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  1. Going along on Saturday having bought my season ticket online the morning of the Dumbarton game No idea what to expect from two sides who have blown hot and cold of late, my record of seeing the Albion this season is two defeats from two games, no goals scored and seven conceded.....hopefully I'm not the fucking jinx. 3-1 to the Albion based on hope more than expectation.
  2. Disappointing that Walter Smith is included in that song, he was, by all accounts a decent man and he carried Tommy Burns coffin at his funeral so he has nothing but respect for me. The other three though...
  3. Did Barry McKay get help for the PTSD he clearly suffered after an empty plastic bottle landed a couple of foot away from him past season at Celtic Park?
  4. No one should have a tray of chips thrown at him in a football ground, thoughts and prayers with Alex Cochrane and his family at this difficult time.
  5. Looking forward to a barrage of obscenities being chanted at Kris Boyd in the SKY commentary box, the match and result are irrelevant compared to this truth be told.
  6. They showed Celtic's first leg in the Czech Republic this time last year (Jablonec I think they were called) and the commentary team actually were at the game and the picture quality was spot on. McLeod and McFadden are clearly in a studio in Glasgow commentating on the same atrocious stream/picture quality we have, absolutely no fucking excuse from the BBC, even being a Celtic fan myself I know there is no way they would be so lazy and unprofessional for a tie involving us or the ****.
  7. If you were a reader from years back you'd know said pizza thread was in the general nonsense sub forum and not the Premiership one. Unless the Lidl Pizza is playing St Mirren this weekend?
  8. Just while I remember, imagine getting all pissed off because the referee blew the whistle to start a match at the conclusion of a song being played over the PA and not midway through it....
  9. Not from me there wouldn't, this PC nonsense of applauding opponents onto the pitch when they've won something should be fucking binned, like those who berate you if you don't support your rivals in a big final, I celebrated wildly when England lost the penalties to Italy last summer and did likewise when the **** lost out to Eintracht Frankfurt.... football is tribal, sure you can acknowledge a team winning a title and cup etc and congratulate them and all that at boardroom and management level but this 'guard of honour' pish is cringeworthy. Right up there with half and half scarves in the English tourist league and kids holding up signs asking for players shirts, get it so far to f**k.
  10. I picked Graeme Alexander to be the first manager to get his jotters when I made my selections just about lunchtime, a couple of hours before he was told he had done the honourable thing and resigned. Am I off to a flyer or is this the competition in a logistical nightmare before a ball has been kicked in the leagues?
  11. Top trolling from Div asking which top flight side will get the most penalties this season......
  12. Good mate of mine, top lad as well by the way. I put £100 on him to score first goal in the cup final against Hibs, spoke to him the following day and he informed me he averages a goal every three years so that's the last I'm betting on him.
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