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  1. The week end just gets more interesting..2 further signings at Guys Meadow ...a hat trick at Hatricks .....Tom Neil previously at Kilsyth and Josh Flood once of Stirling Albion , Shotts and Sauchie a massive welcome and thanks to both of you guys .
  2. Tremendous signing by the management and chairman at Guys Meadow ....Eddie Ferns joined the club today ...welcome to Cumbernauld United Eddie
  3. I really cannot believe that some of you are having a hissy fit over the naming of leagues .For f**k sake the world as we know it is in complete turmoli and we are filling our panty liners over the naming of leagues .It 's almost enough to make you go back to the "seniors " this makes us a friggin' laughing stock.On another note somebody had a pop at the wests fixture man ...when he took over he did an outstanding job ...compared to the cretin before him.No crime in not wanting to move towards the pyramid system
  4. castles built on sand spring to mind......let's never forget Gretna or Rushden and Diamonds in England
  5. Hoffenheim in Bundesliga come from a village of less than 4000.....just sayin"
  6. cheers.....looking forward tour first trip to the big league....all the best
  7. As well as extensive impressive improvement work at Guys Meadow .The club have been extremely active on the personnel front .New manager in Kieran McAnespie with the addition of Colin McMenamin as player /coach .United have also made a few significant changes to the squad Dylan Henry from East KIlbride , Jordan Kennedy from Clydebank ,David Leadbetter previously Rossvale captain , Goalkeeper Scott Morrison and last but by no means least Kevin Nicoll ex Stirling Albion and Clyde captain.....welcome one and all.. everyone at the "Field of Dreams " eagerly anticipating the new season
  8. Now that Cumbernauld United are about to dance with the big boys significant investment and changes to the place have been taking place .The pavilion although previously okay has been reroofed , separate dressing rooms and showers now available for officials ,the sauna has been moved _ no massages though , new kit room , new managers room and new heating .Fencing and barriers outside being replaced , new dug outs being built too .A gantry for filming games - if you are so inclined -will be placed between the dug outs .As we speak a small but hard working group of volunteers are weeding , scraping and painting and generally titivating what was already a tidy wee ground.Like everybody else we eagerly anticipate balls being kicked in anger...purely in a sporting fashion and look forward to seeing you all when the seasons first whistle is blown in earnest
  9. it is the way of the juniors grasshopper.....it was always better in the past...
  10. i tend to agree with what you are saying .It appears that your expectations of a new set up was in line with most others ......seeded conferences similar to the road the East travelled..but it's been oft repeated that option never existed......but who knew this...given it has ended the way it has in my opinion the " formula " to calculate league winners should have applied to relegation for with the exception of the top 3 in the championship and Bonnyton the last unfinished junior season was a complete waste of time and a boot in the haw maws for most folk
  11. had this very same argument with my mate whose dummy was lying next to his pram their game their rules....back to the juniors and [email protected]@k the SFA he screamed ....until he discovered later on that we got dragged up to top flight..so much for sporting integrity
  12. the need to apply for income support
  13. I agree with you entirely........I suppose the point I am struggling to make is that things are changing but there is no significant positive improvement in the product or packaging......and as far as the decision making goes I gave up a season ticket at a premier league club for that very reason .......but 8 years down the line I still don't think they've noticed
  14. we always take in games whenever possible if our games are off and as many games luckily for us have also been midweek.As change has been coming to the West for some time we actually enjoy speaking with people from the games we attend for their views on how things have changed....oh and how dare we but we try and assess and speculate, in our opinion only ,how United might compare.....and we have had the opportunity to see slightly more games because we exited both major cups early on.....perhaps not scientific ....we were impressed by the turn out for the Broxburn and I think it was Crossgates game played at Boness a cracking crowd all things considered and a cracking game too .I also passed comment on the crowd at Linlithgow v Newtongrange game and the few Linlithgow fans we spoke to about decreasing crowds.....
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