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  1. Cumbernauld v Kilwinning or Wishaw v Petershill or St Rochs vKilsyth or finally Blantyre v Rossvale...all on real grass and all with something significant to play for
  2. Cumbernauld can hardly buy a goal just now...unfortunately ...they are on the slippery slope downwards
  3. no arguments here...feel sorryish for United because following a decent start it was freefall...couldnae score to save themselves quite literally but never gave too much away
  4. Rossvale 2- 1 Cumbernauld relegation beckons
  5. 4-1 for Cumbernauld first league win since beating Blantyre in early November
  6. cumbernauld united pumping medda I believe 3 -1
  7. Second straight for Cumbernauld at Guys Meadow
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