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  1. No - You own McKinnon (Ha Ha) and Ton cast off's (apart from Tidser who you are over paying for in League One), enjoy !
  2. You would therefore say that all the blame for Falkirk finding themselves in League One is purely down to Hartley and McKinnon?
  3. Agree that Rudden would be a great on-loan signing (Morton would have done a good bit better this season if only McKinnon hadn't taken him to the Bairns, as he was training with the Ton {and Falkirk would probably been relegated earlier if he hadn't gone to them}). However, I think you are right, if he does go out on loan again I think it will be to Engerland or to the Premiership.
  4. I'm not the biggest fan of venomous abuse being directed at anyone. However, I do think that Lang (being a lawyer {I believe}), should take a fair bit of the blame for the McKinnon fiasco and the subsequent costs involved?
  5. I think Houston could be a good bet, but think Goodwin is destined for greater things? If (as Ive previously said) the Falkirk BOD have a get out clause with McKinnon or can afford to pay him off?
  6. RB: I wouldn't say it makes you a more or less a committed fan, but I would say that is a particularly odd thing to do - if you have a season ticket why not just use it? Surely you are going to watch the game, can you not socialise with your mates before and after the game. Everyone to their own - but I find it odd that you would pay for a seat that you don't want to sit in? Having said that that, you are giving the club more money, but you could just donate money, or pay for a mate to go, increasing the crowd that Falkirk fans seem to be so proud of. Anyway, it's good that you watch your local team, I've done it myself for years, but I've never bought into the whole I'm a better fan than you sh1te. Hope you enjoy next season.
  7. Well done Alloa! Was well impressed by you against the Ton this season. Unfortunately I think Goodwin will now move on.
  8. Wouldn't surprise me at all if that is the case. Im sure that you understand that I am no McKinnon fan, but for a few reasons - when he left Morton he didn't have the balls to tell the players face to face (the day before a big game against Partick). He has since said that he thought 3 points behind Alloa with a game to go was a position he would have accepted months ago (unbelievable if true), and to be honest he just appears to be a sh1te Manager. Having said that, I would imagine that Falkirk will probably get back up at the first attempt, even with him in charge. Anyway, enjoy next season, some damn good away days!
  9. As I think I mentioned on another thread, unless there is a relegation clause in McKinnons contract I'm not sure the BOD would want to pay the money to get shot of him (having payed a fair few pounds to get him in the first place). At the time of signing McKinnon quite a lot of Bairns on here said, that as your club was currently run by a lawyer, she would have ensured all was fine. I wonder whether she made another mistake by not inserting a relegation get out clause?
  10. Fair point bud, he did say neither would stay. Agree about travelling to Stanraer though it's a nightmare journey, win lose or draw ( no disrespect to Stranraer FC intended, just the journey I couldn't cope with). However, enjoy your season, may not be as easy as a lot of Bairns think.
  11. No shit Sherlock. I was just giving Falkirkfan6871 a bit of info Dr Watson, as he seemed to think Rudden was a player you could keep - anyway, enjoy next season bud. Been there before and there are some good away days.
  12. Rudden will not be back at Falkirk - without him you would have relegated some time ago. But He will now go back to his host club and if loaned out again, it will not be at Falkirk!j
  13. Agreed - Falkirk must have spent well over £200k to get McKinnon (£60k fine, £100k+ to Morton, plus his and his staffs wages). So unless there is a get out clause due to relegation, then it's Ray in the dugout next season - enjoy!
  14. On here, most Bairns seemed ecstatic to get McKinnon at the time!
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