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  1. Talbot crumble

    He walked into that one lol
  2. Talbot crumble

    And where acheivments of your manager as a senior player seem to be counted as cumnocks acheivment
  3. Talbot crumble

    Busy watching the football factory thinking he's billy bright by the looks of it
  4. Todays scores 16/2

    "Will cumnocks season crumble after a defeat" see now if anybody started a thread along those lines, how pathetic that would be seen as by cumnock fans is just how pathetic it was for there to be a thread hoping Talbot's season would crumble after last week. Of course either way nocks season can't crumble anyway because there is nothing left to crumble
  5. Talbot crumble

    Zero brain cells because am winding somebody up right back? Have a day off ya fucking halfwit
  6. Talbot crumble

    Lol cheers but still not nearly as much of a dumpling as any cumnock fan trying to laugh at any team being knocked out the senior cup
  7. Talbot crumble

    Or has it highlighted how pish cumnock are when all u hear on here from some is them laughing at the thought of , and now it actually happening, a rival team being knocked out of a cup which to date they can only dream of being in?
  8. Talbot crumble

    Defeat Against a full time team. But you're here acting like they got beat from an amateur team
  9. Talbot crumble

    Plenty of dumplings in cumnock
  10. Talbot crumble

    Wondered when we would get the dose of entertainment that is a cumnock fan trying to have a joke at the expense of a rival team being knocked out of a cup they have never played in.
  11. Weather 09/02

    Wind deffo should be took into consideration for games. Well I'm cough big boned cough and I can barely walk to shops without getting blown about like an empty tracksuit
  12. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Either way form goes out the window in cup. We reached the QF and got relegated same season
  13. Another year, another Cumnock manager

    Aye yous looked better when we.pumped yous 3 nil in ur own backyard hahaha. A do go to games through thick n thin and just 2 seasons ago witnesses my team win more in one season than nock have in around a decade. Wait till your joke of a club have competed in senior cup if they ever do that is before laughing at a hypothetical result for a rival team in said cup.
  14. Macron Junior Cup QFs

    Cumnock got to final same season they got automatic relegation. League form evapourates in the cup
  15. Another year, another Cumnock manager

    How did yoan prediction go?