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  1. "She's turned the weans against us...."
  2. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    This c**t is delusional....seriously
  3. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    Just an outsider point of view but, Kilmarnock boy who has done an incredible job in less than a season at Livingston, would Gary Holt not be a decent shout for this job? Not sure of his contract situation with Livi but im sure he'd jump at it if offered.
  4. Reg Stewart sounds like some gangster associate of the Kray twins.
  5. Highlight of the League Season

    The win at Pittodrie on Boxing Day, brilliant bus trip up and back with copious amounts of alcohol, those last 15 minutes with five goals or something mental, absolute proper old school bodies everywhere celebrations in the away section at the Celtic goals too, similar scenes at the injury time winners at Kilmarnock and Hearts too, going absolutely tonto. In footballing terms the emergence of Ryan Christie as a serious talent and almost certain first pick in his position for both club and country was as surprising as it was delightful. For the laugh out loud factor, the absolute heads gone from the ****, most notably but not solely from Andy Halliday after we beat them at Celtic Park in March was fucking glorious, the seethe Scott Brown provokes in those fucking mutants is simply marvellous. Special mention too for the Dundee fan in the 'Derry' at the midweek game in October who, while arguing with the police started punching himself in the face... Non Celtic related but, while the Kazakhstan result was humiliating the fact that it lead to that alcoholic tramp, EBT tainted c**t McCleish getting the bullet from the Scotland job was at least a silver lining to that affair, p***k should never have been near the job to start with.
  6. I purposely do not recycle and will often turn the ignition on in the van or car and just let it run for a while whilst parked up. Reasoning behind this is that Eastenders looks set to run on TV for years, surely planet earth obliterating and mankind ceasing to exist is a better prospect than that, you have to be cruel to be kind after all as the saying goes.
  7. Donaldson incredibly looking more of a donkey than Nicky Clark there by putting his shot at goal straight out the ground and into the fucking swing park between Dens and Tannadice.
  8. Nicky Clark showing all the finesse of his talentness, raging mess of a dad by missing a fucking open goal there.
  9. Dotting accounts?

    Was mhak the one who used you self proclaim himself a 'very serious poster' ?
  10. Jeremy Kyle taken off air

    Any guy proclaiming this should have his balls cut off.
  11. Helluva lot of these aliases and dotting accounts with Lowland League or Junior teams in their profile....hmmmm
  12. Get them shared here Milesy or ill fillet you like a Tuna fish.