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  1. Central Salzburg is pretty small and if you're not planning on cramming in Mozart museum(s) then a day trip should cover most of it. Central Munich does spread out pretty massively but if you have some idea of what sort of area you want to be in then it's easy to find your way around from place to place.
  2. Clearances falling to the opposition, the occasional calamity and 6 months of excellent form in 4 or so years. Apart from that he's an absolutely bang average defender at this level.
  3. Ray McKinnon only signing players he's worked with before or, in Doyle's case, decided wasn't good enough and is revising it like mad. If Falkirk don't skoosh League 1 with that team he will never manage again.
  4. I'm not sure how he was at Ayr last year but based on his Livi performances that's a good signing. With him, Nesbit and Orsi plus Salkeld it's definitely more wide players than we've had in a long time. It has me thinking Hopkin might be looking to play a 442 or 4411 ? Competent central defenders now please Davie.
  5. Absolutely second that this is/was a smashing weekend. Our first time there too and definitely will be going back. I was not impressed by the mojito beer mentioned but there were a lot of very good flavoired and fruit beers available, my favourite of those was probably a blackcurrant and hibiscus pale ale from Affinity brewing. Other than that I think my favourite of the weekend was New Best Friend from LHG, very easy drinking IPA at almost 7%, although Fyne Ales' 2 new ones Easy Trail and Workbench also rated very highly.
  6. He's also picked a guy at right back who played terribly in probably the worst Scotland performance of all time instead of O'Donnell who Clark knows and trusts and has had a good season.
  7. Buchanan is alright. That's about all you can say. We've had far worse defenders and far better defenders. If he goes then fair enough, good luck to him. He's done nothing to have any animosity about. If he stays then good luck to him, more consistent performances this season will be needed if we're to progress, albeit he'll have a new partner (s) which should help.
  8. I saw this the other day and thought it would be worth sharing for any of the more adventurous P&B'ers. It seems weird but the company are based in Wigan so that's the reason for the odd starting location. Doing a bit of digging into the company they have tours to pretty much every place the UK government advises people not to go. https://www.lupinetravel.co.uk/all-group-tours.html
  9. I'm quite liking Craig Beattie as a co-commentator. Seems to call it like he sees it.
  10. Very good appointment. The 3 year contract is a bit of a surprise, especially if it is a fixed 3 year and not 1 with option for another but, as has been said elsewhere, I wouldn't be surprised if Hopkin dictated the terms himself. His Livi team weren't a fantastic footballing team but they were well organised and new how to win games consistently, which we've not seen for a wee while at Cappielow, so it will be interesting to see what kind of team he builds.
  11. I was at yesterday's game as a neutral (slight Forfar leanings) and both sets of young lads were as culpable as each other. Putting in a window of a bus is not on but the Raith lads with the drum were 100% calling them on right up to the buses. I've no issue with smoke bombs (which folk need to start separating from flares), especially on an open terrace like that, walk away from it if it's offended you. It, along with drums and sets of ultras made for a decent atmosphere for most of the game. All of that said, the stewarding, policing and organisation was a bit of a shambles for a crowd of that size. On the pitch it was a bit of a non-event. Raith dominated the ball in the first half without looking like scoring. Second half Forfar were by far the better team until the sending off and Raith went back to controlling the game again, looking more dangerous on the counter. Definitely a sending off for the penalty and I think a couple of other players on both sides were lucky to stay on the pitch as it got a bit niggly. Referee just about managed it. I thought Coupe looked like the only Forfar player to cause Raith defenders baby problems, and he started far too deep. Wedderburn is an absolute waste of space, slowed down everything Raith did and had the cheek to look knackered when he went off despite having run a total of 37 yards in the game. I was expecting more from Nesbit, dunno if he just had an off game but on the basis of that I'm not sure how he's scored so many goals this season. Queens have been mince this year but Raith will really need to up their game to beat them, especially of Dobbie is fit enough to play both legs.
  12. I was at Hertha v Stuttgart on Saturday and Stuttgart could very easily contrive to get themselves relegated if they play like that. Not just a lack of confidence but basic competence. Only looked like putting up a fight once Gomez came on, and that was against a pretty pedestrian Hertha. I hadn't seen a lot of Stuttgart this season but can definitely see why they are in the position they are in.
  13. Absolutely this. The fact that Tumilty, who pretty much everyone had written off by October, is now easily our best defender this season says a lot about how we've regressed. Iredale has absolutely gone backwards and the 3 centre halfs are all an accident waiting to happen. Each of them would probably be ok playing alongside Lamie or O'Ware from last season but together it's like petrol and matches.
  14. Bayern just haven't let Dortmund into this at all, totally dominant. Helped by some woeful defending mind you.
  15. Well that was quite fucking dreadful. Can't remember the last time I left a game early. Not sure what the reaction was at full time but for being 3-0 down at home, at half time, that was as apathetic as I could imagine. Which is exactly what Johansen has done to the club and support. A team with no style, organisation or clue will do that mind you.
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