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  1. The thing is this is a 1 time only thing I think, so say Greta tries in the future to close everything down in the future do you think people will go along with it now they know what it's like? "Close the roads stop flying" no thank you we've tried that it wasn't fun
  2. And everytime I post I've got you and the rest of the das on stings
  3. Hes from the United Kingdom last I checked. Are you a) A moron Or b) A moron?
  4. Whats happened here I though this was a thread about the corona virus whys all the nerds discussing movies?
  5. Not heard from Greta in a while I hope she's getting on okay and managing to fend off the maybevirus
  6. Dunfermline and Stirling albino get a bye, who's next @welshbairn
  7. Dont have my laptop at work so just gonna use the mobile app, bit shitty but it'll have to do
  8. starting a new save so wondering who I should be, decisions desicions
  9. Exactly, honestly could've put my house on it
  10. Did you comment about any other celebs or sports people being mentioned in the news as having the virus? Celeb How is "Greta" a celeb,
  11. In this day and age is Greta "likely" having the virus worthy of coming on to an internet from to cry about? Who's crying?
  12. In this day and age why is Greta "likely" having the virus newsworthy anyway?
  13. Thing is who would notice is Greta self isolated, not as if she goes to school anyway too busy sailing to speak at conferences
  14. "Greta" has the virus now apparently, no positive test needed she just decides she has it clearly needs the attention
  15. Greta will be hating this, no one paying attention to her and her precious "climate change"
  16. How much are we betting he milks this virus his manager has, can't play boys I'm self isolating, another pull out
  17. Naismith? Fucking Naismith? Surely we have a better option than a striker playing for the team bottom of the Ladbrokes
  18. Forgot Gilmour. Do people put up starting 11s, but that's just they're best 11s. No thought into it. So say I w As listening to a podcast and they put up an 11 but see if they play 3 at the back then two would be right backs and left backs. Have you seen Garth Crook?
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