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  1. As others have said, really hope the player makes a quick recovery, and that this doesn't effect their family or their work outside of football. It's possible they trained this week, or even that the test was administered when the squad met up earlier today in advance of the planned friendly. Don't know what the protocal was around the club. The closer we get to the season starting, the less confident I am we will get through a full campaign. There's no sign of cases going down, and while I don't see there being another full-scale lockdown again the government are probably going to have to put some stricter conditions in place. Clubs will go bust (or just withdraw from competitive games and effectively shut down temporarily until there's widespread vaccination to avoid going bust), postponed games will stack up, and I can see a lot of players just packing it in for a while when it becomes too much of a hassle at this level.
  2. If we get there, the SLFL are considering a group stage for the Lowland League cup this season. I quite like that idea, it extends the season a bit more for teams who would otherwise be knocked out in the first round. I assume 4 groups of 4 once the league winners are in the pyramid play-offs. Could even make the groups vaguely regionalised where possible
  3. It is a decent result for us given the gap between the two teams. This was Falkirk's first game of pre-season, and yes they had Connor Sammon up front, but it was only Shire's second full game since the re-start. I wonder who the goal-scoring trialist is?
  4. Due to the structure of the league this season someone had to miss out
  5. If we are going to seriously challenge for the league we should be looking for 5/5 wins in October. We need to get a win over another top team early, and the other four games are quite winnable, hopefully. November is a tough month as well, but if we can get some momentum from October you never know. Or we could bin off the league by Fireworks Night.
  6. I dont think anyone is really able to skoosh the league at the moment, there are several teams you'd expect to win most weeks and keep pace with them through the season.
  7. This has just been confirmed. Not sure what it means for the return of the football itself. I had a brief window of optimism about being able to attend a game soon, but I'm back to thinking it won't be until nearer spring now. I wonder at what point some teams will consider withdrawing from competitive games for the season, rather than risk the financial impact of running a season without fans.
  8. The big concern is games piling up because of Covid, and also the weather, which over winter can see a lot of call-offs. But they should aim for a 32-game season. I am sure every club wants it, and worst comes to worst you're just cutting the season down to the shortened version it would be anyway if you went for half fixtures.
  9. Hopefully we end up playing Kinnoul rather than another LL team for the umpteenth time, but it would take a bit of an upset for that
  10. Big Brother pre-season .. Publishing today Friday Aug 14 our list of around 150 pre-season friendlies (Fr20) .. note `Scottish Football Fixtures` has none .. we utterly condemn the `big brother` antics of uppity Lowland League (clubs picked out of an old bowler hat) .. telling West clubs they must `hide` their arranged friendlies ... even though there can be no dates absolutely confirmed, what harm can there possibly be alerting people to these .. ? West clubs must now realise they are just a `puppet` league under Lowland .. a league with no balls .. not what we need. Sad to see the real, authentic, proper football former junior (RIP years of tradition) teams being prevented from publishing their potential friendly fixtures by the fake, not real, inauthentic football Lowland League. Anyways, hopefully we get news of the season starting asap and the preparations can pick up a level for everyone
  11. That's all training for all non-SPFL clubs pushed back to at least 24 August: https://spfl.co.uk/news/joint-response-group-update-130820 Not sure if this upsets any LL club's plans, had any had training planned?
  12. I would probably agree - while it's unfortunate they'll also have to factor in cancellations from weather, as usual, and in all likelihood, games being postponed when players end up having to self-isolate. (My main prediction for this season is that someone is going to say a player potentially has COVID so they can have a game put back a few weeks to help with injury issues). Any word yet on the format of the shortened season? I'd imagine everyone plays everyone once, then a 8-9 split for the final run of games
  13. I'm trying to work out what's going on here... did you get dumped by someone from East Kilbride and never get over it? Curious. The idea that BSC and EK have made a mockery of non-league football and of themselves is bizarre, no matter what you think of either club.
  14. We have signed another striker - Ronan Kearney, formerly of Alloa, Albion Rovers, and the Gibraltarian team FC Bruno's Magpies.
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