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  1. I take it you didn’t have a full compliment of players yesterday?
  2. Maybe not be the best in the juniors but Larkhalls surface has really improved and I’ll be surprised if there is better one in the league
  3. I’m sure it was down to an injury to a Perthshire player
  4. Larkhall 4/7 who would’ve thought they would’ve been that price a few months ago
  5. Just waiting on Paulo Mccollio being named as the new manager with a moustache and glasses as a disguise
  6. I notice a few players have jumped ship already. Is this because the manager himself left or the managers money left?
  7. Are jimmy Kerr and billy Campbell still involved in a coaching capacity? I wouldn’t think they’d be happy at all this terrible attention, both men are vocal on the sidelines but they must be wondering what they’re watching! Two good junior men If they’re still involved that is
  8. How can shettleston be off a few weeks ago with hardly any rain but there’s a good chance they’ll be on tomorrow , if I knew better they where picking and choosing they’re home games !!!
  9. That must be the 3rd or 4th time Alans returned?
  10. Watching the highlights I think the 1st red is a tough call, I’ve watched it a few times and can’t decide if it’s a defo red or not. The 2nd one the big man seems to approach the ref calmly and didn’t have enough time to rant in the refs face before the cards came out. Seems a strange red to say the least
  11. You’re favourites according to mcbookie
  12. LT1878


    With Murdie getting the job it seems more to me like it’s Tony’s decision to walk, sure if it was the clubs decision then all the management team would’ve left. Could be wrong but just my thoughts on it
  13. LT1878


    Strange, they’ve picked up recently. Is it the clubs choice or Tony’s choice?
  14. Just imagine that conversation ‘Right mr manager you’ve been sent off’ ‘No I’m not, I’m a grown man and can do what I want’ [emoji23]
  15. I’m pretty sure the Wishaw manager walked all the way round because he was sent off!
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