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  1. Wasting time maybe? Liverpool look the more likely, and with the away goal Chelsea just need to hold on
  2. Yeah it is plus people won't appreciate it
  3. People PM you there best top 5 or 10 then you count down, it's better honestly people will take it more seriously
  4. No not this kinda poll thread I meant a poll thread where people send in votes
  5. Presumed it would be another Merc 1-2 when LH and VB drove so clear at the start, this race has had so many twists
  6. How the f**k did Hamilton even keep that going
  7. Class showed in the end, obvious who the SPFL club were
  8. Not a great advert for the SPL from Hibs here
  9. Rivas should sue f**k out of them, hows the board letting a drug user fight
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