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  1. No more old firm cash for them too live on .they will ve grateful of the black and white pound.
  2. Thank god our lot pulled through the other night .just look at falkirk if we had of gone down I don't think we would have been straight back up next season. On another note as I don't think its been commented on as much as it should be .josh todd has not got the credit he deserves after keeping us up the other night .
  3. Thibk he was injured that season .my mate has confirmed 5or6 players wore the #8 "that season .Davies,djaffo mainge all wore it .
  4. I see shirt king or something on twitter is selling .matchworn ayr home shirt 97/98 #8 . Who played number 8 that season? me and my mate are having a discussion about it. Anyone know ? I'm sure djaffo was #10
  5. correct me if I'm wrong but I think he played in 23 games for albion this season. He had an assist 2 weeks ago .think he's been playing left mid .Still only 18
  6. Even worse when moffat managed a mighty 2 goals.
  7. The commentator likened him too George best hahaha .
  8. Used too dislike aero but looks like only one that gives a shit .make that man captain.
  9. I'm trying to do it on my fire stick its a no go.
  10. Mccall said in his post match interview last night he doesn't think they will be there next year but praised there attitude and heart .
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