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  1. Heard it through the grapevine.....

    I was common knowledge in the local football circles that a ban for Scott was expected after the going on at Larkhall ammies so I’m pretty sure Sinky would’ve known about it. Maybe he thought it was a risk worth taking, he did have scott at Larkhall for a number of seasons
  2. Lanark 3 Carluke 1

    Forth won 1 nil on Monday night
  3. The Albion Rovers Thread

    The junior players being signed aren’t top end juniors and some are being signed from the equivalent of SPFL league 1 but they may well have a point to prove and will be out to grab there chance Brogan’s style is very direct and this has been effective within the juniors
  4. Another fixture moan

    Dishing out the fixtures 1 week at a time at this time of the season is a joke. I am positive he is just being spiteful now after all the stick he has had about the job he’s done
  5. Sinky and Tam will always be remembered for the promotion of 2016/17, the final game win against St Rochs will be talked about for years to come. Thanks Sinky and Tam
  6. Another fixture moan

    Clubs should just start refusing to play games in a protest against this shambles I’ve said it before there isn’t another grade of football as unorganised fixtures wise as the west region juniors
  7. Central League Cup

    As was said on another thread wishaws league game on Saturday isn’t meaningless
  8. Another fixture moan

    There can only be a couple of weeks of the season left, so why the hell not do we have fixtures from now until the end of the season! Teams looking to confirm play off places and then play the play off games! By default it looks like we’ll have a same day decider for the super premier league title through no thanks to the fixture man! To have 3rd round ties of a cup competition still to be played is a disgrace! To have fixtures only until next Saturday is an embarrassment!
  9. Fixtures

    Wishaw playing neilston and pollok on the 23rd of May. That’s one way of getting rid of the fixture congestion
  10. Congratulations Royal Albert

    Congratulations to all Albert
  11. Fixture man strikes again

    I probably can’t add anything that hasn’t been already said on the numerous threads about the incompetence of this guy. Is there a grade of football that is run in a worse manner, fixtures wise, than junior football? And I am meaning from kids football, to ammies to over 35’s football. Granted some may be simpler to organise but this guy can’t even get the basics right. As some have said it’s time he was put out to pasture
  12. Wishaw Juniors - Scottish Junior Cup Semi-finals

    Giving that wishaw have had quite a few games cancelled will the heavy rain that’s hitting north Lanarkshire affect the chances of the game being on?
  13. Mid week games announce

    Going by the dates above when shotts had to cram in a lot of fixtures they played the midweek of the Scottish cup final so why can’t they arrange fixtures the Monday before or between the semi finals to help with the wishaw situation
  14. Central league division 2

    I called it at the start of the season that The Albert would be in the promotion chase and I hope they complete the job! It’s a great credit to Jamie and all the committee that Albert are in the position they are in this season, just shows that hard work pays off
  15. Home Home Draw Home Home Draw Away