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  1. good , it would be nice to see us go out and score a few goals, and get some players more minutes. to be fair under clarke we have won most of these types of games.
  2. I keep saying this and I said it before the euros, we should be far more positive in how we start games , the last time i seen us start well was probably serbia. we are far too slow out the blocks, I dont mean gung ho from the first minute but at least try and put teams under more pressure earlier.
  3. its probably been asked but not going to trawl all the way through but are patterson,mcginn and o'donnell all available for saturday?
  4. did he read the daily mail by any chance?
  5. i want to know more about it.
  6. who the f**k even buys quality street every day?
  7. don't know whats more pathetic some celtics fans obsession with a kitman or the attempt at top level staunchness with that Flag in the threads display picture.
  8. I genuinely cannot understand how thick or brainwashed you have to be to get upset about stuff like this and there's plenty of them in britain.
  9. that cypriot boys strike was stunning.
  10. I fear how bad they must be considering Dumbarton beat TNS a few years back.
  11. Liverpools knockout results 04/05 Last 16 Liverpool 6-2 (agg) Leverkusen Last 8 Liverpool 2-1 (agg) Juventus Semi Liverpool 1-0 (agg) Chelsea Final Liverpool 3-3 Milan Liverpool Knockout results 2006-07 Last 16 Liverpool 2-2 (agg) Barca Last 8 Liverpool 4-0 (agg) PSV Semi Liverpool 1-1 (agg) Chelsea Final Liverpool 1-2 Milan not as many 0-0's and 1-0's as you say.
  12. i guarantee you have watched one. Liverpool anti footballing it in the greatest final of all time caused you to stop watching??? weird.
  13. Klopp rarely gets his signings wrong and quite often he improves those players, i see no reason why mcginn couldn't be a good addition for them. not saying he would be a starter each week but i think he could play his part
  14. Found out why we don't produce top strikers. Its because ArabFc gives you some reds for saying play 2 up top. thats it , that's the reason.
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