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  1. Talbot crumble

    Obsessed for asking a question about his rival team..hmm from somebody who started an entire thread on their rival team
  2. Talbot crumble

    Well a do now obviously
  3. Talbot crumble

    Wisnae really paying very much attention tae fitba in the late eighties early 90s since a was still in nappies
  4. Talbot crumble

    never said he managed glenafton. Managed us years ago aswell.. Us as in Liverpool . as in when I said dalglish hadn't won titles as manager a forgot he managed in the 80s aswell.
  5. Talbot crumble

    Liverpool won 3 League titles when Dalglish was manager Peenut. Meant in his second spell in charge he never. Forgot he managed us years ago aswell
  6. Talbot crumble

    Hahahahahaha right you are dafty
  7. Talbot crumble

    League titles as manager? Hmm no dalglish never
  8. Talbot crumble

    He is so funny with his comments I mean half a season has a manager never won a cup or league medal but he reckons he is the best manager the guy must be on something or missing his brains His speciality seems to be saying ridiculous stuff like that then going off the radar when it gets pointed out how ridiculous it is. Success as a senior player apparently makes u an amazing manager , if that was the case Liverpool would have won titles with dalglish in charge. Comedy central when the nosh man logs in
  9. Talbot crumble

    How can he be the best manager in the league when you see tuckers record, nobody comes close. Best manager in the league after barely half a season. Something strong in the water in cumnock like
  10. Talbot crumble

    Strong stuff you're on tonight
  11. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    Seems the balloon can't even get any insult right
  12. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    He most probably doesn't even believe it. Just trying to make himself feel better
  13. Cumnock v Auchinleck score predictions

    Where as Cumnock have been woeful consistently
  14. Talbot crumble

    When you try to insult someone but cant explain why they are what u call them, all that does is make yoy look fucking silly. Also, man child? Thats rich coming from somebody who made a meme of billy bright to post in a fitba conversation.
  15. Talbot crumble