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  1. You mean West Lothian District Council? That was abolished in 1996. But then your posts show you are living in the past.
  2. I’m sure George Connelly, ex Celtic, played in that game. He subsequently signed for Sauchie and played for them a few times against BU.
  3. A guess, any 2 from Grangemouth Rovers, New Blackburn Athletic, Comie Colliery, Bonnybridge Juniors, Ballingry, Steelend Vics.
  4. He came on as a sub, had already been yellow carded, got another after a few minutes and was red carded.
  5. Oakley is nearer than Camelon. ....... boat to Culross then a taxi, 5 miles tops
  6. I think one Newman was Norrie Brown who went on to play for Linlithgow for a good few years. Is John S thinking of Brian Watson not Brian Wilson?
  7. You’re being disrespectful to clowns. Having seen him refereeing Bo’ness games he’s a narcissist, it’s all about him, he has to be the centre of attention. He needs to seek medical attention for his condition.
  8. You sure about that? If you had said his nursery school class I might have believed you!
  9. They could stop them using the name Bo’ness United should/if they choose to do so
  10. Was it the match when Greg Logan conceded a penalty , got sent off and Gavin came off the bench and saved it?
  11. Maybe if you write your replies in English people would understand you
  12. Well, I’m fcuking ragin’ after that today. We’ve no leadership on the park or off the park at both coaching and committee level. If Kerrigan is not sacked then he should be man enough to resign. His player recruitment, apart from Syme, Morgan and McKenzie has been abysmal. All the other players he has brought in have not been good enough – Gray, Prentice, Watt, McMullen, McDonald, Comrie, Marshall and Aldin. I’ll exclude Sweeney and Tiwi from that list, but if he thinks that 18 year old boys are the answer to our lack of fire power up front then he’s coaching at the wrong level. Let’s face it, Kerrigan should never have been appointed in the first place. It was the easy option for the committee but it appears to be laziness on their part not to invite applications for the post. However since the appointment there has been numerous occasions when he should have been sacked. • 10 February 2018, losing 4-1 away to a ten man Broughty Ferry • His tactics in the replay at Hurlford after going one goal up • Losing the last three league games of the 2017/18 season • Failure to recruit a goal scorer – I know they are hard to come by but Kerrigan has come nowhere near getting someone who might be what we need • Putting Hunter up front near the end of the game against Jeanfield – it was desperation not tactics • Narrowing the pitch at Newtown • Letting an eight man Crossgates score against us and hanging on at the end. This to me was the worst of the sacking offences. • Today • The overall disciplinary record this season which has been shocking I’ll not include the first half performance at home to Tynecastle or the game at Sauchie as I wasn’t there. There are more. See the comments above about team selection and set up and tactics. He is quite clearly out of his depth. He has taken Bo’ness backwards
  13. Allan in the above team is Bert Allan, I’m sure. He went onto be a stand up comic and after dinner speaker. He compèred a BU sportsman’s dinner at the Town Hall around 2007 / 2008. He lives in Fife and usually attends the BU games when we are there. I was speaking to him at Dundonald a few weeks ago.
  14. Go easy on Red Rose - he’s just had surgery. He got an ars3hole transplant but the ars3hole rejected him.
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