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  1. Cmon the southside great battle the day no many teams go to hurlford and get a result [emoji106]
  2. Good result for southside 3-1 against st Joes Giffnock in next round should be a cracker [emoji106]
  3. What players is that mate ? Maybe banter but I'm sure if they were getting money they wouldn't just start telling random ppl
  4. No defensive mate some of the stuff people come out with on this is ridiculous! A few people have worked for my Mates company and that's been an incentive for some players coming wouldn't call that cheating sure they will be a few teams like this people need to get a life and stop making up bullshit
  5. Honestly where you getting your info Clyde have not been in touch so stop talking out your arse fud
  6. I know it is just told you it's my mates team! There's a lot of ppl in amateur football that are jealous and talk one lot of pish and some of the players I know love winding ppl up when they get asked heard one the other day ppl getting 30 grand a year some ppl don't even get that in the spl mate [emoji23] and taking contracts of ppl for work ? Where do u get this lol
  7. This is my mates team where do you get this shite [emoji23]
  8. What a lot of bull shit you talk tnw
  9. I've seen southside a few times this year and I have been really impressed and I was at the game the last night and they were a shadow of the team I watched think they must have just had an off night I'm sure they will bounce back to many good players not to
  10. Didn't see that coming well done blochairn
  11. 10th January the draw is
  12. Colville southside or Craigshill
  13. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  14. Some big teams out yesterday! Can't see by colville or southside winning but anything can happing in a one of game [emoji106]
  15. If there paying players I would be asking for the money back haha
  16. Your patters shite scooter boy f**k up eh board reading your shite
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