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  1. Said jackets remind me of Moxy, the scouser plasterer from Auf Weidersen Pet.
  2. Partick Thistle v Aberdeen in 1992 is abandoned at a wintry Firhill.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who strongly suspects that.
  4. I don't vote for them or like them but the elements of the *** support who claim that Rangers fans voting for them are a disgrace to 'wur traditions innat' are fucking moon units who shouldn't be allowed out of the house.
  5. Rangers fans who claim anyone who votes for the SNP is a disgrace to the protestant brethren and quintessential British club and not a proper Rangers supporter, I read somewhere between 10 and 20% of Rangers fans have voted for independence and/or the SNP. Equally and cringeworthy as Celtic fans who slate fellow supporters who still vote for the Labour party, calling them Unionists and Brits etc... If you base your political leanings on your football loyalties and decry fellow fans who don't follow your moronic train of thought you shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  6. Paul Lambert in a pretty smart Scotland top from 2001.
  7. Celtic beat St Mirren with three second half goals to win the league in 1982 on the last day of the season, a point and four goals ahead of Aberdeen going into the match, Celtic were quite alarmed at being goalless at half time and finding out Aberdeen were four up on Rangers (RIP) at Pittodrie... imagine social media and this forum had been around then for that shenanigans...😂
  8. This ain't happening on this date, absolute certainty the Scottish government will order it to be cancelled to prevent people gathering together to watch it. f**k the SNP.
  9. Frank McGarvey scores a penalty for St Mirren at Ibrox in 1977, Tony Fitzpatrick looks on with, I think Davie Cooper next to him and Alex Miller also in the picture, unsure of the Rangers player nearest McGarvey?
  10. Not many will have noticed this but the half hour build up and first half of the St Johnstone v Celtic match was on Sky Sports main event, then the Second half was shunted over to Channel 408 or something so they could switch to the build up of an EPL game that was still a fucking hour away from kick off. 😠
  11. Twice in the last decade ive been done by the speed cameras on the A9 between Gleneagles and Perth so they can ram their golf courses up their fucking hoop.
  12. Maybe the cash receipts from another home match in that era where the crowd was listed, rather suspiciously as 16,000.... despite looking absolutely rammed 🤔
  13. Dundee United score at Werder Bremen, Paul Hegarty the scorer in a tie they won 3-2 on aggregate in 1982 to the approval of Hamish McAlpine.
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