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  1. I know we don't have a match day reporter, but any reason the starting XI and subs from the LC games haven't been added to the OS?
  2. Or we are not worried about people knowing.... But the ref etc would be told who the trialist was as well.
  3. No one. He's staying on as Reserves manager. As it stands certainly. That may change as the season goes on. Wouldn't say we had a reserve team now, just the u18 side. Is there going to be a SPFL Reserve league this year?
  4. What android handsets are folk going for currently?
  5. We have had one for most of the last decade at least, I think this year's the only year we've not had one since 2012/2013 at least.
  6. You've got to remember we didn't really have anyone on the bench to change it.
  7. Ah I see, but there success in the SC along side other postponments would always catch up with you.
  8. What does he think should happen? Someone posted a table earlier in the week and they have had loads of games off.
  9. Where did you get your COVID test before going?
  10. Says on the OS (was posted after your post so maybe seen it) that it is open late on Wednesday to 18.30, then it MAY be open Saturday if they can get the staff. But you can order online up to tonight, so would just do that to be safe.
  11. Why does a flag at a football ground spoil the photo though? Are they not common place?
  12. Brother Grimm

    FIFA 22

    Quite enjoyed playing for the Silver players this week.
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