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  1. Edusport Academy

    https://twitter.com/EdusportAcademy/status/1106833745192108033/photo/1 Edusport having tweeted a picture of work ongoing at their new training and home ground for next season, which going from an earlier tweet is in Bothwellhaugh, out near Hamilton.
  2. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Very sloppy performance from Shire last night which was punished repeatedly by a Strollers side who deserved to win. CSS also had much nicer strips than I remember them having previously, which is no doubt the driving force behind the their push up the table. I hope they do end up finishing in the top 4 - it's entirely within their reach, it would be a great achievement, especially if they keep out Spartans.

    Time to clear some debts with a cheeky wee libel suit...
  4. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    Oh, and the Quarter finals: 1. Spartans or Kelty vs Vale of Leithen or Edinburgh Uni 2. Gretna 2008 or Stirling Uni vs Dalbeattie Star or Edusport Academy 3. East Kilbride or Cumbernauld vs Civil Service Strollers or East Stirlingshire 4. Gala Fairydean vs BSC Glasgow or Whitehill Welfare Winners of 4 vs 2, and 3 vs 1 for the semi final. Tie of the first round is undoubtedly Spartans vs Kelty (assuming neither overhauls EK and withdraws from the Cup), with a tie in the next round you'd fancy either team to win as well. As for Shire, have we ever had a home game in this cup? It feel like we've been drawn away from the start for the past three years.
  5. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    The draw for the LL Cup has been made, first round as below: Civil Service Strollers vs East Stirlingshire Gretna 2008 vs Stirling Uni Dalbeattie vs Edusport Academy BSC Glasgow vs Whitehill Welfare Spartans vs Kelty Hearts East Kilbride vs Cumbernauld Colts Vale of Leithan vs Edinburgh Uni Bye: Gala Fairydean
  6. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    I think he would be a good signing for almost any team in the league tbh. Solid at the back and pretty good at getting the ball forward with long passes, which I suppose is not Kelty's main concern overall but still a good quality to have. And he's able to play anywhere in the back four. He's shite mate, we'll take him back if you want.
  7. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Well he's already got the club tie on there. Anywhere in Rosewell you can get a pint of wine?
  8. Selkirk FC thread

    My understanding was that they'd withdrawn from the LL, rather officially folded? (I think Duns did something similar a couple of seasons ago because they were also struggling to raise a team). There's been a bit of talk about Selkirk reapplying for any vacant space that comes in the League, or in the EoS
  9. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Seconded, I thought he was pretty good against Dalbeattie. Didn't see the friendly but he put in a decent shift on Saturday and seemed pretty vocal about getting others to do their bit when we didn't have the ball, which is promising, hopefully.
  10. Bsc Glasgow

    Just seen yous have signed Jamie McCormack, should be a really good signing, he was one of our best players last year. And since there's what, about 8 games left to play, he'll only have time to get about one red card
  11. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Unfortunately I fear that was Welfare's last chance to turn it around yesterday. Is there any chance of the club chucking in a cheeky application for re-entry to the LL at the end of the season in the hope there aren't enough licensed clubs?
  12. South Challenge Cup 2018-19

    Some at LTHV is frantically double-checking the paperwork for tonight's game as we speak
  13. Where’d the welfare thread go?

    Worth keeping them up just for that alone, tbh
  14. The East Kilbride FC Thread

    I was looking at the remaining LL fixtures and it's one hell of a run-in that EK have got in the last five games - Cumbernauld, Spartans, Kelty, BSC, then Kelty again. Admittedly all home games except the last, but still, very tricky. I still can't see past yous for the league mind you, and it might help your cause in the play-offs coming off a run of very competitive games.
  15. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Was really impressed with out performance against Colts yesterday. Clinical in front of goal in the first half and controlled the game well in the second to stop them getting a real foothold back in the game. Partnership of McGregor and White in the middle of the park played well also, which bodes well with Del now more on the sidelines and Willox having gone back to Peterhead.