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  1. If she's been getting the abuse online she's claimed then that's not on. The interviews were looking for a rise though. From Farrel and Eddie Jones then fair enough, you want to hear their opinions on what happened for them to lose (both did well not to rise to it). I thought the interview with AWJ was awful though, almost straight away into "why did you accept the points if the ref has made a mistake".
  2. Definitely looked like the changes from last week hurt as much as the dreadful refereeing ( Lang was anonymous, Graham was rotten (Thomson wasn't on long enough to comment on). Graham was good enough.) but my god that should have been out of sight before the red card.
  3. Or he's keeping as much consistency with selection as he can? Good result last week so why go changing things about massively? Don't get me wrong, I'd start both of them but I can see why consistency is good.
  4. Bills got lucky with that pass interference call but this is a massive win for Josh Allen if they can hold out. Don't think I've ever seen a QB facemask someone before!
  5. He was decent enough for us if I remember rightly. Seemingly brutal at Falkirk after he left us but that is Falkirk so who really knows.
  6. I read earlier that Ohio State are planning on taking legal action against the Big10 if they can't play. Seems more than a little bit of the Partick/Hearts in taking action against a vote from your peers.
  7. Not quite the same as Football Ramble etc but the Giant podcasts by Mundial on Spotify have been very good so far. I particularly liked the Wimbledon and Johan Cruyff ones.
  8. I'm not sure if it's an age thing or what the situation was but they did next to no pressing from the front last night. Defensively they were a minimum of 2 men down from the start with Messi and Suarez just not interested. It only got worse as the game went on. Bayern were very good last night but so much of their success was just through identifying and playing that direct pass you mentioned.
  9. Hummel with a couple of very nice Braga kits and Adidas with an absolute shiter for Leicester.
  10. Hertha Berlin with a couple of crackers here. Home shirt doesn't have stripes on the back which lets it down but it does look like sponsors will only be on the sleeve.
  11. He's absolutely not a player I would describe as loud, or as a leader. VT has described him well enough up above. He probably had 1 consistent season at Morton. He should skoosh it at this level, but he's still likely to make mistakes.
  12. This is an absolutely ridiculous statement, even in this summer of ridiculous statements. Neilson 'surprisingly' returning means Stendel has to go. Well, aye. It normally works that way that you can't replace someone while they are still in a job and keep them both. " I didn't expect to have to sack him but I also didn't expect a pandemic or for Robbie Neilson to chap my door and beg for a contract. I mean I couldn't say no to Robbie so Daniel you need to go. We can still be friends though?" Mental.
  13. Don't know if it's been mentioned earlier but Middleditch and Schwartz is very enjoyable. A bit 'Who's Line is it Anyway?' and definitely a bit silly at times so if that's your thing then give it a spin, only 3 episodes.
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