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  1. I vaguely remember a story about St Mirren sacking a manager around then for swearing in front of the chairman's wife?
  2. They regularly did then as St Mirren, like Celtic, had a lot of white in their kit, both Morton and Kilmarnock in that era had blue and white hoops so we may have wore the green socks in those home fixtures but unsure if either were in the Premier league that year the picture is from.
  3. Speaking of St Mirren I suspect the Paisley side may be the opposition here at Celtic Park in 1979 as Murdo McLeod is wearing green socks.
  4. Sir Fergie of Govan has a swig from a bottle of bubbly whilst St Mirren manager, I'm sure some older posters can name the player next to him. Mental to think St Mirren actually sacked the guy who went on to be the most successful manager of the modern era.
  5. "So how about we drink these cans, then have a wee chug?"
  6. Aberdeen for a night out is the best town/city in Scotland in my opinion. Just a random, barely relevant observation.
  7. Johnny Depp played him in Black Mass about five years ago, he's absolutely superb in it, Joel Edgerton is magnificent as well playing crooked FBI agent John Connolly.
  8. What if they went to the cinema to watch the movie 'Saw'...? How would they describe their evening?
  9. He was on Radio Scotland yesterday saying how he didn't treat the Betfred Cup group matches as pre season games as he saw it as an opportunity to win a trophy for Dundee. This is the guy who blamed Jim McIntyre for getting them relegated when he took over the job from McCann with, I'm pretty sure if memory serves me correctly with one win all season and a squad full of journeyman robbers. Guy's a fucking half wit, probably thinks about himself when he's having a w**k.
  10. They said she was from Alloa when she wasn't, she lived in Stirling all her life, they put that because they went on a social media post from me and one from my stepson and created a story for online clicks. My location on my Twitter feed is Alloa but my kids live with my ex wife in Stirling. The location thing is relatively minor but it's the fact they rooted through her Facebook profile and took pictures from it, without for a second thinking of contacting us. Me and my family absolutely despise that newspaper and everything it stands for, the hurt and anger this has caused us is indescribable, at a time when we are still grieving the loss of our child. Absolute vermin, I have contacted them demanding someone speaks to me but not holding my breath, b*****ds.
  11. b*****ds took pictures from me and my children's social media and put them, unsolicited, without permission and without contacting me or my family to post an inaccurate article about my daughter who I tragically lost two days ago, fucking b*****ds.
  12. If I'm on your guest list can I bring a hooker like Borat did in the film?
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