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  1. I've put ayr on a treble .might as well couldn't get a coupon up too save myself anyway .even though we will probs get beat .but you just never know .
  2. Someone get McCall on the phone. Aye see if he can give us back our training gear ffs.
  3. Give caley the 3 points and move on .zero chance of getting anything after Tuesday's terrible performance against a shit pars side .
  4. It really is the greatest city in the world .
  5. Got too be an inspection surely .hope not but I think their will be.
  6. Seriously though what is McCall and Scally doing with the homemade ayr x partick training gear .do you think he's at the piss take after his last episode of the ayr utd trackies .funny though. it would have been more of an effort stitching the thistle badge on the ayr one why would you not be given appropriate training gear or just treat yourself too a new pair ffs 😂😋
  7. One of the shitest draws we could have got .boring
  8. Hearts away also would be great .it's a team we have rarely played in the last 25 -30 years . Reckon we would take a huge support too tynecastke.
  9. Stranraer away would be cracking train down usual take over the place .they love the black and white pound down in stranraer .
  10. My stone island jumpers in the dry cleaners pal maybe next time eh?
  11. Aye that's true .Ayr and airdrie fans have a good relationship .hand shakes and scarf swaps whenever we play each other.
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