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  1. Www.scottishpyramidnews.yolasite.com
  2. Here's a wee tip.If you see a West team drawn against an East team in the Junior cup. Back the West team and I'll guarantee you'll be quids in at your local bookmaker
  3. Wouldn't be hard I remember teams from the old Ayrshire District League going to play the likes of Threave Rovers and Dalbeattie Star in pre season friendlies. With Ayrshire teams destroying these teams with ease.The Lowland League was always a poor League and it hasn't changed with the likes of BSC Glasgow, East Kilbride and Kelty joining it.
  4. East teams are well behind West teams. I would bet any team in the West Premier would slaughter an East team even though Kelty have absconded to the diddy Lowland Scotland League. I had to laugh when Liam McLeod said Kelty had ambitions to reach SPFL status. I nearly fell aff the couch
  5. I would say the pitch at Lugar is consistently the best grass pitch in Junior football
  6. Is that old three piece suite still sitting outside the bottom gate lol
  7. A legacy that has been going on since the Rangers Revolution
  8. Management has to walk after this embarrassment
  9. Sadly people are cherry picking nowadays
  10. Totally! Young people ain't interested. Some of them won't walk the length of their self to attend games. Trouble is we need to invent Junior football that is played on an Xbox. But I'm thinking that isn't the solution somehow
  11. I'm sure you can.Plenty of room on the terraces at Barrfields
  12. [emoji41] [emoji41] [emoji41] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji1] [emoji106] [emoji106] [emoji106]
  13. Never did like plastic pitches
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