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  1. My mate stays ten miles away, maybe an idea to pop over for a coffee sometime soon then
  2. Im signed in on my telly and phone on my mates account, knew they were cracking down on this so wasn't surprised to see my log in on the television has been wiped but, surprisingly I'm still signed in and able to watch on my phone, is this likely to still be available or will they find a way to stop that too? That actually suits me anyway, have to admit I find Netflix a bit 'meh'.... a lot of the series they rip the arse out of them with far too many episodes, particularly the crime documentaries running to six or eight episodes which could easily be condensed into two or three.... I don't have the time or concentration/interest levels to watch up to eight hours on one subject matter, they got the episodes and length spot on with the Richard Ramirez and Peter Sutcliffe mini series and the excellent Fear City about the mafia in New York in the 70's and 80's, the latter being 3 episodes and the others being 4, were that to be the norm I may have considered subscribing but not for the current content, I tend to just occasionally watch stuff similar to the subject matters I touched on just now on my phone on lazy days in bed after a football/pub sesh/night out or occasionally on my phone for half an hour at night in bed if I'm struggling to sleep, even the standard of films available is average at best, they will need to up their game to persuade those watching previously on other people's accounts like me, to become subscribe themselves with the current content available at the present prices, not enough to persuade me and, I suspect the vast majority of others.
  3. Jose Mourinho is a complete c**t of a guy.
  4. She is proper off her rocker, bet the five years in the tin pale flew in knowing he was getting peace from her.
  5. Hiya. I'm Dave, 32 and I'm an IT analyst from Stoke and I'm quite shy... Dave, you've got your fucking cock out on the telly mate.
  6. Is Robbie Hamilton away back to Hibs ?
  7. When I grew up in the 80s, the BBC and STV shared rights for the Scottish Cup final and both broadcast it live, always on the same day as the English Cup final.... down south they would show the match from Wembley, there was no mass exodus of people on trains to Carlisle to watch the FA cup final, staggering that Maxwell and the SFA are still pursuing this bullshit. Moot point, my dad couldn't stand Archie McPherson and his 'annoying fucking voice and stupid pish he comes out with' so we would watch the STV coverage whilst pre, post match and at half time flicking over to the BBC during the endless adverts on STV.
  8. Staying on the theme of old pictures of current grounds barely recognisable from the present here is an old image of Tynecastle, I'm guessing from the 1960's or thereabouts.
  9. Bill Hunter was an absolute reptile of a guy, is he still with us or shuffled off his mortal coil?
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