidence can do .boys turned into Oliver Khan the last month .
  9. I'd pay £32 and stand in the pissing rain to watch the super remain top of the league today.
  10. 1 .Somerset 2.tynecastle 3 Tannadice Thats the best stadiums in Scotland fact.
  11. A huge led screen mounted onto the Wallace tower saying support your local football team .f**k the old firm .that's what I wanna see.
  12. Finn will make it .if not with us then he will somewhere else .when he does get a game he has never put a foot wrong .
  13. A favourite of mine .I still have it .though I'm waiting on my son too grow into it .might fit you though Derrick
  14. Spfl won't let him in team tomorrow as he's only 15 .
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