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  1. What's the score with craig Moore. Is he injured. Never even saw him at player of year .
  2. Also seeing shankland walk up Arthur street with a cardboard box full of trophys was quite funny .
  3. I feel it was a joke and the boss should have let it run .the fact he swore and slated the said supporters club and numerous ex players was a bit uncalled for .tbh I was pishing myself .
  4. The players were on a drinking ban.moffat is raging
  5. I'm heading too the poty awards. I'm hoping for purple and green away strip with Ayrshire post as the sponsor.
  6. I think Lockwood and djaffo really need a square go .
  7. Wilnae get a start for Albion rovers in that shape
  8. I don't like the 7.05 kick off time .It's a real pain in the arse and a good few supporterswill be working to 5 half 5 .we took 400 odd to tannadice in November 7.45 kick off .250 this time .I had too knock off work early on Friday and also last month at falkirk .Glasgow area can be a real nightmare for traffic at that time on a Friday afternoon. I don't see it sticking about too long tbh think it's the same this Friday night when we host ross county .which will be the 1st out of 4 games that have been televised too be at Somerset.
  9. The Arbroath Thread

    Congratulations Arbroath. Get it right up raith rovers .
  10. I asked for one pie and a bovril .I received two pies and one bovril ..round them
  11. Yes 35 quid for a parent and child is beyond a joke .
  12. Moffat won't go anywhere and I would be shocked if he did .Christ he turns up at an ayr promotion party as a pars player .the guy loves the club. Proud of the players tonight .5 games in 13 days is far too much .too come away from Dundee Utd a little disappointed not too get anything shows you how good a season we have had .1tia
  13. Dundee Utd fans going on like they have won the scottish cup at the end tonight .imagine getting such a Stauner beating us Ayrshire diddies.