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  1. So disappointing to hear McGlynn say at 3:12 - "No easy games in League 1" I get it that you don't come on Falkirk TV and say "We should beat Clyde 4 -0", I get it, you don't want to get the opposition players all hyped up so that they come out and play a blinder against us. But neither do you come on and talk as if we should be really troubled by them. Just say that we are going to be really professional, we've done our homework on them and will be looking to take all 3 points. Ray McKinnon was always coming away with the "no easy games in League 1" shite and was rightly castigated for it.
  2. Great news! As making noises on P&B and contacting the CEO on Twitter seems to get results, could some folks contact him again and ask him to make sure that when our new strip comes out that it has white shorts?
  3. I couldn't agree more, that @Back Post Misses doesn't half post some drivel.
  4. Good, you stay there, and it appears that I have a better understanding of spelling than you seem to have. Hopefully don't see you in the play offs!
  5. Sorry bud, I don't have time to look for these red and white Saltires, I'm too busy playing spot the fan. A great game but at the Excelsior Stadium it's a bit like playing battleship, lots of empty spaces. It'll take me forever to finish.
  6. Yep, Airdrie are the Sevco Mini-Me. In more ways than one.
  7. Why is it important to read 1984? 1984 explains the divide between the privileged class and the poor. The main character is described as part of the privileged class; he works for the government. His job is to erase and change history constantly so that no one know what truly happened, which is supposed to prevent an uprising from the people.
  8. That would have been in the Championship, we are in League 1 now so not comparing like with like. We have seen an improvement in performances under McGlynn but not a massive improvement in results.
  9. Meaning of through thick and thin in English through thick and thin idiom C2 If you support or stay with someone through thick and thin, you always support or stay with them, even if there are problems or difficulties:
  10. Clyde 1 Airdrieonians 3 Edinburgh 1 Queen of the South 1 Falkirk 2 Kelty Hearts 1 Peterhead 0 Alloa Athletic 2 Montrose 1 Dunfermline Athletic 2
  11. Good news folks, Higgys been out for a couple of weeks so we won’t have to put up with his torn face and uncalled for rage and anger. He's such a tosser that he won’t be missed. Cardle will probably come on as a sub, there should be an opportunity to tell him to f*ck off as he warms up, unless he hides over on the Grangemouth side of the stadium. Kelty’s form has been as poor as Clyde's over the past five games. I'd expect a result for Falkirk but as they are Fifer w*nkers they are capable of coming here and giving us something. I don't think they'll bring many through(as per usual) but a game under the floodlights in front of what should be a good crowd against a side that we could still face next season is quite appaling.
  12. Arses need kicked, players need dropped. The argument about keeping a winning team together on the park no longer stands, some of the fringe players deserve to be given a decent run out, I hope to see Burrell and Lawal in the navy blue on Friday.
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