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  1. Interesting quote Alan considering he was only 18 at the time, came in on loan and helped save camelon from relegation, Camelon wanted to sign him after his loan and tried again at the start of this season. Clearly your efforts to discredit all the players at the rose have little substance. Fortunately your opinions are just that...your opinion.
  2. Future is looking bright for Queens, I watched the u18s win 6-0 at Hamilton last night. They have also beaten Celtic Hearts and Motherwell recently. Good chance they will keep some of their best players now that they are professional.
  3. No just a support act, although I suspect our personalities are very similar after a rose game 😊😡
  4. Love your positivity, very refreshing, hopefully it will catch on as the team need our support. I agree with the principal that we have a lot of talent in the squad. Unfortunately following the loss of Barbour etc we have a poor balance due to the lack of quality in defence and also too many attacking midfielders. TC will always score goals but our midfield is trying to compensate for a weak defence and therefore starving TC of service. Imo it would only take the signing of one or two defenders to give this team the confidence to play their natural game to attack from all angles. No disrespect to the defenders we have but we need more options in this area. Hopefully we can turn a corner in the New year with the right signings.
  5. Massive game for the Mariners and a monumental performance will be the order of the day. However miracles happen.....pray for Camelon.
  6. Great to see Maryhill getting many offers of support, hopefully this is the first step to a bright future
  7. Oh the Irony, the ball was clearly, or was it, handled by a Stoneyburn player. Confirmed by Stoneyburn committee man at the time and also by the offending player. The behaviour of the Stoneyburn manager cannot and should not be excused.
  8. You are certainly no Dumbo and you make a valid point. However the football landscape in Scotland is changing dramatically and everybody knows that money talks. Queens are vulnerable as amateurs and could easily be swallowed up by the big Ayrshire, East region or West region clubs. Many are already firmly established with the potential to grow into bigger clubs than a fair share of SPL clubs. Queens have not had the need to be anything other than Amateurs in the past, time to look to the future.
  9. My worry for Queens would be that they will get swallowed up by the Pyramid system if they continue to stay amateurs.
  10. The Dale had the strongest midfield in the league last season, would be disapointing to lose such an important player.
  11. Good luck big Jim and Goldie, 2 great guys that deserve to be a success at a great club.
  12. I would support this proposal in principal. More games, more variety, more local derbies, less travel and an accurate ranking system going forward.
  13. The right decision has been made at last, big Junior clubs like Boness can thrive in a pyramid system, big games, big crowds, onwards and upwards.
  14. Left back Ryan Hoggan from Alloa, can also play centre half or holding midfielder. Quality player, sweet left foot, destined for senior career. Excellent addition, only 19, will get better with every game. Down side is if he does well and stays fit he will be back in the first team at Alloa. Hopefully a run in the Scottish will keep him at the BUs until June.
  15. Well done to Alex Smith on a great result on Saturday. Absolute gentleman, deserves every bit of success possible. On another note, I would be shocked if Falkirk did not appoint Hartley as new manager. Having experienced his methods at Alloa, he is an excellent coach and would be a massive influence on the Academy. Imo he would take the club to another level.
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