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  1. my heart pumps purple piss for both teams..poor Neilston never quite made the semi......aaaw
  2. Probably a bit early any news of games being on or off yet..Darvel is off I believe.....can somebody please spare me the misery of watching a game on the plastic ?
  3. where was the bad weather when it was needed ? Cumbernauld well beaten by Dalry today .It looked to all watching that Dalry could have walked off and United would still have stayed goal less .Without a doubt the poorest most inept performance this season ...thank christ it's only the ayrshire galacticos away next week
  4. Dalry 2-0 strike from 30 metres
  5. Cumbernauld now leading 3-1Callender
  6. Craigmark 1-2Cumbernauld2 Thomson
  7. Craigmark1-1Cumbernauld McAleenan
  8. Craigmark no2 straight red card
  9. Another bizarre equaliser fo Petershill 3-3
  10. 3-2 Cumbernauld McCabe second penalty
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