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  1. So, being gay is not a choice. So, being gay is a choice. Typical liberals, eh? Requiring anyone who questions the agenda to have some sort of coherent argument on the subject, "outing" people as homophobes when only some of their contradictory comments were homophobic! Quite pathetic, really.
  2. Only one of the top three Celtic shareholders owns INM shares, Desmond, and while he is the largest Celtic shareholder, he isn't the largest INM shareholder, holding only 15%. So, presumably you meant to say, "the largest shareholders in a member-club of the SPFL are not the largest shareholders of said media company".
  3. ...that wasn't Britain. British foreign policy has never been about some altruistic view of fairness.
  4. The recent accounts also stated that "Further funding amounting to £3.2m is forecast to be required during the 2018/19 season" to offset the operating loss and balance the books, even with the prospect of a new retail deal.
  5. Most other places require the permission of the person you are aiming to f**k, regardless what their parents think about it.
  6. Oh no! Presumably they sought asylum in other countries that didn't force them to have to interact with foreigners? Won't someone think of the children!
  7. A priceless moment from the Trump campaign? Not quite as priceless as when they subsequently initiated court proceedings against Trump for not paying their agreed appearance fees,
  8. It might help clarify your perspective if you could define what you view as "the majority group" and the essential characteristics of the singular culture you believe they share that society and government should operate around. It's obviously something you're "not ashamed" about, after all, so please spell it out for us.
  9. Certainly probably! Always a good combination. And well supported with evidence, as ever...
  10. No, it's not. Here's what you said (bolding mine): "Companies have been moving jobs to Europe for decades, especially factory production jobs ,.......where the f**k were you then when factory production workers were losing their jobs you arse?" So those jobs were both moved and lost, according to you. While also claiming jobs moved are different from jobs lost. Please try not to be deliberately ignorant!
  11. The guy sitting second from the left appears not to have heard that Mark Warburton resigned.
  12. Also, "imperfectly registered". Apparently, SFA stands for Strategically Fielded Adverbs.
  13. One step at a time - maybe focus on getting Rhode first, however long that apparently may take?
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