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  1. Lanark v maryhill

    OK thanks hopefully game on
  2. Lanark v maryhill

    What's the Chances of the lanark v maryhill game being on tomorrow? I heard there has been snow up there this week.
  3. maryhill gaffer for sack

    Tbh maryhill GK Scott black now the peasy Gk coach played with a bad injury that night no wonder we got beat 4-0
  4. maryhill gaffer for sack

    Just seen this post - The Maryhill Manager Is Not For The Sacks so whoever made up this new account may as well Delete it!! Its nice to see everyone backing john it may not be the best team the hills ever had but the gaffer is trying to improve all the time & we will get there back the team not slag them and certinally stop posting about managers so No john won't be sacked anytime soon. #MonTheHill