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  1. I know we have spent plenty reacent seasons, Re management changes I agree but I suppose nobody thought Bradley would have left to go back to lithgo, or budgie being a bit of a disappointment, or Liam giving it up to go back playing, hopefully new guy will be a success and bring some stability
  2. And who would these people be? Please share with everyone
  3. I don't think you can lay blame at anyone, players come players go, Managers can't force players to stay, Suppose if you have a successful season it may be easier to retain some, but cash is king nowadays and if you ain't got it you can't spend it.
  4. Much more cash been raised apart from fund a ticket. Well as your supposedly tight with both of the above why don't you work it out for yourself,
  5. Most players were signed when out of contract(which is what most teams do) and club provided funds to match players weekly wage demands. New management know what the budget is and are more than capable of building a decent squad with it.
  6. Liam resigned many months ago, £3500 has been raised since lockdown. Anyways I thought with all your experience and connections you would be employed by Darvel by now.
  7. You don't half talk pish New manager will be given plenty of financial support both from club and fans as has all ladeside managers. That is fact and I know how much money previous management had.
  8. Money that's sitting in the bank, that is available to management, I'm sure if you pop into Facebook page you will see the efforts of supporters (that's if your still not blocked)
  9. ???????? Tell me who am i Not duped, just someone that goes to the games and speaks to the right people
  10. Think you will find that the deal previous ladeside manager wanted to offer was indeed worth 6 grand (wages and signing fee) and yes he was a target a few seasons ago but priced himself out of a move
  11. Could be wrong but I'm sure he had signed 2 year deal when he came, that was the talk on the terrace at the time..
  12. For someone that claims to know a lot you sure do ask a load of questions. Anyway most if not all ladeside fans hope Robert does well in football as he is a kilbirnie lad, he has a great opportunity at Darvel to coach a strong group of players and work with a decent manager who I'm sure he will learn a lot off,
  13. Two people don't make the decisions at ladeside, the COMMITTEE make the decisions,, ladeside like many teams in these times of uncertainty will be working hard to provide funds for management, as for buying players I think you will find very few teams will be buying as most players will be available as frees (unless they have extended contracts) Robert is a good coach and may one day turn out to be a great manager but unfortunately for him ladeside chose to appoint experience going into what will be a tough premier league this season coming, so instead of trying to shit stir on here pop over to the Darvel thread,
  14. Jealousy from some bitter ex senior fans who's club ended up in junior football, jealous of a club that has respect of most of their rivals in what they have achieved over the years
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