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  1. Aye, hard to believe big yin, remember the replay at LP, the corner flags got another job that day over the far side!! [emoji4] No that you Talbot boys ever got up tae ocht in those days!!! [emoji16] (Fauldhouse),,??
  2. Canny say the same when we visited a few years ago, remember a few clashes an bus windaes gettin pelted, those were the days [emoji16] OJ, [emoji56]
  3. Got the vinyl copy, just put it on for the 1st time in 30 years, brilliant!!! [emoji16]
  4. Cheers pal, thot ye might have been an auld punk like me an Blackie Gold, but those days stay wae ye, after the Manchester gigs stayed ia flat in mosside wae the Exploited, bambi fae Discharge, an Martin Roper fae Anti Pasti, yin of my best nights ever!! [emoji4]
  5. 8MBU, know you are a pal of Wattie from the Exploited, can you tell me whatever happened to Gary and Dru from the band around the 81 period? Saw them 5 times Playhouse, supporting the Ramones, Bungalow Bar, Retford Porterhouse and Manchester Mayflower, then the Apocalypse Now tour which was brilliant! Oh to be young again!! [emoji16]
  6. [emoji106] [emoji16] Nae bother pal, was funny everyone shouting on the Glens yesterday! BTW, your pitch was looking great yesterday!
  7. Hope you highlight your goal was definitely well out apparently, the Real Glens showed up today! [emoji106]
  8. Replay should be on Wed seeing as the Fortress is floodlit, surely!! [emoji4]
  9. Declan Welsh and the Decadent West are one of the best Scottish bands at the moment imo!
  10. Got 3 new vinyl releases in today, The Stranglers - Dark Matters Manics - The Ultra Vivid Lament and The Vaccines - Back in Love City. Binged on The Vaccines today, loving it! Manics tomorrow and Stranglers on Sunday! [emoji4]
  11. I've got Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow 12" by Felt, its good too! [emoji106] Song to the Siren - This Mortal Coil another goodie.
  12. Don't know about Medda or Buffs but Glens certainly weren't paying anything like that, especially in the 90s, but you seem to know, so who were the players getting £400?
  13. Correction, think we played St Anthony's AT Glenboig that season!?? [emoji848]
  14. Remember playing Glenboig away on our way to our Scottish Cup semi final defeat to Newtongrange at Fir Park in 91. Haven't heard of any of the others tho!
  15. Really enjoying the new Killers album especially the song Quiet Town, don't have a tckt yet for Falkirk next year but that'll change shortly! [emoji4]
  16. Nothin like a good Gaye Bykers or Crazyhead gig at the Way Inn, in Ayr, in the 80s Jimi!!! [emoji16]
  17. You an Jimi seem to have a dislike of the Snuts. That's fair enough, not a great fan myself, but, by f**k, do you two not come across as musical snobs or what?? Some of the bands /singers you recommend, i think are shite, but don't think that cos they're not my cup of tea then that's what they are! Each to their own, I personally love, Punk, Reggae, Rap, Rock, Glam, Goth, Grebo, Pop and even some Disco! [emoji4] Only, genre's I'm not keen on are jazz, soul and funk, but would never slag or put down anyone who likes or plays that style of music!
  18. Surely no a rammy, wae us no involved!!! [emoji16]
  19. Just ordered the box set of Knebworth off the Oasis store! Got the Definitely Maybe and Morning Glory ones, was too late ordering Be Here Now one, so didn't want to miss out on this!
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