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  1. I am largely positive about that appointment, I also assumed it would be someone connected with the club. The main caveat being how long he has gone without managing, his last management job was before a few of our squad were probably born. But I think he's stayed involved in football as a coach, so hopefully shouldn't be much of an issue. Count me as optimistic and intrigued!
  2. He's the best manager in the league imo, but I think when he's been linked to jobs elsewhere folk have said he's happy managing in Edinburgh, presumably because of personal/work reasons. Might be rubbish, mind you, and it would definitely make sense for EK to get him if they could, assuming Rutkiewicz is a goner.
  3. CSS are going to save us from the nonsense of a Colts league win, and god bless them for it
  4. iirc it covers costs that clubs would otherwise shoulder, so it's not a direct payment but it does save clubs money each season. The League itself used some money to "improve" their website and social media output.
  5. I haven't been at many games this season because my interest in football has been on the wane recently (I'm sure in part because of how the Shire have been this season, but more generally I have just felt like I've got better things to do than watch any level of football). The structural issues the club has are pretty clear and covered above. The club wont be able to generate a bigger fanbase, income or connection with the local community without it's own ground (Firs Park or elsewhere), but it cant get a ground with those things (or another mystery businessman decides to invest in the club). On the pitch, it's obvious this has led to a lack money for players. Last season we had a reasonable level of success, but a lot of the games were by quite fine margins, we weren't generally winning or losing by a lot. This season the quality of pretty much every part of the team has dropped, particularly in midfield and at full back, so the drop off from last season's results had been quite stark. I do think Del is limited as a manager and probably isnt good enough to get something greater from the sum of its parts from the team over a long term period, (not to mention reoccurring issues of losing points from winning positions and discipline, which go beyond this season) but I doubt he'll be sacked. He's still mostly popular with the fans, and I doubt we could actually get anyone better in at the moment given our current situation. There seems to have been enough glimmers of good performances so far to make me think we can scrounge together enough points to not be relegated, but that will be dependent on Dalbeattie not suddenly improving at some point.
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2022/sep/16/zander-murray-comes-out-as-gay-scotland-gala-fairydean?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other A historic announcement- Gala's Zander Murray is the first Scottish player to come out as gay while still playing. Hopefully one day this will not be news, but in the mean time I am sure he will be an inspiration to people in the Scottish game, and we can move onwards further towards a type of football that is genuinely welcoming to everyone. I am sure this was not an easy step to take, but fair play to the club as well for giving him a platform and a place to feel comfortable enough to do it.
  7. That's all games postponed this weekend (and likely next weekend as well for the funeral). I'd have thought ploughing on with the TheTradeRadiator.com South Challenge Cup Second Round would be a great mark of respect for the Queen, but it is what it is
  8. Surprisingly good performance and result last night against St Mirren B. I thought we'd get leathered, especially when I saw Brophy in their starting line-up, but I suppose he's no match for Connor Greene and Tony Coutts. Hopefully use this to get the league season back on track.
  9. That'll be the chippy lights back on then
  10. I was at the game last night and thought it was overall a decent performance. Ewing does indeed look like a pretty commanding CB and should form a good partnership with Greene, and Honeyman, a winger recently signed on loan from Falkirk, looks very exciting. He created our goal but we didn't do much attacking in general in the second half so he wasnt able to have much more impact on the game. The main downside was Andy Kay getting a straight red for mouthing off at the ref, apparently refs have been told to clamp down on that from players this season so hopefully that's a lesson learned. My main concern is at fullback, we've definitely downgraded there and in particular the guy playing LB looked about 12, very quick but I can see him being bullied off the ball a lot this season. We tend to do a lot of work through our fullbacks so hopefully that is something we can tweak and accommodate for over the coming weeks.
  11. I think Shire will finish midtable, I'm not really familiar with the guys we've signed and I haven't been at any of our pre-season games, but even if we stand still I think Bo'ness and Open Goal Broomhill Football Club will improve, and it was fine margins for us finishing above Berwick and CSS, so wont take a lot for us to slip down a few places. Mind you, I thought that at the start of last season and it went better, so who knows. We may be reliant on loan signings again over the course of the season. Edit: plus the inclusion of Cowden and Tranent, who I probably expect will be looking to finish in the top 6 In terms of real teams who can actually be promoted, looks like East Kilbride and Spartans will be favourites imo.
  12. Spotted this in the Ardeer thread: https://www.pressreader.com/uk/scottish-daily-mail/20220707/282943863967591 According to "Lowland League sources" their payments are up to date but they want to distance themselves from the company.
  13. Interesting approach. I wonder if eventually they will just go all out and have folk pick the team via the app.
  14. Well, they won't get any money for sponsorship but iirc the league didn't have a sponsor before that anyway. I suppose they've got their otherwise pristine reputation in Scottish football to consider.
  15. Not really sure what this company's deal is, they seem to only exist to sponsor football organisation and then not pay up. I saw they'd taken over Ardeer Thistle in the WoS recently.
  16. I'm not really a fan, but I will wait to see what they look like in person. Didn't like the previous ones much at first but they grew on me after a while.
  17. Either no punishment, or a points deduction that doesn't actually mean anything at the end of the season (at least until they manoeuvre the Colts into competing for real and being able to enter the promotion play-off). Also of note - they appear to have removed the age requirements, or at least are no longer mentioning it alongside the above. I think this was also spotted in the initial pitch to have colts for another season earlier in the year.
  18. Welcome to the Lowland League, where half the threads are the same 5 people having the same argument about the Dutch and Crotian youth set-ups for eternity
  19. He was rubbish for us as well a few seasons ago at this level, I think Forfar actually paid a transfer fee for him when he left, staggeringly. He should sign for Berwick this season to complete the full set.
  20. West clubs do often come across as being more parochial and Junior-obsessed than the east, although I'm sure there are a few chairman and fans who are keen to move up. Anyway, congratulations to Tranent, it's good to see the LL slowly getting stronger despite the efforts of some of it's current member clubs.
  21. What a league. Congratulations on the cup win anyway.
  22. I wouldn't be shocked if Open Goal Broomhill FC got more people through the door with this, but I also think it would be similar to the Colts, in that it's a) mainly weirdos and b) will taper off once the novelty dies down and people realise the ability to hear some of that fabled Open Goal patter live is not that great at Broadwood.
  23. Some great drama in tonight's big X Match at Ochilview
  24. I can't see any relegated team coming back up any time soon - I think if Shire had a chance it was in the first or second season we were in the league, that window has closed now imo. Eventually, if the pyramid relegation process involves automatic relegation and the quality of the 4th and 5th tiers starts to level out you might see teams moving up and down, but at the current rate that's maybe a decade away at least. Anyway, congratulations to Bonnyrigg on the impending promotion. I thought the tie was going to closer but, barring something incredible on Saturday, this looks like a forgone conclusion now. Glad we won't have to play you again next season.
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