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  1. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    What? Bigot
  2. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Club liquidated and died, reformed as a new club but deluded fans claim to be same club. Support with large element of bigoted far right fuckwits Union Jack flags galore amongst their fans Using child abuse for jibes and point scoring I really struggle to see where those Diet Rangers accusations at Airdrie stem from, it's a mystery so it is.
  3. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    Airdrie fans ... "We aren't far right or like the ****" Airdrie fans on this thread banging on about child abuse for point scoring purposes........
  4. Davie Dodds....the elephant man...!!! A popular chant on the terraces in the 1980's, good player though to be fair, here he is after scoring for Dundee United in 1981.
  5. Pat Stanton, Alex Cropley and Alan Gordon pose for a picture with some proper old style battered looking footballs, the huge terrace at Easter Road visible in the background.
  6. Even twenty odd years after he left, Paul Elliott is still the best centre half i've seen plating for Celtic, here he is having flattened Mark Hateley in 1990.
  7. Worst Town In Scotland

    Stirling, while having some fine historical landmarks and great external scenery is, by and large a fucking complete dive, mainly facilitated by the local planners and council who have completely fucked up the town centre, leading to swathes of empty shops, mountains of rubbish lying on the streets for days, anti motorist attitudes that would make Edinburgh blush (whilst a funeral was taking place at St Mary's chapel recently wardens snuck up and ticketed dozens of cars who hadn't paid & displayed due to a faulty ticket machine). The town centre and immediate surroundings are a fucking embarrassment, junkies and neds have free run of the place.
  8. Scottish Cup Memories

    I vaguely remember watching the 1984 cup final on TV where ten man Celtic lost 2-1 to Aberdeen after extra time, Packie Bonner had a hand in both Dons goals, Paul McStay scored with a tackle after Roy Aitken was harshly sent off by MIB Bob Valentine. My dad took me and my brother to the following year's final after reading in that mornings Daily Record it was pay at the gate behind the goals, a spur of the moment decision and an 8 year old me saw practically f**k all in a dangerously overcrowded Celtic end, remember getting rag dolled at both late goals as Celtic came from behind to beat Dundee United 2-1, not for the last time in a Scottish Cup Final that decade either !
  9. Statement FC 2.0 v Airdrieonians

    No thread just four days before the game...? Probably in the minority here but give me a 5.15 kick off over a lunchtime one anyday, time for a few pre match scoops without having to set your fucking alarm and home in perfect time for the pubs getting busy. Should see at least one of the new arrivals feature on Saturday in what you would think will be a straightforward home win....but stranger things have happened in football. Should be a decent away support too seeing as Rangers aren't playing on Saturday and there are no orange walks scheduled in the area.. 3-0 Celtic.
  10. Favourite MILF Thread

    I like cheesecake to be fair.
  11. Can't believe some people are calling into question Dave King's honesty and integrity.
  12. Davie Hay, Jimmy Johnstone, Joe Jordan and Jim Holton just before Scotland's 2-0 win over England in 1974, the one where Jinky flicked the vickies at the press box after the game, due to the treatment he got from them for his rowing boat escapades at Largs earlier that week.
  13. He committed suicide in his car in woodlands in the Scottish Borders with a single gunshot to the head, body found on Christmas Eve. More than a few people were a bit suspicious about it, the car was covered in branches and foliage, to the extent it looked like it was being concealed, very little damage to the inside of his car despite a gun having been fired in it, his brother also stated there were a lot of personal papers 'missing' from his flat.
  14. Coronation Street

    Absolute certainty Tim will pump Sophie while Sally is in the jail.