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  1. Acastus


    Sneaky feeling an english w****r will win it this year. You could punch Murphy's face in all-day and he'd still have that smug look on his face. Not that I condone that sort of thing.
  2. You're right I should know better. Much more comfortable having a feeling of dread for a new season.
  3. Fair f***s to McCall. I called for him to go but he didn't half turn it around for the run in. Happy for the guy knowing how much Thistle means to him. Credit to the players too for stepping up. Rudden,Graham, Tiffoney ,Cardle and Bannigan all superb. I'm actually excited for next season and beyond now.
  4. Both clubs have won the second tier 7 times. Both clubs have 1 Scottish cup and 1 league cup. Both clubs have finished 3rd in the top flight 3 times. Both clubs have been yo-yo clubs for much of their history. Attendances practically identical when in the same league aka same size of fan base. Is that enough ? Do you agree or disagree that St Johnstone and Thistle are similar sized clubs?
  5. You can't answer the question.
  6. you suggesting they're not similar sized clubs ?
  7. Well done saints. Being a fan of a club of similar size (Thistle fan) you're doing what I could only dream of my club doing. League cup in the bag and I hope yous win the Scottish too. Great group of players you have and credit to Calum Davidson in his first year as manager getting top 6 aswel incredible job he's doing.
  8. Acastus


    Atleast we don't have to watch Jaba Higgins sticking his tongue out anymore. Nobody wants to see that.
  9. McFadden is brutal to listen to. "I'm not surprised Dumbarton dealt with it." As Hayes misses by a whisker. "It's promising for both sides, I dunno how if that makes sense." Me neither James.
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