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  1. No buddy .it just brought back great memories .
  2. Stranraer away .up early pre train pint .on train mad journey down train rocking. Get too stranraer invade the town's pubs .Get too the game win 5 nil .stay in stranraers pubd until the half 7 train bit of agro with the locals .back on train more drink. Get back too ayr blitzed .
  3. Yeah greenocks a dive. but your from paisley ffs .
  4. I'm still working plumber.the roads are still busy. It's ridiculous even saw folk at the petrol station washing their cars .complete mutants in this country.
  5. I'm a plumber .one customer just text saying she's showing symptoms not too go .Are plumbers essential workers ??
  6. I can't wait too watch the super again .it will be an emotional moment watching us run out the tunnel too start the first match back .infact I've got tears thinking about it.
  7. Hope we get a few more fans signing up for the 500 fund .
  8. No toilet roll,soap,bleach,tinned goods ,dug food ,baby milk ,loads of fucking pineappleade though.
  9. Also a fantastic prospect .I'm sure his time will come. Hopefully next season .great lad also an ayr die hard .
  10. The last few pages of this thread are eye bleeding material.
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