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  1. Can’t believe I’m asking this. But what games have unfortunately been beaten by the weather? [emoji22][emoji107]
  2. Put everything else aside. They’ll be an exciting addition to the Premier League next year and I’m sure they’ll cause a bit of damage
  3. He’s just ruined that reputation. He’ll be one of the most hated figures in the Juniors now
  4. Bathgate 2-1 Cumnock 2007-08 Scottish Cup Final The second last time a team from the East won the cup
  5. IMO Talbot should be stripped of their league title
  6. Feel sorry for Tucker and his players but there’s going to have to be some sort of punishment for Talbot
  7. I wonder what Tucker will say if Chisholm is the reason Talbot get their league title stripped from them
  8. Do you think Chisholm had anything to do with postponing the Scottish Cup tie with Hurlford?
  9. 10. Gilgannon 9. Rico 8. Mason 7. Robertson 6. Philipson 5. Caddis 4. Farrell 3. Gold 2. Knapp 1. Mullen Hurlford Thistle 2011-12. IMO the best team to ever win the Scottish Cup
  10. I see the Facebook page has decided to show the Buffs game from December. Very professional of who decided to put that up
  11. What about the ones celebrating on the Facebook page?
  12. From what I’ve seen so far the Talbot fans are the only ones who are celebrating their “title win”. No of the others seem to be. Correct me if I’m wrong
  13. Just waiting on Talbot being declared Scottish cup winners now
  14. You’s must be very proud a winning a title with still 14 games to play. Congratulations!
  15. What’s funny? The best teams in the world have bottled some big leads at the top
  16. Football’s a funny game. Talbot could have very easily went on a bad run and bottled it
  17. If the season was cancelled why just not declare it null and void?
  18. Thought you get 3 strikes before it’s switched. But because it’s Talbot they’ll get unlimited strikes[emoji107]
  19. Does that mean if it’s off this week and then next week it will be played at Hurlford?
  20. What are the chances of the game being on? For weather reasons not for illnesses
  21. No as good as Mr Robert Hunter [emoji23][emoji23]
  22. Meaningless? That’s a bit disrespectful towards Clydebank
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