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  1. Does anyone think that the Juniors has any hope of coming back? Really not a big fan of this Pyramid System
  2. Any thoughts on who will be the next manager there?
  3. Aw well. Hurlford’s loss. By the way things are looking the Ford are badly struggling for a team from what I’m hearing right now.
  4. I would have liked to have seen Hurlford make a 20’s team last year because they would have been one of the best teams in the country. Having watched Hurlford Boys Club 2001’s a few times over the last couple of years they were absolutely brilliant to watch. Won lots of trophies and made it to the Scottish Cup Final one year (unfortunately beat). I wonder if any of their players will get a chance with them? (My opinion is yes).
  5. Can’t believe I’m asking this. But what games have unfortunately been beaten by the weather? [emoji22][emoji107]
  6. Put everything else aside. They’ll be an exciting addition to the Premier League next year and I’m sure they’ll cause a bit of damage
  7. He’s just ruined that reputation. He’ll be one of the most hated figures in the Juniors now
  8. Bathgate 2-1 Cumnock 2007-08 Scottish Cup Final The second last time a team from the East won the cup
  9. IMO Talbot should be stripped of their league title
  10. Feel sorry for Tucker and his players but there’s going to have to be some sort of punishment for Talbot
  11. I wonder what Tucker will say if Chisholm is the reason Talbot get their league title stripped from them
  12. Do you think Chisholm had anything to do with postponing the Scottish Cup tie with Hurlford?
  13. 10. Gilgannon 9. Rico 8. Mason 7. Robertson 6. Philipson 5. Caddis 4. Farrell 3. Gold 2. Knapp 1. Mullen Hurlford Thistle 2011-12. IMO the best team to ever win the Scottish Cup
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