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  1. Ah good old Killie. They played well but Celtic not upto much which is a wee shame.
  2. Acastus


    Now I've seen it a few times I think McGill has a point but could have went about it better. Clarke has previous of this against Joe Perry (who was commentating on the match) in the qualifiers allegedly. I missed if Perry mentioned it but dont think he did. Clarke also tweeted at the interval "you wanna dance, lets dance". Then later admitted the gamesmanship worked for McGill yesterday but won't today. Either way it adds a bit of spice to it and should be a tasty last session.
  3. Acastus


    Yeah from what I saw I think he's just being a dick.
  4. Acastus


    Can't beat a bit of needle it spices things up a bit. Hopefully gives McGill the boost he needs to make a comeback.
  5. Acastus


    Yeah Hendry was a robot, a winning machine, ice cool but you're right if he wasn't Scottish I might not have liked him the same. I see McGill and Clarke is getting a bit tasty with McGill accusing Clarke of standing in his eyeline constantly and the ref had to step in. McGill seemed raging about it...getting pumped won't help.
  6. Acastus


    He is pretty bland but you could say the same about alot of the players. Trump hasn't got much of a personality either but ge makes up for that with some unreal shots. I can't stand watching Higgins, Robertson, Ding etc they're all like robots. I'd say the ones with some personality are O'Sullivan, Maguire, Allen , Williams. Although Maguire is jusy angry all the time and Allen annoys me by always talking to his opponent and trying to have a laugh.
  7. I can smell his jakey pish stained sellick tracky fae here
  8. Paul Weller - The Changingman
  9. Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl
  10. If I had a gun with 2 bullets and was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden and Lewis Capaldi I'd shoot Lewis Capaldi twice.
  11. Having shite music and being f**k ugly seems to be how you make it these days.
  12. Great signing! Would have been chuffed with that signing in the prem never mind League one!
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