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  1. What rules ...of signed players playing amateur when you are a "pro" then come on and score the winner I don't know the law but looks hooky to me. So Calvin tells the amateur team I can play because I have left Darvel , plays for an amateur team then comes back to the fold at Darvel and plays in a Scottish Cup game unless of course he signed amateur for Darvel
  2. Naw I like a laugh from the 1 or 2 of them.... Will it be Darvel or Blantyre in the next round?
  3. Maybe the manager has something about that not cash. Cash can help but it is not everything
  4. But did he leave Darvel at one time ,obviously he was playing on Saturday I know he is a nice guy he is just KD
  5. I must have missed some of the posts I thought Calvin Kemp had left
  6. Wish the game was filmed then I could say yes or no ie I canny remember just thought great goals
  7. Barbours goal a peach from 22 yards, Gemmells ( easily the biggest man on the park) a bullet header and Stevensons a 25 yard rocket "daftest goals ever" were not that where I was watching.
  8. Shocking defending Barbours goal was a cracker and maybe 20/25 yards from goal, Gemmell easily the biggest man on the park bullets a header, Stevenson scored with a rocket 25 yards from goal. First goal defender possibly could have got to the ball before before Keenan 5th goal Pooler outstripped 2 defenders and slid the ball into the net. Possibly 1 and 5 could have stopped but the other 3 could not imo
  9. Yes it was Kelly they wanted the garage the cooperage and Newlandsfield. The problem was the Club was a goldmine and they thought some people would not have went in the same numbers to the new club in such a "tough area" ie behind the Orange Club in the Shaws.
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