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  1. Good to see Rebecca Black looking happy, shocking the abuse she got after she released that banger
  2. Cats only love you for food but they're fucking honest about it, they scran and f**k off
  3. Dogs love getting fed, if you feed them they'll like you for selfish reasons. Gullible fools
  4. We dicided against killing Hitler so shouldn't the title be changed?
  5. People moan about basketball but its 10 times the spectator sport of netball
  6. People who are scared of driving or cautious as f**k shouldn't be allowed licenses, its fuckers like that that cause accidents
  7. Dangerous business meddling with the past (stig in the dump)
  8. Just noticed this and I am dumbfounded
  9. Class this 👌👍🏻👏👏👏👍👏👏 Could do with more players like Ryan, respect
  10. Dont even have to put any effort in to troll on twitter ffs, shite bait like that and the replies are full of raging Jocks
  11. The pressure of hosting a thread like this can get to any man, shame to see how this ended and hopefully we get Tarmo back soon. Maybe a lesson here lads, leave it to the veterans
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