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  1. Think Europe's best hope is for some wind and rain coming in from the coast, Whistling Straights being a huge course if it stays dry and little wind it will be perfect conditions for the big hitters in the USA side such as Johnson, Finau and De Chambeu. As previously alluded this might be a Ryder Cup too far for Poulter, who isn't the longest off the tee and Westwood, whilst the form of a couple others is a concern.
  2. Do Edinburgh's finest still insist on kettling the away support onto the pavement at the approach to the Roseburn, leading to crushing, congestion and flared tempers as you approach the turnstiles where Hearts normally have at least two of the said entrances not in use just to delay the crowd getting in even more.
  3. Controversial take here but, as much as I loved Phoenix Nights I thought Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere was utter cack.
  4. The guy's a fucking moon unit, mentioned in his post match interview how they have made great strides since they were 'demoted' two years ago. You were relegated, deal with it you scruffy fucking tramp.
  5. Graeme Souness is sent off on his Rangers debut against Hibernian at Easter Road in August 1986 after attempting to amputate George McCluskey's leg.
  6. Hearts keeper John Brough politely requests the return of the ball from Celtic fans at Tynecastle in 1980.
  7. Might be proven wrong when the highlights pop up on YouTube but the penalty award looked soft in the extreme, not at all sure what it was for or who was fouled. Feel a bit for Sean Heaver, a bit more match practice and he sticks at least one of those late chances away, I would like to see him get more game time as he offers a different kind of option up top to Dylan Mackin who KR clearly likes for his physical presence but has all the mobility of a milk float trying to do a three point turn and is a bit painful to watch at times. No sign of Dylan Bikey again I notice, beginning to think his purple patch at the Binos a few years ago was no more than that... has contributed the square root of her haw for varying reasons the last year or so, clearly has fitness issues but I get the feeling that the manager just doesn't rate the Bikey of just now and beginning to look like a waste of a contract for a guy who either can't get fit or motivated, either way something isn't right there.
  8. Thread to be inundated with other clubs fans claiming they have no interest in this fixture, Bigot brothers, ugly sisters etc.... including umpteen posts from Grangemouth Bairn. 2-1 in an Angeball masterclass with Kyogo and Turnbull doing the damage leading to an outpouring of unprecedented rage from the 50,000 fat ugly bigoted swivel headed mutants in the stand. Gerrard to find something to whine about regarding referees or something like he always does when the **** get their baws booted.
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