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  1. As Donald j trump would say .make airdrie great again .
  2. I'm sure I read that in the 18/19 season we never lost a game when Jamie was in the team .
  3. Hes still only 19 .paddy Reading played every game last season .hopefully this is the year for finn.
  4. I still can't get over that assault on the killie player .its not like he was 1 on 1 with out gk .we had a few bodies in the box .just a silly big oafish wrestler .
  5. Don't tell your Mrs that you've just referred the baby as "it " Trust me they hate that .
  6. shite season .hope this is the last game for us tonight .think we can all agree the killie crowdwanking has been the worst thing about this season .
  7. I've got that shirt. It was Steveo that gave me it signed by the team . Ps it was a terrible team
  8. Tbf too squirrelpumper here .hes actually only killie fan that post on our forum that doesn't make my eyes bleed tbh .I'm sure ayr are is big team.
  9. They ain't beating Partick or anyone else. Only hope is we jammy our way out of this. We have got too win at home sometime.
  10. Advantage ayr .club need too drop the gate price .let every1 in for £5 .get it done ayr.
  11. There is a better feeling Lee its 3 points p***k !!!
  12. Cameron and Gibson stick ons too score and Gibson too run up and celebrate right in front of the ayr support .
  13. I've stopped worrying and resigned too the fact we are getting relegated .
  14. What a position too find ourselves in .with 2 games of the season left .this season has completely scunnered me .I'm sorry but I just can't see us staying up .no confidence in that lot of shitebags after Saturday . Qos will be right up for this .and we will shite the bed as usual .
  15. I see your point here .but seeing killie tears at full-time is worth way more than £20 .
  16. Delete your post now .I never really believed in a jynx before .but everything you come out with the complete opposite happens . I think its the way you say it far too over confident.
  17. I think so, but wouldn't be surprised if he's away. I'm sure he will be solid in lg1 next season
  18. I'll give you that one mate .i literally don't have a comeback.
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