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  1. He can't be any worse than what we've got, we know what we've got and it's shite so why not give the guy a chance?
  2. Won the league and Scottish Cup with Rangers in my second season, looking for a different challenge but have no idea what team to manage.
  3. Slightly better performance tonight, in most games this season we've looked incapable of scoring any more than one goal and even two goals wasn't enough to see out the game tonight because of our shite defense. Regardless of whether it was a red card or not it was clear that the second goal for St Johnstone was coming after the first one came. I didn't actually see the tackle so I can't make a judgement on it. However, three points is the main thing in order to keep our title hopes alive this season.
  4. Apparently it's between Mcinnes, Mcleish, Monk and Rowett .
  5. Not every team has a manager who is used to using that system at his previous clubs and not every team contains the likes of Hazard and Costa.
  6. I think if they had employed the new formation at the very start of the season they may have went through the entire season unbeaten.
  7. I'm guessing Monkey Tennis made his predictions post-January 21st?
  8. I hope we get someone in on a permanent basis right now rather than in the Summer. If we appoint someone in the summer they have only 2/3 weeks to get the team ready before the Europa League qualifiers start, whereas appointing a permanent manager now would make us better prepared for the next season.
  9. People who pretend to support a diddy team but secretly support one of the Old Firm.
  10. People who post what they're having for dinner on Facebook every night.
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