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  1. Re: your first post that I am quoting, these are human beings that you are talking about taking part in this "experiment", not lab rats or monkeys. However, as you seem to find this "experiment" quite interesting, I am setting up a GoFundMe account to get you a one way ticket to Florida so that you can witness this "experiment" at close quarters. Folks, any donation that you can contribute, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. Then I'll keep my fingers crossed re: the part that I've highlighted from your second post. You callous c*nt.
  2. Didn't think it would happen to be honest. He has plied his trade down south for the last 6 years, signed to Championship clubs, so I would assume his minimum salary was something like £5k a week. Hopefully he has received good financial advice during that period and even allowing for tax etc. he should have a fair few bob salted away and not be in desperate need of money. Why would he risk an injury playing for us, for relative peanuts, when if he holds off for a few short weeks he could pick something up paying him nearer to his worth and what he is used to earning? It was a nice thought while it lasted.
  3. I think this will have happened already. 6 months since a ball was kicked in earnest in the lower leagues, how many fans who because they can't get out and about will already be living a virtual life online? Playing games, shopping etc.? If and when things do get back to like something approaching normal, how many of them will have got into a new routine where attending a live football game on a Saturday isn't part of their plans anymore?
  4. So, in a Scottish Football League One equivalent of the Stiff Stakes, who do we think will be the first to go bust? Peterhead? Nah, probably a lot of oil money up there to keep them afloat. Partick Thistle? Nope, Colin Weir’s legacy should see them survive. Cove Rangers? Don’t think so, see Peterhead. Dumbarton? Not sure, does anybody know anything about their financial history? Forfar Athletic? Their chairman’s a c*nt so why not? Clyde? Airdrie? East Fife? Montrose? Us? Who’s going to be first to go tits up? Just a bit of dark humour to lighten the mood. 😉
  5. Just watched (again) the highlights v Fife Scum Mark II and I had obviously been so mesmerized by our display before that I hadn't noticed what a fucking awful strip the Rovers have this year, might even be worse than our garbage. How can Joma go from producing the thing of beauty that is St Mirren's kit this year to the shite that is Rovers' strip?
  6. Can't wait to see this Trump toady tying himself in knots trying to say that isn't what he meant.
  7. Ooft! That's a boot in the baws for me, and a slap in the pus from him. I stand corrected.
  8. This. If trialists who are supposedly bustin' their guts to get signed can't beat the likes of the 'Shire then they probably need to be dumped right away. Mind you, re: your half arsed comment, and slightly in the trialists defence, I think that the way the team was sent out reflects badly on M & M. To me, it would have made more sense to have played 2-3 of them in the first half and then played the other 2-3 in the second half to give them a better chance to shine, by playing them alongside established players such as Mutch, Dixon, Miller and ahem, Durnan. 5 trialists all playing together for the first time is a big ask. Then again, the 'Shire, fuxxake.
  9. the BLM movement has very just cause for protesting on the streets. I think that you have been brainwashed by DJT re: anarchy and being a "nasty" ( one of Trump's favourite words) organisation,etc. The police in the U.S. would appear to be vastly overfunded, whenever there is an incident there seems to be dozens of cops hanging around doing not very much. Some cops there are earning $100k plus and there was one instance recently of Ethan Newberg, A Baltimore PD officer whose basic salary is $107k, and when you added on benefits and overtime he was pulling in $260k! And why do police departments need armoured cars and grenade launchers? Defunding does not mean getting rid of the police, it means re-directing funds to other areas such as mental health care. How many times do we see some poor soul having a mental health issue and they get blasted away by cops who have no idea how to deal with the situation? Their first action is nearly always force rather than de-escalation. https://www.marketplace.org/2020/06/12/police-departments-1033-military-equipment-weapons/
  10. So, when the police are quelling anti-mask protesters in Melbourne the people are under martial law? I bet you also think that when the police violently attacked peaceful BLM protesters in Lafayette Square in Washington D.C. so that Trump could have his photo-op in front of the church that the police were just doing their jobs and were simply maintaining law and order? I hereby give you the opportunity to condemn police violence against peaceful BLM protesters, OK?
  11. You can lead a horse to water but a camel doesn't need to drink.
  12. I won't be taking lectures from the likes of you on character, you callous, racist, ignorant old p***k.
  13. Merely putting the info re: his past and character out there for people to make their own minds up.
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