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  1. Heard from a very good source Jim Thomson interested. Also that he had said if given the chance he’d be pushing more for a play off place not just survival as he has been speaking to contacts to bring to club and with his previous experience in his commercial role at Queens surely it could be used at the club.
  2. After listening to post match interview Chapman knows what’s coming but he did say he doesn’t Quit so will want a pay off!!
  3. Not the biggest fan of Broadwood but why would a community take you in when over the years you have continually wanted to leave and as for local businesses not supporting to my knowledge Clyde don't have a Commercial Manager to put time into getting these resources (and I've heard they were offered someone who fitted the bill but didn't take up on the offer) so there's no chance of companies coming forward and throwing money at them. Possibly long term lease at Broadwood would show commitment and maybe foundations to build within cumbernauld.
  4. Wit wur needing is Clyde players not mercaneries looking for next pay cheque. Hence why we are in this position!!!! Thanks BB Bino.
  5. Only one final point is when these boys are released from Probably the club they support there is a good chance they are lost to football altogether. Our own set up could mean boys coming right through our system or being picked up at earlier age from other clubs before disappointment and rejection or more blatantly birds and booze. The Scottish way!
  6. Personally I think Cumbernauld and Kilsyth is a big enough area that there is potentially missed talent there. Also if we had some sort of commercial manager bringing in backing from local business then the cost wouldn't be as much of a burden to the club. Like I said earlier if run properly it could be beneficial to the club!
  7. You are compensated for development of youth players also if they make it to 1st team there is always a possibility of sell on it may only be a few players but if the youth is feeding into first team its cost effective but you've got to have proper structure and coaches and management to buy in!!!
  8. Only concern knowing Chapman not a fan of pro youth (as he shut down Annans) and to be honest I'm not the biggest fan but surely a club like Clyde is the kinda club that needs a youth set up as we have no budget to bring in experienced players and to take the cast offs from other youth set ups says to me if their not good enough for them what makes them good enough for us. A well run youth system could pay dividends for a club like ours in the long run!!!
  9. Don't see how our squad can be gelling when big %age played together last year under the same management team so surely we should be well ahead of the likes of annan who are rebuilding??
  10. Not so far back there were folk claiming that Mr Chapman could be good for us as he knows the league well and going by his signings it looks like his knowledge of the league is very limited. Saturday's game could be a see who can kick the ball highest and nothing else!!!!! Hope I'm wrong but!
  11. Curious about players that Chapman brought through from youth set up he closed?
  12. Chapman and Joyce would be a disaster for Clyde not just because of their antics from dugout at the last game but their total non football approach to the game. Possibly Clyde would have reduced rates at Broadwood as the surface would be used less with the amount of time the ball is in the air.
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