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  1. Also worth a look: https://scottishfootballfixtures.wordpress.com/scottish-pre-season-2017/
  2. There's no need for him to answer as the fact is that not one single penny of Trust money, Fighting Fund or otherwise, was used to buy tickets for the New Year event. Not a penny. To suggest otherwise is a misrepresentation of the facts.
  3. You can chunter all you want but the reality is that Livingston were a First Division club while an appeal was ongoing. Recorded SFL fact.
  4. Given that the SFL should never have asked for that game (or the Airdrie and Cowden) ones to be played in the first place, yes. I appreciate the Shire's position totally, but at the end of the day we had a right as a club to appeal the Management Committee decision and should have not been asked to play in the Third Division until that process was completed. Whether you agree with the appeal or not, it can't be argued that Livingston were in the business of disrupting the fixtures willy-nilly at that time. Our appeal was put together and decided upon in a far smaller timescale than normal to try and limited the chaos. The problem with what the Shire are asking is that it will open the floodgates for compensation claims when games are postponed, regardless of the reason.
  5. Not to my knowledge. Meadowbank Thistle FC Ltd was still in existence when Livingston (the football team) were in the SPL.
  6. This is all just the same old bile. You would have a point if Livingston was the only club running up debt and not paying bills, but the last few years are littered with various football clubs doing that. You don't seem quite as keen to have a go at Dundee who dodged a monster debt well in excess of Livingston's or Motherwell whose chairman ran up millions upon millions in debts, voluntarily went into admin and emerged at the other side still in charge! I am not agreeing with the way LFC has been run. It has been disgraceful and indefensible, but all you are doing now is repeating pointless bile. We're in the Third Division. You might think we should have been expelled entirely, but relegation down two divisions is still one of the heaviest punishments to be handed down to any Scottish football club in the history of the game. There was a very strong rulebook reason why we didn't play East Stirlingshire and the SFL are well aware of it. The whole sorry chapter should be brought to an end with our game v Shire being played at the next date agreeable to both teams, whether that's Wednesday or another date.
  7. Absolute nonsense. Meadowbank Thistle Football Club Ltd. owned Meadowbank Thistle and it also ran Livingston for years and years after the move. The only thing that changed in 1995 was the name of the football team. The legal entity remained as was.
  8. I stand on it being entirely his own fault. I have my doubts that it was his own money anyway.
  9. I told you that Ballantyne suggested to the rest of the Management Committee that Livi wouldn't be able to raise the bond or complete a CVA. The "it sounds like to me...." bit was my interpretation of what he was trying to achieve by saying those things.
  10. So to summarise £20m overall then? Like I said about glasshouses...
  11. 1. These things take time you clown. 2. I don't know enough about it. He's a bookie who takes bets? 3. Eh? I've just told you what Bannatyne said. Ignore if you want. As for the bond, McGruther told the league that he could not personally guarantee that the club could fulfil the fixtures but that the consortium led by Gordon McDougall could. Fact. To be fair, though, like your compatriot Sir Calum Melville you have a bit of a cheek criticising Livingston when your club has written off more debt than probably any other in Scottish football history.
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