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  1. There was an incident in St Enoch Square shopping centre toilets, was widely reported at the time.
  2. "Nothing like father and daughter love"
  3. Who was the guy who strangled Jimmy Lakewell?* He looks familiar and definitely has previous with the show. *Deserved it for stabbing David Brent in the back.
  4. On the other page.... calling it.
  5. That was the aforementioned JP2... the original holy goalie. There was a minutes silence at most games, that was it, certainly nothing like the faux grief sycophantic bollocks enveloping society just now, as others have mentioned f**k knows what it will be like when old Liz croaks. On a surreal note I remember the day of 9/11, the planes struck late afternoon our time, I was working on a new build house site in Tullibody and suddenly all the various workmen were relaying the unbelievable news of what was going on across the pond in the USA. I had the radio on in the car driving home from work listening as it seemed WW3 was about to start, got home and put the telly box on, all channels showing live pictures from the carnage and destruction in America........ ......bar Channel 4 which wasn't risking a pensioners revolt and ploughed on with Countdown. If the numbers game et al is cancelled we are well and truly fucked.
  6. Starting this thread on a weekend where a member of the Royal Family died...... #timing
  7. I wonder what weird, attention seeking, mawkish, creepy 'look how British we are' tribute the **** will have to him at Ibrox tomorrow? I'm going for a full stadium mosaic with his image embroidered on all the shirts as a bare minimum.
  8. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤢😂😂😂
  9. That p***k Dallas never gave me my pound back.
  10. November 1998... a 3pm kick off at Celtic Park You need a reminder of the outcome? 😎 Edit... just realised the league match later in the season on the bank holiday May weekend is technically the correct answer but this is the last fixture that wasn't live on TV between Celtic and either version of Rangers
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