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  1. Is the draw being streamed live and if so has anyone got the link.
  2. Finish your post after the phrase "pish on here" and you've summed up 981 pages of conjecture.
  3. It would make a lot of sense to reschedule some Talbot league games against teams with floodlights to midweek. It might not be possible if park's have regular bookings but worth looking into.
  4. First ever visit to Dalry last night; great set up and atmosphere. I thought Dalry shaded the first half but a penalty on the stroke of half time gave Kilbirnie the lead. Despite an early second half equaliser, Kilbirnie controlled the remainder of the game although Dalry were never out of it. Dalry goalkeeper and No's 6 & 7 looked excellent, Longworth for Kilbirnie scored a hat trick (Inc 2 undisputed pens) and looked a class act. Great way to spend a Friday night.
  5. 3+1 Ladeside hat trick Longworth
  6. Good background, you couldn't script it.
  7. Any plans to do the draw straight after Saturday's matches as per the first round
  8. Thanks for that but makes my second point all the more pertinent.
  9. Out of curiosity, why did a player with an arm/shoulder injury, albeit a serious one, have to remain on the park, surely he could have been made more comfortable inside. An ambulance takes 50mins to attend a serious incident, is that acceptable. Finally, if Cumnock and Kello both win tonight which is probably the one likely scenario in this whole event, then Monday becomes a winner takes all match - now.................,.......
  10. http://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/divisions/162/ Really good site this, it also explains the play offs clearly throughout the divisions.
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