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  1. Kerr at right back, McGhee at left back. Berra looked like he'd never met a football before never mind his team mates.
  2. I'll take a point from that having played with 10 men for so long there, but that was definitely 3 points for the taking if we'd kept 11 men on the park. No question about the sending off, 2 stupid and poor challenges for both yellow cards but no idea what Madden was doing with the way he sent him off. Looked to me like a stone waller of a penalty on Orsi just before half time. If not, he definitely dived because the defender did not play the ball. Sutton's goal looked like probably was offside but was a wonderful finish. Jim McAllister didn't need a wonderful finish because Hazard just handed it to him, almost literally. Same goes for Hemmings goal, garbage defending and he easily held off McGinty to finish. I thought McGinty got better from there but he did look pretty shaky at points. Orsi put in a real shift and on that showing is potentially an asset for the rest of the season, but he really should have scored in the second half. Christoph Berra is mince. He got away without a booking for far too long despite giving away free kick after free kick. And after he was booked for a pretty cynical foul he carried on with it. Definite liability. Not the only culprit in that Dundee team but he also passed the ball straight out the park on more occasions than any professional footballer should.
  3. Barb figures are from a sample of viewers who log what they're watching. My other half was approached when she bought her flat to be a sample house. They installed a box and and we had to add ourselves as viewers; records age and sex too for a break down of stats. We worked out that we accounted for something like 30-40k people each I think.
  4. You've only had the misfortune to watch 2 Morton games so far this season, the vast majority of them could be described as this and I'd be very surprised if this changes on Saturday. There's obviously ways to get this squad looking like a competitive and competent football team but Hopkin won't do it so I expect another turgid affair with Arbroath winning due to being more organised. If there's no steak and black pudding pies to numb the pain I'll be pretty upset.
  5. So glad I drove through from Dundee to watch that abject performance... Morton really didn't deserve anything from the game and it probably summed up the season so far; lack of appropriate tactics, players unable to do the simple things, lack of direction, no plan B, no dig or commitment. I think I counted 4 formations used today (451, 523, 442, 433) and none of them seemed well thought out. Livingston was really poor at left back but he did have almost no support defensively. But no change until too late. The number of stray passes or balls hit it first time long and aimlessly is infuriating and pish. All of the defence and keeper are guilty of forgetting we have midfielders (sometimes) and if it's the "tactics" they've not worked all season. Getting back to 1-1 and then deciding to go to 5 at the back and sit in was fucking suicide. Maybe get to half time but to come out the same way in the second half and think that we could do that for 45 minutes is madness. Only positive from that was that Welsh moved away from right back and Jacobs seemed more effective there than midfield, just. We're absolutely in a relegation fight with a squad that don't seem capable of getting out it or a management team that have a clue how to get the best out of that squad. We're worse than 2 part time teams with a squad including guys who have won this division and played at a higher level. Absolute stone waller of a penalty though. Definitely an elbow in the face which could have been a red, but the referee seemed to decide pretty quickly that it was just a booking.
  6. It's shite being a Morton fan right now. For some people it's shiter than others though it seems.
  7. Never been to Florence but Bologna is brilliant for a few days. 3 days will be loads as it's a pretty small city centre but you should get a good feeling for the place in that time.
  8. That was an absolute shambles today and whilst Hopkin definitely has to take his fair share of the blame for it there are not many Morton players that get pass marks, some absolutely shocking mistakes and lack of desire to get in the ball and do anything. United were by far the better team and would probably still have humped us without Shankland but him, Pawlett and Mcmullan tore our back 4 a new one time and time again. Millar and McAllister is a midfield pair that I hope to never see again. Both have been excellent players for us and both have a part to play still but not in that formation and not together. Sutton and McHugh looked like they'd never met before and Cadden was anonymous unfortunately. I can't figure out if Reece Lyon was meant to start wide and get himself inside in order to leave Welsh all alone or if that's just what he did because he's not a wide player? We did look more competitive (but still not good enough) second half with Blues and Colville bringing a bit of energy to the middle of the park. Hopkin shouting at the crowd to come down to the dugout was ridiculous. As was the referee responding to shouts directed his way. Not that it would have had any bearing on the game but Watson should have been sent off twice for throwing elbows; once which the referee and linesman missed and the second time for the one they saw and booked him for (prompting above mentioned abuse). Anyway, shite performance, shite result, deserved nothing. The Phoenix before the game was good though.
  9. Referee has been very good but putting the (potential) result down to that would be doing Japan a massive disservice. They've just done everything Scotland didn't, or couldn't, do last week.
  10. You can't help but be happy with what Japan are doing here. And then you remember that Scotland still have to play them 😐
  11. It looks, and not for the first time, that there is no plan B. Ireland have come out with a game plan and stuck to it, made very few errors and nullified Scotland's only real plan of attack.
  12. Seems to be the move unless someone wants to throw stupid (premier league level) money at them.
  13. Absolutely devastating first half of counter attacking football by RB Salzburg. 9 goals in an U20 WC game and then 4 hat tricks this season so far should see a host of English teams looking to sign young Haaland in January.
  14. I'm off to Budapest and Vienna at the start of next month with my other half, 4 days in each city. Any suggestions for what to do/where to go please? Definitely going to check out a thermal baths and drink in some ruin bars in Budapest and an Espionage tour has been highly recommended for Vienna.
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