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  1. Email sent. Dear Sirs, I was delighted to read about the forthcoming Q & A session that is due to take place soon and which will be recorded and then made available to view on FTV on Thursday 24th June. However, myself and several of my friends and fellow supporters are a bit concerned about the proposed format of the session, which will have Lewis Connolly of FTV acting as an “independent” conduit of fans questions to be directed to the Board and coaching staff. We feel that this format puts Lewis in an extremely difficult situation – if the questions that he selects are too “soft” he will be under pressure from the fans and considered a mouthpiece of the club – if the questions that he asks of the board etc. are too difficult he will come under pressure from within the club. He is between a rock and a hard place. Surely a fairer and more transparent format would be for the session to be live on Zoom, that way the club could be 100% sure that the questions, to use your own words, “have not been cherry-picked or vetted prior to being posed”. In fairness to everybody, Lewis, the fans and the board and coaching staff, I hope that you will reconsider the format of the Q & A session. I look forward to your reply. Bairn in Exile
  2. Then everybody on here that's of a mind to needs to email the club and Lewis asking for a Zoom meeting. If Gary Deans wants to be transparent then how can he refuse?
  3. Does anyone have any questions for my answers? This is a quote made famous by Henry Kissinger, who once opened a press conference with this question. Kissinger knew what he wanted to say to the press and was going to get his points across regardless of the types of questions posed to him by reporters.
  4. I think the word you are looking for is whistleblower.
  5. Stockholm syndrome is a psychological response. It occurs when hostages or abuse victims bond with their captors or abusers. This psychological connection develops over the course of the days, weeks, months, or even years of captivity or abuse.
  6. So somebody who has followed the club for 50 years is not a real fan? What a stupid comment to make. There is an idiom, "the straw that broke the camel's back". - heard of it?
  7. So, as things stand: We have a Sporting Director who doesn’t seem to cut the mustard An untried head coach A squad of only 14 signed players (jobbers) Promised additional investment for the club from Rawlins (£200k?) not been delivered £600k of additional investment declined A Club Ambassador has left the club A successful Commercial Director has resigned Promised transparency of club affairs not happening. . . . . . . . . #ItsBeingSoCheerfulThatKeepsMeGoing
  8. This. When the season eventually starts Holt needs to jump in his car and do the miles and hours that Jim Jefferies and Yogi Hughes did scouting new players for us. There are quality players in the lower English leagues out there, Che Adams and Jamie Vardy spring to mind. Sure, they are as rare as hens teeth but they're there. And if the are on 100 quid a week part time and have self belief and ambition they might just jump at the chance to sign / play for us, especially if we sell the club to them and tell them we are a Premiership League club in the making. No doubt I'll get criticised for this post and told that I don't understand the role of Sporting Director but that's life.
  9. Don't shoot the messenger. I agree re: old players returning, rarely works for us.
  10. From the Daily Ranger. McManus bid accepted Dunfermline Athletic have accepted a £50,000 bid for Declan McManus from The New Saints. The ambitious Welsh side want the 26-year-old to spearhead their Europa League Conference assault. TNS have tabled a club-record bid that the Pars have accepted. The 26-year-old is now due to travel south for talks and to finalise his move. TNS have new financial backing and they are looking to topple Connah Quay’s Nomads from the top spot. The former Aberdeen and Ross County frontman has been impressed by TNS’s ambitious bid and plans. 11:47
  11. To save folks having to go looking, here's the Loch Ness FC strip for 2021/2022.
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