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  1. Last minute winners do that sort of thing .some comeback. Oh and I'm pretty sure the currant buns would have been on aswell.
  2. Used tcollect programmes aswell .Home and away from about 1995 .even started collecting ayr ones from the 60s 70s etc .kept them in a big box at my mums and few years ago her garage got flooded out .all ruined was gutted .I have since bought a few nice ones for my man cave .really like the 98 Scottish Cup win against them signed by the team.
  3. About time football clubs served healthy food rather than the shite burgers and hotdogs they usually sell.
  4. We do have a lot of walk up fans .I know loads that can't make every game the reason they don't have a season. We did have about 3500 at out last game of last season.
  5. Mind that time we signed a player early June .and hes still not even in the country yet .
  6. Grrat day at the open day .Great too see so .any kids wearing ayr strips .
  7. My kids have Kilmarnock on birth certificate. I asked in the registration office if it had too say Kilmarnock and not Crosshouse. They thought it was funny .I was being serious .
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