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  1. Betting Odds Saturday 7th April

    Thanks Elton.
  2. Betting Odds Saturday 7th April

    Still nothing doing on my pc or phone. I have five west games listed on the mcbookie site.. pollok, renfrew, shettleston,maybole and ashfield.
  3. Betting Odds Saturday 7th April

    Elton, just to say that many of the west games are missing off the website.
  4. Any prices available for junior/non league this week?
  5. Scottish Cup Weekend

    The only pair of tits on here are you and that "ref". It was the only game in the UK called off for a frozen pitch and if that patch of ground was typical of the reason it was called off (on Friday morning)any person with a glimmer of common sense would have checked the temperature forecast (12 degrees centigrade for the next 24 hours) and would have instantly realised that park would be playable today without a shadow of a doubt.
  6. Scottish Cup Weekend

    I will tell you what Dyce get out of it... a free weekend at Christmas where I suspect they couldn't raise a decent team.
  7. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Did you also spot the woolly mammoths roaming about and the glacier pushing in from the north at the only place in the UK that has it's own wee frozen micro climate despite the temperature being 12 degrees for the last couple of days?
  8. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Dyce have! Wouldn't be surprised if Dyce is the only pitch in the country that is frozen off. Weird that it's so close to Christmas too.
  9. Scottish Cup Weekend

    Apparently at present the pitch has six or seven frozen patches. I don't know how big or widespread they are but if it's only patches and not the entire pitch then this game would surely be playable come Saturday afternoon given the excellent weather forecast.
  10. Scottish Cup Weekend

    How can this be possible? The weather forecast has the temperature in that area as between 7 and 12 degrees up to Saturday evening.
  11. Giant Killers Rossvale in Scottish Cup

    You need to write to William Hill customer services with the details of the bet and where it was placed. William Hill have made a mistake and they will pay out.
  12. Giant Killers Rossvale in Scottish Cup

    You don't need trebles at all. Corals and Ladbrokes have the same coupon and they accept singles on all matches irrespective if it's a cup game.
  13. Today's scores folks 11th Nov

    He's going to need a bigger boat!
  14. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    If Darvel start drifting towards the bottom of the division?
  15. Darvel Juniors 2017/18

    There are things money can't buy. A motivational manager, team spirit, belief and working hard to support each other amongst other things. This owner has , in one foul swoop, destroyed that which has been built and is left with a broken team who are individually looking over their shoulder to see if it's their turn next to be dumped.