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  1. Can League 1 and 2 teams? The variance in resources between the top of League 1 and the bottom of League 2 (even just the top and bottom of League 2 atm) is huge, as it is between the top and bottom of LL - is there funding for the clubs in the league who genuinely cannot afford to test their players every week?
  2. Watching the FM's briefing thing today, she has said it's very unlikely there will be wholesale lifting of restrictions going into February, and possibly zero change. Probably not that surprising, the number of people in hospital each day is higher than the previous peak in April. Anyway, I think this season is over. By the time it's allowed to get back up and running (which won't be until probably March at the absolute, best case scenario earliest, I'd guess - but almost certainly later) including a pre-season, there is no way to finish the league in the usual calendar. The league will need to decide - do they scrap another season (unsure if there is a certain distance through the season we need to get before PPG is justified as a way to decide final standings) or try to pick it up again at a later date. The latter option messes with following seasons, so may not be viable. Both will mess with the promotion play-offs at both ends of the league, so at least we can look forward to another year of comments about certain teams holding back Scottish football by not being relegated.
  3. Although the chances of it being back by 31st Jan look slim at best - the transmission rates are still going wild since Christmas and will take a while to taper off now.
  4. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-fa-board-confirms-three-week-suspension-of-professional-football-beneath-spfl-championship/?rid=13929 League (and everything else below tier 2) is off til February at the earliest.
  5. I think that's more to do with the ongoing pandemic than performances in the Scottish Cup. Great performance by Bonnyrigg, the team deserve plaudits for pushing a full-time championship team all the way to extra time.
  6. My best guess is something related to Covid protocols, but honestly no idea.
  7. Statement is quite weird, and i feel it might've been better just not to say anything atm, whatever the issue is
  8. Does he realise that Kelty is in Fife? That is a great pick-up by Kelty and he will absolutely score against us this season.
  9. My point was that if I was involved with Cumbernauld and was having to go to that game I would rather it was switched
  10. I would also rather not travel to Huntly midweek, tbf
  11. And the statement doesn't sound as if it was a mutual decision
  12. Surprised by that one. Rodgers has also been an important player for us so far this season.
  13. "for those involved in professional sports, for training, coaching or competing in an event" is considered an appropriate reason to go out, according to the Scottish Gov website (plus necessary travel for work). The SFA are liaising with the government, and SLFL will hopefully speak to the clubs to make sure they are happy with the league continuing.
  14. Can the League look into flying the teams out to Dubai for games? Has the bonus of no frozen pitches. I have a feeling the league will continue - there were already travel bans between council areas (and into England) which didn't stop games previously, and unlike the earlier shut down each team at this level now has protocols in place and (so far) has proven they can hold games without any major incidents
  15. Apparently they are trying again on Wednesday, but considering it's not to be above 2 degrees there for the new few days that may be optimistic. How long now until they are forced to try it somewhere else?
  16. https://www.facebook.com/602602499857930/posts/3633146643470152/ Unfortunate that it's necessary, but it's good of Bonnyrigg to recognise and refute misogynistic comments made on their stream towards their female commentator. If football - particularly in the lower leagues - wants to make claims of being community-based, then it must be recognised that those communities include people of any gender, race, sexuality, nationality, and the retrograde opinions of people who think football can exclude someone based on any of those categories should not be tolerated, as they shouldn't be tolerated in any walk of life. So fair play to the person who wrote the excellent statement above, and to the club for publishing it. Regarding the people that statement is aimed at, whether they are fans of either team playing today or a neutral, hopefully being called out will make them consider their comments, even if they consider it to be harmless, or "just banter", when it was written.
  17. Caught parts of the stream today in between making my new year's dinner. An enjoyable game, but my personal highlight was the lad in the comments who kept chipping off about being ripped off for £25 quid by Edusport. I would like to know if he is now a BSC fan, or just watches all Eduaport franchise games to actively support their opponents.
  18. Ref's wanting home for his steak pie, none of this extra time nonsense
  19. Potential call off for the Bonnyrigg-Bo'ness cup tie at Spartans tomorrow?
  20. Dalbeattie (in tier 1) have announced they're working to get fans back in - around 60 capacity, from 9th Jan onwards at the earliest. Still, good news, and hopefully it works out well for them and any other clubs able to make that step https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dalbeattiestarfc/news/statement-2590829.html
  21. The SFA were filming all the ties to put out highlights packages, so it may have been theirs.
  22. Great performance today, controlled the game and scored some lovely goals. I think that was our best performance of the season, alongside the win over Bonnyrigg. Looking forward to the next round. Saw Spartans beat EK today so we'll probably draw them.
  23. It's been reversed now, glad that common sense has been applied Saw that, great news
  24. Its disappointing that this rule is in place for Shire and everyone else in the Cup this weekend. If wonder if this rule will be reassessed when clubs up the leagues start to get involved and crowds still aren't allowed back in serious numbers?
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