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  1. Scottish Junior Site

    http://www.nonleaguematters.co.uk/divisions/162/ Really good site this, it also explains the play offs clearly throughout the divisions.
  2. ADL Season 17/18

    Yip looks like Greg is one of the coaches. I'm not often right but wrong again ha ha.
  3. ADL Season 17/18

    See my reply on Cumnock manager topic.
  4. John McKeown leaves Cumnock

    Think Greg Gallagher currently in charge at Craigmark, played midfield under Peter Leonard at Maybole and Girvan. His brother Grant plays with Dumbarton.
  5. West Region Secretary

    Here’s my take on a few of the regular debates surrounding this and other threads: Fixture Lists: A fixture list for one league is easy to set up even by people with limited computer ability, adaptable templates and advice is freely available on the internet. Setting up a programme covering all leagues is a different proposition. The software definitely exists, other league set ups have ground sharing clubs as well, however can we access this and more importantly adapt it to specific circumstances. Midweek Fixtures: Inevitable and much loved at this time of the year, but badly affect home club income especially clubs who provide bar and hospitality facilities, I suspect this will be the same at most if not all levels of midweek football. On that point, surely the West of Scotland Cup Final will not be played on Saturday 27th May (which I’ve heard) directly clashing with the Scottish Cup Final less than two miles away on the same day. The Friday night would be an alternative. Similarly give clubs the option to reschedule fixtures away from the Scotland v England match the following week. League Reconstruction: The current proposals of 4 x 16 teams would mean an increase of exactly 200 league fixtures, 960 against the present 760 – scrapping the League Cups would give back 154 games, is that part of the proposal? Leagues of unequal size bring issues too, the current 14 teams league each have an additional 50 fixtures over the 12 team leagues, however if we are going to reconstruct, it needs to be carefully thought out. As things stand the Evening Times Cup and Play-Offs can mean clubs waiting for leagues other than their own on to reach a conclusion often extending their season by weeks for one or two fixtures. Adding a further forty fixtures in my opinion is not realistic, we all know some grounds simply cannot cope with the current demands. Criticism of Fixtures Man: I agree that fixtures at a few dates notice should be the exception rather than the rule; many clubs rely on notice to plan their sponsorship and hospitality arrangements, not to mention catering, programmes, travel etc. Fans being kept informed should be THE major consideration. However has anyone who has criticised this every tried to actually do it. I did it for the remainder of the season and although I remained with a few ifs and buts, I was able to schedule all but a handful of the remaining fixtures, it wasn’t over difficult but it was time consuming. PS. The fixture release in the last hour has FIU. Thanks for reading my first post on P&B.