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  1. Yes. Especially Rod, prize w****r
  2. Gas boilers being phased out gradually in the UK over 20 years or so, the amount I drink and the junk food I eat I'll be in hell with Rangers, Thatcher and Prince Philip by then.
  3. Yeah you, all you talk is about is Celtic you complete weapon.
  4. So going by the point you make here a Liverpool v Arsenal game isn't really neutral if it's at Wembley because the Gunners are a London club? Or indeed Hearts v Celtic at Murrayfield a couple of years ago wasn't neutral as it was in the Jambos home city? The location of the stadium is irrelevant and not a factor regarding neutrality, the allocation of tickets I concede can be a factor but the stadium being in Glasgow is what it is.
  5. Probably a bad example to use. Hibernian requested and were given a 50/50 split of tickets for that match and barely sold half their allocation, leaving circa 10k empty seats that day, Celtic requested extra tickets in the days before the match when it became apparent Hibs sales were poor but were knocked back, I believe due to the short timescale. Whether you agree or not with the ticketing decision for this final I suspect this may have been a factor. Another point worth making, and it's not necessarily what I believe, just giving a flip to the coin of what is a very one sided argument on this thread is that Hibernian, who have I hear around 8000 season ticket holders have enough tickets for each of them to purchase one for themselves and one for a friend or relative, when looking at it barely on that fact it is still a reasonable allocation. I'm quite surprised at this decision to be honest, I expected a 50/50 split but there are two sides, each with valid points to the argument, our supporters bus for example ran buses to the Hearts and Raith Rovers matches, both full with about 40 plus on each occasion and on Saturday we ran two buses (albeit sharing one with a slightly smaller local CSC) and had about 60 of our members in attendance, the last couple of evenly split cup finals we have received about 25 to 30 tickets meaning at least a third of our season ticket holders missed out, a few more who attended these games should now get a ticket for the League Cup Final, and some people will be of the opinion those people are more deserving of a ticket than some day trippers from the opposition who barely go at all.
  6. Apart from the assist for the **** goal
  7. Cup final the weekend before Christmas, marvellous. Discuss
  8. Stephen Craigan to start belting out the sash in the commentary box here to inspire a comeback from the Berrz
  9. I believe so, it's been a week since the annual poppy cringefest so extra staunch points needed today
  10. None, they are all fucking scum of the earth, and I'm deadly serious about that.
  11. Asked for that He isn't on social media
  12. Mate of mine plays for St Johnstone and was playing yesterday, I'm not naming him as he might get into bother but I text him after the game to praise his own individual performance and he absolutely slaughtered the referee, completely unapproachable and a complete arrogant dick by all accounts.
  13. Is the number 11 'Luigi' as Fergus McCann cheekily kept referring to him during their Court case?
  14. And with the Hibernian side he managed to the 1981 First Division championship and promotion to the Premier League.
  15. The late, great Bertie Auld after Celtic beat Leeds United to reach the 1970 European Cup Final
  16. Quite possibly the finest meltdown ever on this forum
  17. That was my mate, he's a Celtic fan and was at the bam up.
  18. Shut up Bennett nobody asked you right.
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