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  1. Who doesn’t? He’s attracting attention towards us!
  2. It was posted to our members yesterday. Our members own the club, they have a right to know. How others outside our club see it, is upto the. Or in some cases, how the gas chamber they appear to be sitting in lets them see it.
  3. You’ve been around that gas for far too long now sweetie.
  4. Go lie down and sweat it out flower. Rest of the decade, rest of forever. It’s not really that important. Progress is what’s important. Yoker will look after themselves, good luck to them. We have no animosity with them and never have. Of course, we want to beat each other when we play each other. That’s football. We’re all working together to improve the local facility for the long term future. What a lovely story.
  5. You ok sweetheart? It’s called working together, for the greater good of the community at that.
  6. Anyway, nothing wrong with clutching at straws [emoji28]
  7. We don’t know if Clydebank or Darvel don’t meet that criteria, they’ve remained quiet while others have announced they do meet the criteria. It just strikes me as daft that any league wouldn’t want to see one of their own promoted though I read the SoS statement on it and their reasoning may make sense.
  8. If East, West & South have an opportunity to put a club forward then they should grasp it, regardless of who it is.
  9. Would make sense in fairness if nominating a team is allowed or declaring to get a team in. I was unaware of the Brora thing until mentioned. Are all the clubs in the ‘lower pyramid’ playing to different rules?
  10. Great news that Gordon Moffat and staff have signed new deals at Bankies.
  11. Maybe, just seems to happen fairly often these days.
  12. That’s very short sighted though. Surely through the aim of progression, they would look to build on their crowds amongst other things. I just don’t understand why clubs put them at the front ant not the back when it’s only a couple of yards. It’s great that they’ve installed them.
  13. Thanks for your input. Your attempt at humour is poor, but keep trying.
  14. Nice to see the lights go in but can never understand these clubs that put them at the front of the perimiter and blocking the view from the spectator areas.
  15. Why did they not wait until April 3rd as mentioned last week? Seems strange to wait all this time and call it now having set a deadline just days ago.
  16. The club has communicated the ongoing work to the members only yesterday. Chain of command[emoji1360]
  17. It’s in addition to the yet to be constructed replacement on the opposite side.
  18. It starts so well and ends very strangely. It’s also highly disrespectful towards other clubs competing.
  19. What has the post got to do with us? If it happens, it happens and if not then on we go. Plenty clubs were happy to play, until that becomes impossible then it’s only right we should be holding off.
  20. I find it hard to take in that coppers and other ‘frontline’ or ‘key workers’ don’t get tested for this virus but part time footballers have to if they want to play.
  21. Which will contribute to reducing deaths? It’s all linked in at the end of the day.
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