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  1. Publically, I don't think anything would be achieved by the club issuing an apologetic statement (not a question). I reckon very few people would accept it as being genuine. Least said, soonest mended, might be their thinking. Privately, I hope Gary Deans has sought out Bryce Dixon and offered him a profound apology for the disgraceful way that he treated him at the Q&A.
  2. How come in the days before the advent of social media fans could get a protest organized and yet now we can’t? Is it all down to lack of human, face to face contact? When I was a regular on the terraces at Brockville, sure, you would stand next to your your mates, but you would also talk and have interaction with other fans standing near you. Does that not happen anymore, in the soulless stands of TFS? Is everybody so busy with their faces stuck to their mobile phones or tablets that they don’t actually speak to the people sitting next to them? A few posters on here are asking “who is going to organize the protest?” Well, to paraphrase JFK, ask not what can others do for you to get the protest organized, ask what can I do to get the protest organized? Everybody is waiting for somebody else to make it happen. Take a look in the mirror and ask if the person staring back at you has got the balls to make a protest, boycott, something, anything, happen for the benefit of the club that we love? The above are questions, not statements.
  3. Plans are great if you've go the right people in charge to see the plans through to fruition. We don't. We've got the wrong board, the wrong Sporting Director and the wrong Head Coach. If we lose today we need to take action and ditch Holt and Sheerin at least. If Deans and his cronies aren't up to picking the new manager they should get somebody like Steve Brown at St. Johnstone to guide them in the selection process. And FFS, pay the new manager a half decent wage so that we get somebody capable in this time!
  4. Airdrie 2-0 Dumbarton Cove Rangers 2-0 Clyde Montrose 3-1 East Fife Peterhead 3-0 Falkirk Queen's Park 3-1 Alloa
  5. I’m sitting here In My Chair thinking There’s Something ‘bout You Baby I like and You can say Whatever You Want, I just hope They Don’t Waste My Time today and Roll Over Lay Down against Peterhead. If they keep playing crap Again and Again we really will be going Down The Dustpipe. Too much?
  6. His eyes are like piss holes in the snow, as if he has been crying for a week. 3 - 0.
  7. This. The way that the fans reacted on the night, vocal but respectful, also shot down Colborn's claim that Falkirk fans are overly aggressive and verbal at the games, chasing away other fans. Nah, the fans at the Q & A were like Goldilock's bed, not too hard, not too soft, just right.
  8. I'll see your Gary deans and raise you Gary Holt.
  9. Please don't. As Winston Churchill once said: We shall fight them in the boardroom, we shall fight the happy clappers on COYB Facebook, we shall fight in the chat-rooms and on Twitter, we shall fight in the stands; we shall never surrender,
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