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  1. The game that the ref lost the plot. Sent off 2 players for apparently hearing something said. One of which was on the words of his linesman who I think did not properly know the laws of the game due to some of his dubious decisions. So you base your opinion on our club on 1 game with at least half of our squad being new to the club.
  2. Usual pish from those called out on commenting on our fans behaviour they don't want to come see that the truth and would rather live in the bubble that we are all baddies.
  3. Are you accusing St Rochs of not being a disciplined team?
  4. Amazing grit and determination from the 9 men left on the pitch. Was happy to leave with the point with 9 men. But we'll done for getting stuck in and take the 3 points. Hopefully the discipline returns and we can go from strength to strength. Mon the candy.
  5. What about your coaches? Every little tho g they wanted players booked.
  6. Your committee men are an embarrassment to the game of football. Hurting much????? Enough said.
  7. Just seen on club twitter. Our game v Perthshire has been called off due to compassionate reasons. Our thoughts with the family More important things than football
  8. Lets hope the Candy faithful come in the same numbers after an emotional season with bitter disappointment at the end. Great to see some signings. Gutted to lose the players we have lost. Hopefully no more out and a few more in. MTC.
  9. Kinky Afro you are most definitely one of us. Thanks for the get well wish. Hope to be out asap. Defo making POTY night even if I have to sign myself out.
  10. On Saturday, April 1, vandals broke into the clubrooms at James McGrory Park, home of St Roch’s Juniors Football Club. As well as damaging security shutters, these criminals destroyed players lockers and stole equipment from the clubrooms and the staff and management are still trying to ascertain the true extent of the damage. Funds which the club had set aside for a children’s party on Sunday, April 16th must now be diverted to purchase a new roller shutter to deter burglars from repeating the break in and to provide better security for the facility.
  11. Great game. Young keeper for us had a confidence boosting performance. 2 one on ones and a deflection beat him. He should be very proud.
  12. try Glasgow life for the hire
  13. congratulations on the win. well deserved. all the best for the rest of the season until we play again and I hope we are able to take the 3 points then.
  14. keep it open. I was a lurker before I signed up. this is where fans get to voice an opinion on all things about football.
  15. if all the clubs who are unhappy about the situation all put in a letter of no confidence surely the sjfa would have to listen. just my thoughts.
  16. FIXTURE NEWS We will travel to play East Region Super Premier team Fauldhouse on the 30th of December Details to follow
  17. Game off today. Burst pipe in Forths changing facilities. Friendly against newmains @ the cage home of blochairn star on royston road behind st rochs primary.
  18. I am sure if you contact Johnstone Burgh they can answer your question. St Rochs sell replica tops and can be contacted on twitter @StRochsJuniors
  19. The candy way of life is something that can not betold it has to be experianced.
  20. Toffee fan if your ever through west and the candy are at home your more than welcome to come along and watch and experiance the candy way of life.
  21. Great result for St Rochs today. 6-1 against Johnstone Burgh.
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