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  1. Not sure what this would achieve though, with regards to the pyramid? The issue is that clubs don't want to drop out of the SPFL. there are several reasons for this, a big one presumably being that getting back is incredibly difficult (as ourselves and Berwick have shown). Having an even stronger 5th tier isn't going to solve that issue.
  2. Out of interest does anyone know what the 'SPFL Membership Criteria' is that they are referring to? Is there anything that could stop Kelty/Brora being eligible for the play-off against Team 42 on the basis of them having played less than half a season each?
  3. "Ever". Some guy who played a year of football for a works team in 1902 is currently turning in his grave because the SPFL might be dodging the pyramid play-off again.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/eaststirlingshirefc/posts/3783923001724995 Confirmation that the league is over and decided on PPG basis. Not really a surprise to anyone, we'll need to wait and see what happens with the promotion and relegation situations.
  5. I know there are big differences between Bo'ness and Linlithgow but I think 'international' is a bit much there
  6. The Shire post about it did say Brown was recallable - it would be incredibly daft not to have that clause - but yeah, it did not make me think "that'll be us training soon, then!"
  7. Sean Brown from Shire is away to East Fife til the end of the season as well. With the uncertainty around the LL I think we may see quite a few more players loaned up the leagues so clubs here can get a bit more cash while games still aren't going ahead.
  8. Can League 1 and 2 teams? The variance in resources between the top of League 1 and the bottom of League 2 (even just the top and bottom of League 2 atm) is huge, as it is between the top and bottom of LL - is there funding for the clubs in the league who genuinely cannot afford to test their players every week?
  9. Watching the FM's briefing thing today, she has said it's very unlikely there will be wholesale lifting of restrictions going into February, and possibly zero change. Probably not that surprising, the number of people in hospital each day is higher than the previous peak in April. Anyway, I think this season is over. By the time it's allowed to get back up and running (which won't be until probably March at the absolute, best case scenario earliest, I'd guess - but almost certainly later) including a pre-season, there is no way to finish the league in the usual calendar. The league will need to decide - do they scrap another season (unsure if there is a certain distance through the season we need to get before PPG is justified as a way to decide final standings) or try to pick it up again at a later date. The latter option messes with following seasons, so may not be viable. Both will mess with the promotion play-offs at both ends of the league, so at least we can look forward to another year of comments about certain teams holding back Scottish football by not being relegated.
  10. Although the chances of it being back by 31st Jan look slim at best - the transmission rates are still going wild since Christmas and will take a while to taper off now.
  11. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scottish-fa-board-confirms-three-week-suspension-of-professional-football-beneath-spfl-championship/?rid=13929 League (and everything else below tier 2) is off til February at the earliest.
  12. I think that's more to do with the ongoing pandemic than performances in the Scottish Cup. Great performance by Bonnyrigg, the team deserve plaudits for pushing a full-time championship team all the way to extra time.
  13. My best guess is something related to Covid protocols, but honestly no idea.
  14. Statement is quite weird, and i feel it might've been better just not to say anything atm, whatever the issue is
  15. Does he realise that Kelty is in Fife? That is a great pick-up by Kelty and he will absolutely score against us this season.
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