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  1. how bad must it be for the peoples club, your city rivals make 5 changes and still destroy you. championship beckons.
  2. so you are admitting that you are a w****r?
  3. i shout "get tae f**k" or "f**k off" when i sneeze now. bad habit
  4. despise man bag scum, probably wear scarves when its not cold and wear glasses even though their eye sight is fine. total wankers
  5. about time liverpool started doing a fergie
  6. needs to sort out his voice first
  7. i have watched bits and pieces of AEW and can say it might make me watch wrestling again. in recent years i've tuned into 5/10 mins here and there of raw and its utter crap. AEW definitely seems to have something going on
  8. quite like ian wright because he is stoopid. like nadine coyle and jacqueline jossa as i would like to pump them. to add, i would also pump kate garraway
  9. who said it mattered? i said at least he's not just fuckin off even though he's not available to play, you get the same ones who dont even bother their arse showing up fit or not.
  10. he doesnt need to do it but as captain it at least shows he cares.
  11. play tierney RB and Robbo LB we actually had a good run with that
  12. any british team that have visited rome have been attacked, this time will be no different.
  13. this , tends to be OF fans that think every rivalry in the world has to be on two different sides of political views, most italian teams are very right , with a few left wing teams but roma are just as bad as lazio.
  14. so he received contact, thats a penalty. the same way a striker is told to cut in front of a defender chasing him.
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