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  1. Aye, but using player profiling has been a f*cking disaster for us, hasn't it? If it's the "right" way to do it now but we're shite at it, maybe we should go back to doing things the "old fashioned" way - look at players in the flesh and talk to them to convince them to sign for us? And has been said before, how often did JJ go to look at one player and ended up signing another because he saw them playing really well? You don't get that with Liam Corr and his statistics. By the way, is Corr still here?
  2. I remember when Gornik played at Brockville and Lubanski scored a couple. Dream of us reaching the heights where big teams want to play friendlies against us instead of a game against Camelon Juniors The longer that we stay in this shithole of a league, what we are inevitably going to see are more and more posts like these, reminiscing about the good old days - depressing as f*ck! Makes me think of the lyrics in the theme tune for "Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads": Oh what happened to you? Whatever happened to me? What became of the people we used to be? Tomorrow's almost over, today went by so fast It's the only thing to look forward to, the past Anyway, I was at the Gornik and Coventry games too!
  3. I've read all of your last 3 - 4 posts. You're gagging for us to sign him.
  4. I think it's the name of the club that you forgot. . . . ?
  5. Perhaps not. On the League 1 Predictions thread 10 Falkirk fans put in their predictions for the game; 6 went for a Falkirk win, 2 went for a draw and 2 (including yours truly) went for an Airdrie win. I think some got carried away after the Dumbarton result right enough. If there are no decent signings this week I can't see us doing any better than a draw at East Fife on Saturday.
  6. A player whose career is in the doldrums may see us as a great opportunity. He comes here, helps us get promoted via the play-offs ( a long shot, I grant you) and resurrects his career at the same time. You never know.
  7. Nope. Our "damaged reputation" as you call it is due to the club being badly managed in both a business and footballing sense, but it happened by accident, if you will. His genuine damaged reputation is well deserved and due to the deliberate act of him and his mate raping a young woman. They hardly equate to the same thing, making us an ideal match, surely? If we were to sign Goodwillie, which would be a deliberate act on our part, then our reputation would be well and truly damaged, that's for sure, and we would deserve all the condemnation that we would undoubtedly receive. It must never happen. Never.
  8. Airdrieonians 3 Falkirk 1 Alloa 2 Queen's Park 2 Cove 2 Montrose 1 Dumbarton 2 East Fife 1 Peterhead 2 Clyde 1
  9. While on the one hand I can understand us not signing some players just for the sake of signing somebody new, on the other hand if we don't sign anybody new to improve us now and we fall too far behind even Queen's Park in 4th place then it won't be worth our while signing anybody new later, will it? Messrs. Rennie and Miller, we need some new signings today, thank you.
  10. Guys, guys, would another 9 of my fellow Falkirk fans chip in a pound each so that I can take on this MASSIVE bet please? I can't compete with East Fife's equivalent of Jeff Bezos on my own. Thanks.
  11. Du skil. nash-veh mokuhlek goh prah "hope" heh "than" ra did ish-veh tar?
  12. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
  13. Airdrie 2 East Fife 1 Clyde 1 Cove 2 Falkirk 0 Dumbarton 0 Montrose 2 Alloa 1 Queen's Park 3 Peterhead 1
  14. An 85 year old Sammy Wilson (Google him) off the bench is a better option than Wilson/Sammy.
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