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  1. Greta has been out putting up stickers
  2. Yeah good work, good post,8 /10, hearty laugh Needed, this place has been over run with the pub club recently
  3. The thing is this is a 1 time only thing I think, so say Greta tries in the future to close everything down in the future do you think people will go along with it now they know what it's like? "Close the roads stop flying" no thank you we've tried that it wasn't fun
  4. And everytime I post I've got you and the rest of the das on stings
  5. Hes from the United Kingdom last I checked. Are you a) A moron Or b) A moron?
  6. Whats happened here I though this was a thread about the corona virus whys all the nerds discussing movies?
  7. Not heard from Greta in a while I hope she's getting on okay and managing to fend off the maybevirus
  8. Dunfermline and Stirling albino get a bye, who's next @welshbairn
  9. Dont have my laptop at work so just gonna use the mobile app, bit shitty but it'll have to do
  10. starting a new save so wondering who I should be, decisions desicions
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