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  1. How could you possibly know that!? It's classified information!
  2. If the team was doing the business on the park all of these things like having to get a 3rd strip and it then having black detail instead of navy blue would just be laughed off. Because we're sitting 7th in the 3rd tier of Scottish football we are all now hyper critical of every little mistake that the club makes. Over to you Mr. Sheerin.
  3. Yep, but would be even better with navy blue shorts.
  4. I don't think that's the reason, I think it is all down to incompetence. Why else announce it now when we are just about to play another club who play in blue? Have we only just realised that there might be a bit of a problem? Having a blue home kit and a blue away kit is plain stupid. P.S. I think Cove had to help us out and wear their white away kit when we played them up there. just noticed that @Hughsie and @Tea and Busquets mentioned this previously.
  5. Cove 2-2 Airdrie Dumbarton 2-2 Alloa East Fife 1-1 Clyde Montrose 2-0 Falkirk Queen’s Park 2-0 Peterhead
  6. Very good post. I know exactly what you mean. I can be a warped bugger at times and certain clubs will always annoy me for various reasons. I’ll always hold a grudge against Hearts and Dundee United for "luring away" Jefferies and McCall respectively. Not true, of course, they left of their own volition, but that doesn't change the perception in my mind. I’ll always believe that the Forfar chairman voted to keep us down so that he could collect on the Navy Blue Pound. Of course it isn’t the case, but in my mind that will always be what I think. I’ll always despise Scumfermline simply because they are soap fearing, incestuous, six fingered mutants. I now wish all sorts of ills onto Ross County for letting MalKKKy back into Scottish football. And there's a special place in Hell for the two Arse Cheeks for the blight that they bring onto Scottish society.
  7. Just woken up so not had a chance to reply sooner. However, if you had any understanding at all of Scottish Football and / or geography, you would know that Brechin City currently play in the Highland League whereas Falkirk would be placed in the Lowland League.
  8. I propose @Shadwell Dog as the Sporting Director and @ShaggerG as the Head Coach. Will they ever get along?
  9. F*ck off with your sob story. I had Clyde 1 - 2 QP and then Goodwillie scores in the 90th minute. I had Falkirk 0 - 2 Dumbarton and Telfer scored in the 98th minute. Had to wave 5 points bye bye!
  10. 32 browsers viewing this thread on a Sunday when we don't have a game. Falkirk fans, in the main, here to bitch about how shite we are and the odd fan from other clubs looking in to take the piss. We've become a circus sideshow. Thanks Paul, thanks Gary.
  11. Just watched Sheerin's interview again. 1) No anger, no fire in his belly, not nearly as upset as he should be. 2) "How do we become better in the final third"? Duh? Sign decent strikers, not shite like Wilson and Ompreon! 3) He's confident in the group - alarm bells ringing, none of us here are "confident in the group". 4) "They're all tough, it's a tough league". Bollocks. It's a shit league and with our resources we should be scooshin' it. His team selections really worry me, Keena is no world beater but he is miles ahead of the rest of our "strikers". We need to hear from Deans and Swinney. All very good them bumping their gums when they have good news to deliver, they need to earn their corn and come out and take the flak when things aren't going so well. And a statement from Rawlins wouldn't go amiss either.
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