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  1. 1. Me and my brother have the same birthday nine years apart 2. I have one kidney 3. I once shat myself in Behind the Wall in Falkirk whilst wearing a pair of white jeans (it was the 90's) after a dodgy Sean St Ledger....I never did get a second date with the girl I was out with that night. 4. I was once knocked clean out before a game between Ayr United and Stirling Albion after a stray warm up shot from Vinnie Moore hit me square in the coupon as I was reading the programme, was about 14 year old, the Ayr physio came over and gave me the smelling salts 🤦‍♂️😂
  2. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who punched the air when Sean Bean finally plucked up the cojones to stand up to the bully and bit his fucking ear off.
  3. The Silencers version of that is absolutely stunning
  4. Six years before I was born, my dad was at the game and tells me how the English media totally wrote off Celtic in the build up to the tie which, I'm sure is a surprise to absolutely no one. Conversely, Celtic by all accounts did similar in the final and totally wrote of Feyenoord. One other wee bit of useless trivia from a personal point of view, my mates dad, George Connolly scored Celtic's goal in the first leg at Elland Road. Couple of years ago David asked me if I could rehang a radiator in the hall that had been knocked off by a sofa delivery guy or something.... he was at work but, as it was a quite big radiator his dad would give me a lift with it. Felt quite bizarre and truth be told I was a little starstruck at a Celtic legend such as George Connolly helping me hang a radiator, absolute gem of a guy too.
  5. The two Billy's, McNeil and Bremner, leading their teams out for the second leg of the European Cup at Hampden in 1970, Celtic beat Leeds United 2-1 on the night after Bremner had opened the scoring and levelling the tie with an absolute pearler. Celtic going through 3-1 on aggregate
  6. To be fair Celtic won the league that year on the last day of the season with ten men, beating the **** 4-2 to snatch the title from them, glad he enjoyed it.
  7. Danny McGrain and Mark McGhee in the early 80's when Celtic v Aberdeen was the biggest match in an era when both clubs won 6 out 7 league titles between 79 and 86, two classic, sponsor free kits as well.
  8. Graeme Sharp in particular was a huge disappointment, talisman for that great Everton side under Howard Kendall that won two league titles, an FA Cup and the ECWC in the space of three years, not to mention runners up in the other major trophies in that spell....yet couldn't hit a barn door for Scotland. The only thing I ever recall of him playing for Scotland was his mullet being grogged on by a filthy Uruguayan in the aforementioned match at Mexico 86.
  9. Paul McStay and a blurry looking Roy Aitken in the background as Scotland draw 0-0 with Bulgaria in a European Championships qualifier in 1986, our first match after the Mexico World Cup and Steve Nicol missing that fucking sitter against Uruguay that would have put us through which I still haven't forgiven him for. The band around the shorts was much panned back then but I personally loved that kit...had both home and away strips as a 9 year old. Scotland huffed and puffed in this group, going out tamely with a lack of goals being our undoing....summed up with a 0-0 draw v Luxembourg, quite a bizarre failure of the national team in that era given the quality of strikers we had to choose from then... Sharp and Gray, Archibald, Sturrock, Johnston, McCoist, McClair and others were all rattling in goals at a high level but couldn't reciprocate the form for the national team. This rather 'meh' campaign is probably best remembered for Gary Mackay scoring a late winner in the final match away to Bulgaria in Sofia to eliminate the home side and enable the Republic of Ireland to qualify for their first ever international tournament under Jack Charlton.
  10. Johan Cruyff is mugged off by Frank McAvennie in the 1983 UEFA Cup, St Mirren v Feyenoord.
  11. You've never said bye bye to a pie in your life chubs.
  12. I'm having some breaded calamari with a side of cauliflower cheese tonight with a slice of crusty tiger bread.
  13. I got a straight red card last month for one or fifty too many jokes about the Chooky Embra after his passing, I obviously offended a few gammons. 😎😁 Got a new account a couple of weeks ago.
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