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  1. True. It very much feels catered to folk who dont know anything about this level but bite at the suggestion of anything that resembles what they've decided is a "proper" football club
  2. God, this is getting insufferable now. That middle section is so up themselves it's unreal. Their "trail blazing" and "brave buy-ins" to the pyramid means zilch in this context, who cares?
  3. Supporters team of the year has been announced by the SLFL. https://mobile.twitter.com/officialslfl/status/1264635486590709760 Dominated by the top four, with Angus Mailer of Stirling Uni the only exception. The Catch-Up team of the year is still being voted on, I think, but should be finalised soon.
  4. Just looking at this new lockdown routemap: Stage 3 (of 4, with 4 being the last stage) states "live events permitted with restricted numbers and physical distancing restrictions". Obviously no date on this, and any second wave would push us back into lockdown, but that could be a way for grounds to re-open for fans. Do-able for lower league sides with low attendances (Shire could get everyone a few rows of TFS to themselves).
  5. The funniest possible outcome now is Kelty forcing a play-off at some point via the courts, then getting beat by Brechin in a few months time. Not really sure this will go anywhere, tbqh. Kelty and Brora weren't denied automatic promotion, they were denied a chance to play-off for promotion, as were several other teams up and down the leagues. Shit luck undoubtedly, but what exactly can they hope to achieve by taking legal action?
  6. He was apparently signed by a club out in the Philippines after leaving Edinburgh City. Can't imagine East Kilbride-Edinburgh-Makati City is a particularly well-trodden path, but fair play to him.
  7. I wonder who the first chairman to statement themselves out of a job will be? Bunch of guys getting increasingly wound up with no actual football to distract them, it's bound to tip someone over the edge. Kelty's statement is also not quite right, there's not really automatic relegation from the LL when that is dependent on what happens at the playoffs at the top, but f**k trying to explain that to Doncaster.
  8. The funny this about this all is that clubs in the SPFL are making it even more difficult in the long run for themselves to prosper in the fifth tier. Barring the pyramid being fully closed off again, there are clubs at the bottom of the league who will come down at some point. The longer they wait for this to happen, and the longer they prevent clubs coming up from the LL, the stronger that league will become and the less likely it will be for them to be able to get a foothold in it.
  9. This was mentioned on a recent Official Catch-Up episode but idk if that's confirmed or still just a rumour.
  10. I really knew nothing about it before we were relegated, tbqh. Most of my knowledge came from the handful of teams that had made a run in the Scottish cup. Overall though I do much prefer the LL to League 2, and I'm pleased it's getting stronger every year and developing a pyramid below it. I think this probably our natural level for the moment but as long as we can remain at the top end of the league each season then you never know. At the moment I dont think 2 down from League 2 will work - with current sizes that is 1/5 of the league automatically down, which is too much imo. It would also likely drain the Highland league of teams in a few years. (There's also zero chance of League 2 teams voting for it). If both of those problems could be sorted then I'd back it. At the moment automatic relegation for team 42 and a LL/HL playoff to replace them is the best solution. I'd also back expanding the LL and upping the relegation places from it.
  11. They are the clubs that would benefit least from having to have a year in a conference system, it was them that sprung to mind for me when I first heard about this
  12. https://twitter.com/GeorgeJFraser/status/1254386794386382853?s=20
  13. Logically yeah, especially considering talk of 'next season' is overshadowed by the fact that there's no clear time for next season to start. 2020/21 likely won't kick off this calendar year, and may end up being scrapped entirely. There are a lot of people with nothing much to do except argue the minutiae 14 team leagues, though.
  14. That would certainly avoid upsetting the vast majority of SPFL clubs, but I could see it being used as a way to get two colt teams into the 4th tier, as much as it would be to get Kelty and Brora in.
  15. Congrats to Kelty. This was the best way the season could've ended from this point on, all things considered. Hopefully something can be sorted out re promotion, but tbqh I can't see it happening at this point, unfortunately. That being said, stranger things have literally happened every week of this year, so who knows
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