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  1. I always laugh at the social media 'appeals' that you usually see on a Sunday afternoon for a lassie who went out the night before and hasn't come home. Calm down, she's getting pumped, she'll be home in time for Match of the Day 2 but her fanny will be absolutely howling.
  2. People who refer to McDonalds as 'Maccie Dees' To quote Eric Stoltz in Pulp Fiction... "Those people should just be fucking killed, no trial, straight to execution"
  3. Pretty sure that playing for MK Dons in the English FA Cup wont cup tie him up here
  4. Hopefully the Albion get their letter in to the SFA tomorrow morning.
  5. Celtic 2 Ajax 2 from 1982, Celtic won the second leg 2-1 in Amsterdam Left to right, Denmark midfielder Soren Lerby who was superb at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, David Moyes, Tommy Burns, Johan Cruyff and Gerald Vanenberg.
  6. I don't touch that stuff mate and neither should you. Just say no!
  7. Ryan Kent truly is an absolute fucking weapon of a guy
  8. It was for a few years must see TV, has gradually gone downhill the last five years or so each series. The tasks are repetitive each year now and the contestants cliched and predictable now, more than a few of them you suspect have no real ambition or potential to win the investment from the wee racist and are merely trying to get their face recognised so they might get a few quid for a nightclub meet & greet, open a fucking Aldi in Essex or, at a push an appearance on Celebrity Juice to be ridiculed by that fucking idiot Leigh Francis, failing that suck off a Premiership footballer in a Nando's toilet and sell the story to The S*n. Think I'll skip this series until the interview episode which is the only one really worth watching.
  9. England batting collapses will never not be funny With the ball at times during the series they have still shown some good form in patches, particularly from Wood and to an extent Broad and Anderson The latter two aren't getting any younger and they may have another year or two at most at this level but, there were still a few instances in this series where they had Australia rocking with 7 or 8 wickets down for about 200 runs but they had real problems dismissing the tail, with the likes of Starc, Cummings and Lyon regularly chipping in with a valuable 30 or 40 runs in these instances, that was where the lack of a front line spinner (Leach is nowhere near good enough at this level) and the injuries to Stokes, Robinson and Anderson came back to bite England on the arse, relying on an overworked Wood in particular. Their batting efforts are fucking abysmal though, hilariously bad, as bad as I can ever recall from any England side since the dark days of the 90's when Warne, McGrath and Gillespie would regularly skittle them out for 90 runs
  10. Will be quite bizarre Celtic playing in a match 100 yards from my house. Cans at mine pre and post match.
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