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  1. Heading towards a sell out by all accounts.
  2. We played at Parkhead in 1989. Games v Hibs at Boghead were both all ticket.
  3. Means I can’t go now but this is a pile of nonsense. it’s the boards job - a board made up of volunteers - to promote the club and find additional income streams. Did you really just join the forum yesterday to have a pop at our board?
  4. Well done to all, makes for a stronger West. While we all want our clubs to do well, we should want a good product to represent our league and this enhances it in my opinion. I hope that if we don’t win it (no expectancy I may add!) then it is one of the licensed clubs who do so the playoff can be had.
  5. Good workout for us today, thought we competed well but tired late on. Really liked the look of your 16(Wilson?) very good on the ball. You look a striker short although I understand you had a few players missing. Tough league with the money going around at some cluns but all the best for when it kicks off proper.
  6. Clubs need to wise up, come to an agreement with guys moving on and let guys come in too. Most will have similar situations surely.
  7. There is no such club We’re living in your head rent free, beside the fumes. Step away from the gas, and smile.
  8. Didn’t BA say that Clydebank were given approval to release it? Not ‘official’ until July 20th which is after the season has started.
  9. Well done to you and the guys Mick. Lots of good work going on at the park by all accounts.
  10. You should bottle that anger and sell it. You sir, are a fud. You’re hatred is sad, but funny.
  11. Do you drink with gaswork? Why would you want anyone to be kicked black and blue? What a strange thing to say. Lost all goodwill? Ok[emoji102]
  12. Who doesn’t? He’s attracting attention towards us!
  13. It was posted to our members yesterday. Our members own the club, they have a right to know. How others outside our club see it, is upto the. Or in some cases, how the gas chamber they appear to be sitting in lets them see it.
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