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  1. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    I was surprised to see that as well. Not exactly high security on the fence behind the dugouts, you could probably sneak under there if you were particularly determined. To be honest in general I didn't really like Peffermill as a venue for the final overall (bitterness at the result not counting in that, btw)
  2. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    It's a lot of money but it's only a risk if they're splurging now on a gamble that they can recoup when promoted. If this is money they know they have, or know they'll get in through the course of the season, then fine. If any club in the LL could get together that much it's probably Kelty, imo
  3. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Really disappointed in the result today, obviously, but I think on balance the better team won on the day. As per the last few weeks we didn't get going until after half time, except here BSC were on the ball enough to get a bigger lead. Still, it was good seeing the lads in a final, and hopefully today will spur them on to achieve more next season. And at least you didn't have to hear the cheers of the other fans at full time to rub it in
  4. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Cheers man, figured that was the case but I wanted to make sure so I wasn't fannying about at the wrong place.
  5. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Maybe a bit of a daft questions but - is it the East gate next to Nairns Oatcakes that you get into Peffermill at? I've never been before and notice there's a couple different ways in
  6. Berwick Rangers 2018/2019 Thread

    Very much doubt this is true, but it would be hilarious if it was.
  7. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Just spotted this on the Falkirk Herald report of the semi final. I know Andy is a bit of a unit but that's a bit much
  8. Kelty Hearts lowland league quest

    TBH I think a lot of that stick comes from having Ferguson in charge. A lot of folk made up their mind about the club then
  9. East Cup of (Football) Nations 2018-19

    Yeah, it was a 3-year deal iirc.
  10. The East Stirlingshire Thread

    Waverley Station is too small to hold all the fans travelling through, I've been hearing
  11. Berwick Rangers 2019/20 thread

    Liverpool are a touch better than Berwick Rangers this year, I think
  12. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    Edit: the LL website has this down as a 2pm KO
  13. East Cup of (Football) Nations 2018-19

    Camelon 2-1 winners in the second semi-final/No-License Derby. Bit a disappointing end to the season for Bonnyrigg, who apparently had to play their starting 11 for the full 90 mins due to a shortage of subs. Hopefully we can now fulfill @AlanCamelonfan's wish and dump Spartans out this Saturday for the final.
  14. Who are these guys?

    Shire currently have: already with club Andy Rodgers (as player as well as assistant manager) Jamie Barclay Connor Greene Andy Grant Paul McCafferty Graeme McGregor Ian Ure New signings Sean Brown (from Cumbernauld) Eddie Malone (from The Long Good Friday Forfar)
  15. Lowland League Cup 18/19

    Thanks. I'd imagine they'll avoid Gala this year given the stand is closed.