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  1. we lost around 50% of our what would have been our first choice 11 and have never played the same starting 11 2 weeks in a row .A sending off in each of the games against Kilwinning and Rossvale cost us dearly.The only team to completely out class us in our league games were Darvel .They say the league position does not lie but if it was not for bad luck we would not have any .Every single mistake e have made on the park has cost us dearly .I refuse to run other teams down because lets face we are at the arse end of the league with no points .If we are this bad at the endof the season I might agree with you but it's onwards and upwards
  2. Mc Menamin sent off Rossvale go3-2 from penalty spot.... footballing suicide
  3. Cumbernauld done again ,But every day is a school day .Every game is a free hit and despite the absence of points performances continue to improve.You could argue that it's just nearly 30 meaningless friendlies over the season but each game brings more hope for the future . " Mon the "Nauld. The only downside is that the west super troopers are in slumber mode.
  4. Cumbernauld equalise in first half then player sent off shortly after
  5. Cumbernauld equalise in first half then player sent off shortly after
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