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  1. I wish we had a dick campbell as manager .someone that doesn't take any shit from his underperforming squad.
  2. Michael Moffat just nipped in for a carry out for journey home .
  3. So has construction been stopped missed her briefing ?
  4. I'm a plumber and we are only aloud too work in peoples houses for essential works ...burst pipes ,heating breakdowns etc .
  5. I have heard that also over the last week .ridiculous non essential construction still operating.
  6. Just thought there must be something in it hearing the same thing two days in a row
  7. Two good fairly reliable sources .hadn't thought too much about it yesterday until I heard about it again today.
  8. Heard a few rumblings in the last two days that were on the verge of a takeover. Anyone else hear anything.
  9. Feel sorry for ndaba coming all the way from Ipswich too play for ayr and his first match is away too Elgin. 😁
  10. Someone wanting say a replacement for the sake of replacing it. Or changing kitchen taps because they want new ones
  11. Very unclear on the whole construction thing .I cant go and fit a non essential radiator in someone's house .but I can go too a construction site.is a extension or loft conversion deemed construction.?
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