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  1. Elton, Have you got this weeks prices please ? zilch on the website.
  2. Elton, Are there still prices available for leagues/cups as I can't find them on the new website?
  3. https://www.oddschecker.com/football/scottish/fa-cup/hearts-v-auchinleck/winner There you go, don't bother with Paddy Power or Ladbrokes/Coral for that matter. They wait and see what other bookies prices are before they open their book.
  4. I now have confirmation from IBAS of opening the dispute v Coral. If Coral don't agree to resolution quickly, IBAS say it may take 12-14 weeks to resolve. Hopefully anyone risking a bet with Coral might get paid out before me. Will keep you updated !
  5. After going to the shop three times and contacting corals customer care five times without making any progress, I have enrolled on the IBAS site and made a claim regarding this saga. I have provided them with all the details plus a scanned copy of the bet receipt.
  6. Coral have still not paid out. Their customer care folks claimed they would resolve it and phone me back directly. That was a couple of days ago, no word from them.
  7. Had a look round but can't see any prices quoted for the game so far.
  8. One of my friends has just suggested that perhaps the Corals manager is working some sort of financial scam as he has came across a similar situation before where the manager pays out at the reduced price and pockets the difference between the published price for himself. Corals pay out, punter collects, manager pockets. Surely not?
  9. In addition Coral claim that I can approach IBAS but IBAS will not act until Corals internal investigation is completed.
  10. You are going to love this! The Corals Ayrshire area manager fanni is refusing to pay out at the shops he controls because he claims the price on the coupon was incorrect and claims that Troon should have been a much shorter price. Corals customer care phone help acknowledge that all Ladbrokes and 99% of Coral shops have paid out on the result but the Ayrshire manager fanni has suspended payout of all bets "pending investigation" and are unable to overrule this decision.
  11. I think you have nailed it Elton.
  12. It has the time and the price (23/20) on the betting receipt but Corals still won't pay out.
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