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  1. Most definitely not the first time in your life you've used that phrase.
  2. Billy Bremner and David Harvey before Scotland v Brazil in the 1974 World Cup, played in Frankfurt I think?
  3. Statue of Billy McNeil unveiled in his home town of Bellshill today, the first and only scotsman to lift the European Cup as captain of a Scottish club
  4. Barry Ferguson Snarling faced over hyped wee fucking ned. Not even the best player to fall out his mum's fanny.
  5. Was at a hospitality day at Stirling Albion a few weeks ago and one of the club guests was ex striker Davie Lloyd. He told us in the pub afterwards, obviously after a few refreshments of the 1990 4th Round tie between the Albion and the pre merger Inverness who, if memory serves me correctly were officially just called Caledonian FC, but they were generally referred to as Caley or Inverness Caley? They had beaten, I think Airdrie or Kilmarnock in the previous round and were heavily fancied to beat Stirling Albion in a tie played at Brockville in Falkirk as the plastic pitch at Annfield couldn't be used in Cup ties, one of the Inverness players, or coaching staff had said in a newspaper interview they were confident of being the first Highland League club to make the quarter finals as they had 'already fried bigger fish than Stirling Albion in the cup so far' Naturally this went down well with the Albion team, I was at the game, played midweek as the original Saturday fixture had been postponed and Caley were made to look rather foolish as Stirling Albion were 3-0 up after ten minutes, eventually winning 6-2 amidst a snow blizzard and the match just about finished despite the treacherous conditions, the bold Lloydie hobbled off injured with a couple of minutes left having bagged a couple of goals and, typical of the guy who was not shy at coming forward, roared at the Inverness bench... "You'll be needing plenty fucking salt and vinegar on the big fish you fried earlier, nae fucking chips to go with it tonight though ya b*****ds, get it fucking up you" Which led to some general rowdy behaviour in the tunnel post match he told us
  6. Every chance I was at that. Terry McMeel the right back was a couple of years above me at school and stayed across the street from me, sadly passed away from cancer a few years ago. The reserve match programmes were essentially a photocopy of the cover of the previous first team home match with the fixture details amended and the team line ups on the inside. Number 6 for the Albion is Larry Haggart, played for a decade or so at Alloa and had a brief spell at Stirling Albion before retiring, sadly he is probably best known now as the father of Laurence Haggart, a promising kid on the books of Celtic who was murdered in his home in Larbert by a local physcopath sex offender in an investigation handled horrifically by Central Scotland police who, at one point tried to blame it on the poor lads brother, this happened around the same time as the Dunblane massacre I seem to recall.
  7. Oh I had a few dull ones from that surface I can assure you. When the old reserve leagues were on the go in the late 80's and early 90's me and a few pals would often attend matches which were nearly always a Monday night and would go on for a half hour kick about at full time before Shug the grounds man would turn the floodlights off, many a sair yin was attained resulting in a painful bus journey into school on the Tuesday morning.
  8. Pretty sure it isn't Jim Given as I actually remember him playing for Stirling Albion in the late 80"s and it doesn't look like him in my opinion.
  9. Sean Connery with a few of the Scotland squad in Spain at the 1982 World Cup. Kenny Dalglish, the majestic Danny McGrain, John Robertson, Steve Archibald and Gordon Strachan.
  10. A young Brian McClair playing for Motherwell against Clydebank in 1983, anyone name the Bankies player?
  11. Even if he was dead he'd probably still be back before Helander.
  12. Not even the best World Cup theme tune of the 1980's, this is the daddy of them all.
  13. I have very vague recollections of this, rings a bell now you bring this up, can you expand a bit more?
  14. Mohammed Bin Hamman trying to bring in a new regime at FIFA to put an end to Blatter's shady deals by gifting all the CONCAF delegates a brown envelope with forty thousand dollars in it just before he stood for election against him was a topper in fairness.
  15. Blatter giving interviews saying none of the corruption and bribes etc were anything to do with him. Aye okay mate
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