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  1. I see that Peterhead are crying out for players - maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement and loan them McKay, Ross, Wilson, Sneddon and Hetherington. Of course, as when every club loans a player to another club playing in the same league the loans must come with a caveat- in our case, we have to insist that Peterhead MUST play them against us!
  2. Graeme Young in The Daily Ranger' Yeats wanted by Bairns Falkirk have offered a deal to Finn Yeats, writes Scott Burns. The Bairns are set to hand the former Aberdeen youngster a full-time deal. Yeats has been on trial with Falkirk.
  3. I'm Dumbarton 'til I die, I'm Dumbarton 'til I die, I know I am, I'm sure I am, I'm Dumbarton 'til I die (caveat: unless we get a crap kit supplier them I'm gone tomorrow).
  4. I think that there is plenty that you can do with a hooped jersey to make it more interesting. It all depends on if it appeals to the purist / consumer and whether they will part with their cash that issues probably arise.
  5. In other news, The Titanic has struck an iceberg and sunk.
  6. Is this an old programme that has only just been uploaded to YouTube? They are talking about the Raith Rovers job being available and talking about Jim McIntyre not working when he's just got the Cove job. Anyhoo, Holt comes across as the same arrogant and self-deluded w*nker that he always is.
  7. Eh, Graeme Souness at the club formerly known as Rangers. Edit. Kenny Dalglish at Liverpool.
  8. There won't be any signings announced today and neither there should be. Nothing should detract from Crunchie's big day.
  9. Something I don’t usually do is go on to other clubs’ threads but due to sheer boredom, over the last few weeks, I have been visiting other League 1 threads to see what their fans are saying. Without exception, they are all moaning about the lack of signings and they all seem to be indicating that there is indeed a dearth of players available to sign. Putting a positive spin on this, our utter dross of McKay, Ross, Wilson and Sneddon might now be viewed in a different light and be deemed worth signing by desperate clubs. It still, of course, leaves us with the problem of signing new players but I would be absolutely delighted to get the aforementioned players out the door.
  10. And give every player a four leaf clover and a lucky rabbit's foot. Promotion here we come!
  11. Get yourself a bike Harry, I'm a good 10 years older than you and I run about on mine for exercise, I am sometimes known to do 30km a day. In my favour the weather here is a wee bit warmer than Falkirk but in your favour you could take the bike along the canal towpath. I'd love to be back in Falkirk for that. And the bike is a lot kinder on the old knee joints.
  12. I really don't understand this belief that we have to have some red in our kit. If you look at our kits throughout history then red only features as follows: Either red socks or some part of the socks are red 39% Red jersey or red trim on the jersey 21% Red trim on the shorts 5% Give me navy jersey, white shorts and navy/white socks every time. Our best kit in recent history was the 2015-2016 one and no red in sight. As I have said previously on this thread, adding red to our kit makes it look too staunch for my liking. http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Scottish_Football_League/Falkirk/Falkirk.htm
  13. 5.00pm launch mate which is 11.00pm for me.
  14. 300gms of back bacon rashers £1.60 300gms of streaky bacon rashers £2.50 The mutants debating the merits of different bacon ‘cos their team is shite Priceless
  15. Is Fitzpatrick Connelly East just the one player? Like Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Bradley Wright Phillips and Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink?
  16. Willie Cunningham, Geordie Gibson, John Markie, George Watson, Andy Nicol, Crawford Baptie, Wilson Hoggan, Brian Brown and Scott McKenzie would all be more deserving of the honour than Alex Totten.
  17. No chance. Mr. Falkirk my arse. Fucked off to be the assistant manager at his beloved Ibrox.
  18. Livingston, like the other Scottish new towns, is populated by mainly Glasgow overspill so their footballing loyalties will lie elsewhere.
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