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  1. sadly results and league position are usually the more accurate yardstick when measuring things....feel sorry for George Watson who puts heart , soul and everything else into this club...he deserves better
  2. cumbernauld united creeping inexorably towards relegation...sad to see.....clueless by all accounts
  3. Norwegian blue springs to mind and now the prospect of another club with no fans on the horizon.
  4. 2 poor teams playing badly......but don't you just love the fans of the Ayrshire clubs...." never beaten always cheated " mentality...Cumbernauld offered nothing and Glenafton could not have scored in a house of ill repute with a wad of cash
  5. Cumbernauld v Kilwinning or Wishaw v Petershill or St Rochs vKilsyth or finally Blantyre v Rossvale...all on real grass and all with something significant to play for
  6. Cumbernauld can hardly buy a goal just now...unfortunately ...they are on the slippery slope downwards
  7. no arguments here...feel sorryish for United because following a decent start it was freefall...couldnae score to save themselves quite literally but never gave too much away
  8. Rossvale 2- 1 Cumbernauld relegation beckons
  9. 4-1 for Cumbernauld first league win since beating Blantyre in early November
  10. cumbernauld united pumping medda I believe 3 -1
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