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  1. flow gently sweet afton 

  2. Junior Cup 18-19

    Earlier kick off!!
  3. Best junior player you’ve ever seen!

    Stevie Agnew Big stormin Norman Montgomery Johnny Millar
  4. Scores

    Ross Robertson. Big dumpling!
  5. Glens vs Talbot

    What's wrong, couldn't get offended over nothing again? Don't worry flower there's always the league game
  6. Glens vs Talbot

    You think we have won fuckall for 30 odd year ? And you can see decades into the future. Special kind of confused you are then!!!
  7. Glens vs Talbot

    Truth Definition of one season wonder would be winning hee haw for 30 or so years then popping up with a season like we had then going back tae hee haw . Fact.
  8. Arson Attack

    Aye nae danger wait and I'll go and greet tae the pie and Bovril polis
  9. Glens vs Talbot

    Ohhh dear
  10. Arson Attack

    Shouldn't be allowed on the internet unsupervised
  11. West Region SJFA Sectional League Cup

  12. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    "You said it so it must be true" Please tell me you realise he could say the exact same back to you
  13. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    You lot, but someone has already mentioned he has resigned for the buffs.
  14. West Region summer transfer thread 2018

    I would say better chance of him going to the Glens Us glens or the glesga glens? I'd love him tbh, a class act
  15. West Super Saturday

    Get some dropkick Murphys in the music part of a video please, I'll deffo be a fan then