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  1. You mean West Lothian District Council? That was abolished in 1996. But then your posts show you are living in the past.
  2. Yes Fair. If it’s on a Saturday it a gala day
  3. I’m sure George Connelly, ex Celtic, played in that game. He subsequently signed for Sauchie and played for them a few times against BU.
  4. A guess, any 2 from Grangemouth Rovers, New Blackburn Athletic, Comie Colliery, Bonnybridge Juniors, Ballingry, Steelend Vics.
  5. He came on as a sub, had already been yellow carded, got another after a few minutes and was red carded.
  6. Oakley is nearer than Camelon. ....... boat to Culross then a taxi, 5 miles tops
  7. I think one Newman was Norrie Brown who went on to play for Linlithgow for a good few years. Is John S thinking of Brian Watson not Brian Wilson?
  8. You’re being disrespectful to clowns. Having seen him refereeing Bo’ness games he’s a narcissist, it’s all about him, he has to be the centre of attention. He needs to seek medical attention for his condition.
  9. You sure about that? If you had said his nursery school class I might have believed you!
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