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  1. Why aren't you posting from your @Im_Rodger account?
  2. Anyone voting Tory is a fucking lowlife, anyone voting Tory from Scotland given what they have done to our industries and communities is a fucking imbecile, anyone voting Tory from here because 'weeara peepul, no surrender innat' shouldn't be allowed out the fucking house without a responsible adult. That is all.
  3. Lottie asking Sugar to fund a countryside piss up for posh tarts once a month. Astounded he chased her.....
  4. Before he became a bloated, alcoholic, gammon headed mess, a slimline Alan Brazil was actually a more than decent player for Ipswich and Scotland.
  5. You are correct In that case apology withdrawn, sleazing on teenage girls selling pies at football grounds isn't cool.
  6. Tbf to Big Gus he went away for a while after admitting to something that was not very nice , so reckon he has missed a good amount of the people greeting over red dots. Was that the rather creepy comments on the pie stall girls in the pie review blog or was that a different poster completely? Apologies if I have the wrong person here.
  7. Can't believe they knocked back that £20million offer for Barrie Mackay from RB Leipzig.
  8. Tom's voice getting all high pitched and excited when they got the penalty, it's the hope that kills them. 😎
  9. Who cares whether it's Brown or not, or if he is joining in the 'f**k the ****' chant, the guy tweeting about it is absolutely fucking raging, that's all that matters 😀😎
  10. Thought you were banned ya chunt, 8mile has made me look like a twat. Yeah saw that on the other thread, not quite sure where that's came from.
  11. I've not been banned, sorry to disappoint you. Glad to see that my presence on here continues to boil your piss though. 😎 Hopefully someone will quote this so you can read it.
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