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  1. Peter Lorimer of Leeds Utd & Scotland, at the 1975 European Cup final in Paris where they controversially lost 2-0 to Bayern Munich, he had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside at 0-0 & Leeds were denied a stonewall penalty not long after, in typical English style back then the supporters reacted by rioting with the police.
  2. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Bet you those pitch invaders have been executed already.
  3. France v Croatia - World Cup Final!

    Croatia's president..... wid
  4. Do you love your parents?

    Interesting to see what @SlipperyP contributes to this thread.
  5. Thomas Gravesen aka Mad Dog

    I seem to recall a picture of him playing a training ground 'joke' on a Denmark team mate by sticking his knob in his ear as he was sitting on the pitch.
  6. Thomas Gravesen aka Mad Dog

    Just had a packet of Roast Beef flavoured Monster Munch.
  7. Wasn't aware of this, assuming its true hopefully they will be easily traced and prosecuted, utter arseholes.
  8. Amidst all the shock at his rampant bigotry it should not be overlooked he referred to his beloved Rainjurz as 'the greatest team on earth'
  9. The roof off the old jungle at Celtic Park prior to demolition
  10. Ibrox unrecognizable just as the Copland Road stand commenced construction.
  11. Tommy Burns in action at the 1985 Scottish Cup Final v Dundee United, check out the crowd in the background