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  1. Must be a struggle for you, just sitting about your bed sit in your ripped Slazenger tracksuit bottoms all day eating crisps and doing nothing else. A bit Groundhog Day in reality....
  2. Severe lack of football to discuss so, purely in the interests of ripping the pish out of the ****, what is written on the bit of paper being held by the staunch kitman, Jimmy Bell?
  3. "Don't put metal in the science oven Rosalyn" To be fair you need to have seen the film 'American Hustle' to get that one.
  4. Emmerdale is fucking shite, Eastenders is even worse. Hard to disagree truth be told.
  5. Rangers showing their generosity by digging deep during this crisis by donating a bottle of hand sanitizer to a local hospice.... such a grand gesture 🙄
  6. Seen this picture on a Celtic Facebook page, does anyone have any information on this match? Wearing the Queens Park away strip from, around 2000 I think are former Scottish Labour MP and leader Jim Murphy, Kenny Dalglish, Danny McGrain, actor and writer Tony Roper and Derek Johnstone.
  7. Jock Stein at the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam before Celtic's tie with Ajax in 1971 and, some random guy who appears to be walking his dog at the football ground, as you do.....
  8. They tried that in the 1970's with that mentalist Jim Jones mad cult in Jonestown, Guyana. Didn't work out too well....
  9. The trip advisor reviews for that place are fucking priceless.
  10. Aye, one of my thoughts exactly, must have totally boiled his piss knowing he had played in a Dundee victory that handed the title to Celtic.
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