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  1. Frank McDougal in a cracking St Mirren kit in the early 1980's. As a kid growing up then when he was with Aberdeen he seemed to always score against Celtic in my mind, recall him scoring all four goals in a doing up at Pittodrie one time.
  2. Arthur Duncan scores for Hibernian against Malmo in 1970.
  3. Flybhoy

    The Chase

    Paul Sinha has sadly been diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in the last year, although he seems relatively okay just now he is in the early stages of it, seeing how it ravaged my grandfather was horrible and, unfortunately I did think that perhaps the reason for introducing a new Chaser, Darragh, was partly down to Paul's inevitable decline in health.
  4. I know the background of Graham Rix but unaware of Peter Beardsley in this context?
  5. Celtic v Dundee United in 1973, mental to think that games on pitches covered in snow regularly went on in that era till, as far as I can recall the 1990's. The appearance of the famous 'orange ball' on a snow bound pitch always brought out a chorus of comedy booing at Celtic matches 😃
  6. Think it's been touched on here but, having Netflix I too ended up watching The Midnight Sky.... a positive write up and George Clooney starring and directing surely this will be a cracker? Two hours or so of my life I will never get back, mind numbing pish.
  7. Alastair Majury, toffee nosed Tory boy w****r from Dunblane who, the party actually put forward as a candidate despite some social media posts claiming all Catholic priests are peadophiles and how 'tarriers' are unclean etc. To be honest having such bigoted views would actually encourage most of the Tory/*** demographic to go and vote for him.
  8. Utterly bizarre but, for whatever reason the Steak flavour McCoy's crisps, which I take a wee notion for now and again give me the most horrific Carbon Dibackside you can imagine, a delightful potato based snack but I first discovered this after eating a couple of bags in an airport lounge before getting on a flight, once we were up in the sky my guts were absolutely horrendous, a miracle no one died truth be told.
  9. First ever Celtic game I attended was the 1985 Scottish Cup final against Dundee United, back then the turnstiles behind the goal at the Celtic end of Hampden were at the top of the stairs, on a stairway very similar to the one at Ibrox. It was advertised in that mornings papers you could pay at the gate behind the goal so my dad decided to take me and my older brother, I was 8, he was 17. Obviously thousands had the same last minute decision to go to the match and I remember how rammed the stairway leading up to those turnstiles were, a slip or fall that could have caused a similar tragedy, the terracing behind the goal was also dangerously overcrowded and I saw very little of the game being so small, having only been to a couple of Stirling Albion matches up till then I was totally perplexed and frankly, scared by the dangerous overcrowding and general unsafe terracing and stairways. That Ibrox was the only major stadium disaster we had in Scotland is really quite staggering when you think back to the conditions of stadiums and approaches to them in that era, Celtic fans were also in a nearly disastrous crush in a UEFA Cup tie at Nottingham Forest around then, sadly it took more deaths at Bradford and Hillsborough for crowd safety to be properly addressed eventually.
  10. I'm sure she will be utterly devastated that some complete w**k sock from a football forum doesn't like her.
  11. Rod Stewart, every time he rocks up at a big Celtic match in his limo, escorted straight through by club officials to his seat for life he was inexplicably given for cutting a bit of ribbon twenty odd fucking years ago. Doubt the c**t has ever bought so much as a burnt on the outside cold on the inside rank rotten pie at Celtic Park yet feels he has the right to criticise regular supporters who go all over Scotland and Europe spending most of their disposable income on supporting the team. He can f**k off, the gravely voiced, wrinkly faced, pish stained Tory fucking c**t.
  12. Is Demented Zebra the one who is a bit of a racist mentalist? Apologies if I'm confusing him with someone else.
  13. If the worst St Mirren poster is the same SMFC pyjama wearing, still living with his mum nailed on serial killer in waiting I think it is he has to be a contender for creepiest poster on the forum now that @WaffenThinMint seems to have disappeared.
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