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  1. Great win for Thistle today, fantastic team spirit shown by all the lads to come fom behind and win with 10 men. If they can keep that kind of level up they won't be far away.
  2. 37 minutes, sub Ryan Cooper was brilliant
  3. Had to go back to Page 9 to find this thread, kind of sums up how the season has gone. A terrible result on the last day of the season on paper but with some mitigating circumstances. On the face of it an 8-1 home defeat to the fourth bottom team is a shocker and there's no doubt Craigmark were the better team on the day and worthy of a 2 or 3 goal win even with all things being equal. But... we had no keeper for three quarters of the game and played the whole second half with our defensive midfielder unable to run, quickly followed by the left back ending up similarly incapacitated after a coming together as they say. With no subs to bring on it was only going to go one way. No help from the referee either with two penalties against us although the second was pretty clear cut. So onwards and downwards to the first division next year with some tasty looking ties in prospect against all our nearest and dearest. Savings on travel and potentially bigger crowds should soften the blow a bit along with what must surely be an improved showing in the table. I've seen a few of the teams in the league this season and the standard isn't bad so I'm not predicting a quick return for us, if we get top half I think we'll be doing well.
  4. I was disgusted to hear of this, both sides have these hangers on who only come out for one thing but the real fans know that these louts are nothing to do with the club. It is a social problem rather than a football one and Larkhall suffers from it more than most places. I don't speak on behalf of the club but can say that the vast majority of the people of Larkhall are decent and would be appalled by these acts.
  5. Lost a good few bob that the club can hardly afford, personally I think the arrangements were a bit ott given the lack of anticipation of the game and hence probable crowd size. The St Roch's supporters would have gone over to the other side opposite the shed anyway and they could have come round for pies etc without any hassle. The last time they were at Gasworks was a whole different ball game with it being a promotion decider and winner takes all, this would have been much more low-key.
  6. The fans experience is probably one of the last things they consider, if indeed they consider it at all. The deal has been done, the money sorted, health and safety passed, police OK with it, TV planning done etc etc. They're not going to start again from scratch because the majority of fans would prefer another venue.
  7. 2/9 Glencairn looks very good value, don't wan't to talk my team's chances down but they should really be shorter than that imo. Beat us 6-1 at home and 9-0 in the sectional cup and although we've improved there's nothing to suggest anything other than a home win.
  8. Wishaw 0 Blantrye Vics 4, Vics looked a decent team and were in control of the game thoughout, some good players especially in the defence. The Blantyre keeper had 3 or 4 outstanding saves in the second half. Wishaw weren't bad by any means but Vics just better.
  9. Aye can't see it going ahead at all, after the shock abandonment last week and the heavy rain all day I can see it getting called off early to save Craigmark the long trip from Ayrshire. The grass around the town is really soggy so it looks like Asda with the wife unless I can find an emegency backup fixture
  10. Player safety is the universal get out clause for referees but can anybody ever remember a player getting injured because it was raining?
  11. Thought it was a right good game and could have gone either way in the second half. It would have been interesting to see how the new vesion of Thistle reacted to the setback of the equaliser just before half time. As you know some of their reactions to setbacks haven't been too great this season so it would have been good to see how they coped.
  12. Another win for the Albert again today, what's going on! Good wee run they're on, too far behind to trouble the leaderboard this season but things looking good for them.
  13. That doesn't make any sense at all, why then were the referee and linesmen out at half time bouncing the ball on the park to see if it stuck? And why were they running about, if the ref had done his ankle he'd be hobbling not running. More than a coincidence that they were soaked and cold and like another poster said, one of the linos could have reffed it with club officials on the lines, they are meant to be qualified referees.
  14. After the Larkhall Thistle v Girvan game being abandoned today it really is time to spare a thought for the referees and linesmen. Out there in the rain and chilly wind with no more protection than a short sleeved shirt, it is a real surprise that as many games manage to get played to the end without the SFA's finest crawling away on the flimsiest of excuses back home with their match fee tucked away in their pockets. So when it does happen and the pitch looks perfect to the untrained non-SFA eye it comes as even more of a shock and total shite for the decent sized Girvan support who made the 57.9 Googlemile, hour and a half journey for nothing. Match off, my decision, off you go, don't speak to me.
  15. Are you a bookie mate? Not being flippant, genuinely interested to know. I'd say as a layman that if a team is expected to win narrowly at home they would be around 5/6 or 4/5, shorter odds than that would seem to sindicatethe bookies expect a more comfortable win. What would you say the pice for an expected 2-0 would be?
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