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  1. I'm sorry pal your talking utter shite. Fraser has been vocal in thanking the youth coaches at Aberdeen but he saw the opportunity to go to Bournemouth and to get the very best out of himself. Bournemouth were in league 1 at the time but on the way up. Had a young talented manager in Eddie Howe, great training facilities and an owner who wanted to take the club to the English Premier League. All that has happened. He has developed into a talented young player consistently making appearances in the top league in England. Fraser may well have gone on to do that if he had stayed at Aberdeen but his decision has been totally vindicated with the outcome so far. I would of loved him to stay but let's face it he made the right choice for himself. As far as saying that you would make sure the company who gives you your first break were okay before you left is just ridiculous. If you get the phone call to go to a better company for three times the wages with a potential to go to 10 times the wages there would be a hole in the wall as you leave to the new place.
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