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  1. No idea why there would be a need to move the game from Alloa, United play there regularly and Hibs have done so in the recent past. Think you can only move grounds on safety reasons anyway?
  2. Am I right in thinking this is furthest a Lowland League team has gotten, alongside EK when they got drawn against Celtic a few years ago?
  3. Congrats on the won and good to see a LL side still going strong at this stage.
  4. I'd quite liked Matty Flynn from what I'd seen earlier in the season, but his game time seemed a bit limited recently since McDonald and Brown got fit. Will be a good player for Kelty although idk how often he'd feature
  5. It may have been that the investment was given on the condition that it was spent on players, rather than anywhere else in the club. But I 100% agree, if was possible it would've been a far better use of money, and actually beneficial to the long term future of the club. I think (have done since our third season in the LL) that we've missed the narrow window we had to get promoted back to the SPFL, and we should've concentrated on adjusting to life as a Lowland League team, rather than a temporarily embarrassed League 2 team trying to compete with teams who are far better resourced than ourselves.
  6. Surprisingly good result today, especially from two goals behind. Now the league has gone and there's no real pressure to get results we can really come into our own!
  7. Does Simon White still play for you lot?
  8. Entertaining game tonight, especially in the second half. Thought Bonnyrigg were the slightly better team in an even match overall, and probably deserved the three points
  9. Also planning to pop through to Alloa for this one, as it should be a good game and the first chance I've had to get to a game in a few weeks. This will be quite big in terms of the title race, as both will push Kelty all the way and are unlikely to drop many more points in the latter stages of the season. I'd have BSC as slight favorites, although it could go either way.
  10. Well done to Berwick on overcoming the effects of the departures earlier in the week, and mainly on keeping those insufferable goal celebration gifs the Braves' twitter uses to a minimum
  11. Some interesting results at the wrong end of the table today. Both Vale and Gretna pick up their second wins of the season to send Edinburgh Uni bottom. Gretna got an impressive away win at Cumbernauld.
  12. Great news, two of the best signings from this season
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