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  1. Shotts Bon Accord vs Kilsyth Rangers off East Kilbride Thistle vs Girvan off Lanark United vs Port Glasgow off Forth Wanderers vs St Anthony's off Newmains United vs Vale of Leven off
  2. It is with sadness to share the passing of our Life President Jim Friel A massive part of the clubs recent history and our thoughts are with his family and many friends RIP Jim [emoji120]
  3. Just seeing this. As you will already know game off. Pitch cant handle the weather we have had.
  4. Our condolences to the family of former committee man and Treasurer Joe Smith who passed away yesterday morning. Many of you who are on a committee of junior clubs may have dealt with Joe when our clubs met. Joe was one of the men who kept our humble club going for decades and will be sadly missed. RIP Joe
  5. Looking forward to our wee trip tomorrow. Hope the bus home is in full swing and party mode.
  6. We will bring a decent crowd. We have had a small lull in games but hopefully we bounce back on saturday and its a great game for both sides.
  7. When do we think the postponed cup games might be rescheduled??
  8. I hope not too. But you never know with the dinosaurs
  9. Fair play and standing up to them but You will wait a while for the apology and no doubt the publications friends within the archaic SJFA will look dimly on this statement and hit you with some form of draconian sanctions.
  10. St rochs 1 v0 cambuslang mcmanus (pen)
  11. Johnstone burgh v st rochs approx 150 Off that about 100 where away fans.
  12. St Rochs were the same for october. All league fixtures away and then a cup replay and another cup game away. Tbh I think Kennie is trying yes there are still flaws BUT it is night and day from his predecessor. Just got to roll with it and get the game played that can be played.
  13. After the performance and beating Renfrew it would have been silly for the club not to offer him the job. Although Chic and Gary had done a decent job in the home tie.
  14. Enough to get out of a relegation dog fight if the players keep up the work they have done in the past 2 games. Be good to welcome you to JMP
  15. Working and playing as a unit now. Here's hoping we can kick it on into league duties.
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