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  1. The Bandstand Thread - Stranraer FC 2018-19

    Keep-Currie,Hammil,Robertson, Neil, McGowan,Agnew,Thomson,Elliot,Gray ,Scott ,Lyon if released by Rangers,McPherson if released by St Mirren ,Dykes if released by Ross County, Hawkshaw if released by Kilmarnock.Anderson and Turner still under contract. Ship out- Okoh,Barron ,Woods.Signings needed-experienced centre half,commanding centre midfielder and 3 strikers
  2. Stranraer FC 2017-18

    Awful performance got what we deserved,manager has to take responsibility for this result team selection all wrong ,Robertson our best right back playing centre midfield ?thomson playing as a striker while 2strikers sit on bench ?.play,s bell in midfield when he is better at centre half, persists in playing hamill, thomson, Neil and Barron every week when they have been very poor. Why is Turner not playing every week?it,s time to give Lang ,McGowan and Elliott a chance
  3. Queens Park v Stranraer

    To many,Time to give Max Currie a chance
  4. Stranraer FC 2017-18

    It is Stena have sponsored us for 30 years.
  5. Stranraer v Livingston

    Robbed today by a pathetic excuse of a linesman, Buchanan was yards offside when he scored
  6. League One Prediction 2016/17

    Why?Barron injury prone,Mckeown nothing like the player he was. Surely a sensible signing to give us defencive cover.
  7. League One Prediction 2016/17

    Been injured most of the season
  8. League One Prediction 2016/17

    I quite agree bold rover our players are decent but we have poor strikers and that's the problem.Sacking Reid is not the answer at this point of the season,but he needs to find two decent strikers ASAP.