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  1. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Hopefully either way a good advert for the junior game like talbot v hearts, ourselves v Livingston and yourselves v Ayr
  2. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    For me the SFA basically told the officials that day "don't let this junior team win"
  3. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Funny film reference aside, you're just jealous of Talbot for having been in that position, and deserving at least a replay after that day
  4. Auchinleck Talbot v Ayr United televised

    Expect Ayr to win, but it won't be "easy" Talbot will five them a game. Took Ayr until 60 or so mins to score against beith
  5. After match hospitality

    Fans are very important yes but without a committee there wouldn't be a team for fans to go and support
  6. Scores 8/12

    Fair enough. Had always thought it was
  7. Scores 8/12

    My point exactly big difference between hurldoirds being bankrolled by Hamilton tarmac and a somebody building stand etc for us. As for the ex pro players angle lots of junior teams over the years have had ex pro players
  8. Scores 8/12

    Positive it was tom that paid for stand etc. Was it you lol
  9. After match hospitality

    Example of Rude would be a team (forget the teams involved) traveling a fair distance a few seasons back and through club official contact knew there was hospitality laid on, said they would attend, and every fan/player left immediately after the game. That if true was the height of ignorance
  10. After match hospitality

    Not always rude, sometimes players have family/work commitments to get back to
  11. Scores 8/12

    After Tom Hunter knocked yous back Tom hunter helped us out with the mick morran stand, new club house, and renovation of old club house into function hall. Big difference between that and the tarmac mob at hurlford
  12. Scores 8/12

    You've just answered your own question as the original sugar daddies wether it was 20 years ago or not.So yous can't comment on what Hurlford are doing at present. I think after Hendo walked out on yous a few years ago it still hurts and yous are still bitter. Move on Hurlford have It still hurts.. Manager left us and took the majority of squad with him who all only went for the £££.. Players leave at some point , that's football, but at the end of the day that size of squad exodus following the management team in one swoop is very rare so of course it still fucking hurts and anybody who has that happen to their club has every right to remain angry over time, but hey ho left with only a few loyal players during that summer and the 7-1 result at lugar we still managed to reach the junior cup final and a couple of seasons later achieved a treble, something the tarmac £ has yet to buy for the ford! 3 cups. one village. NAE sugar daddy!
  13. Scores 8/12

    Its seems (at long last) somebody got sick of that effing cow bell and shoved it up the hurlford fans arse lol
  14. pollok 1v1 glenafton 3v0 pens Sc 1.12.18

    f**k scrolling back through a full season and a bit worth of vids
  15. pollok 1v1 glenafton 3v0 pens Sc 1.12.18

    Footage like that wouldnt have stayed only on Talbot's page, would have went viral, and wouldnt be forgotten about by either side inn a hurry. Zero recollection of any footage, had it been seen I would probably have bee first to share it on here!