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  1. Any reason they can't get the Scottish Cup right? Can't even get the clubs right in the first season, fair enough as it goes on there is a random element to who qualifies but having the first season sides wrong is pretty shit.
  2. Cheers, Tbf he was the only one I really knew for sure.
  3. Did a lot of players leave Bullfrog for Bullwood?
  4. Johnstone needs to go, ideally before Tuesday night. Getting desperate now.
  5. But for 99% of teams not much will change, other than in time you may foster new local rivalry via cup/league competition. Local football is still going to be the norm. EK Thistle/Lowland EK Cumbernauld Colts/United Nithsdale Wanderers/Kello Rovers Brechin City/Vics
  6. The bit about knowing a players name and nickname, absolutely embarrassing. Can't believe the Linlithgow fans don't know their players names now.....
  7. Incorrect, they were 99% French in their last south season.
  8. The natural instinct Dobbie had with Dykes was tremendous to be fair, no chance we can get something on that level.
  9. It's the same with the signing incoming stuff, should be on the clubs official page first.
  10. Quite liked him the first time, would be open to his return if he got anywhere near the form before he left.
  11. Is this based on when he was with Queens, or more recent sightings of the player?
  12. Can you explain why a team from say Kilmarock. Who won't compete for players from other clubs in the league, would somehow dilute the quality?
  13. Obviously not ITK like yourself, can you point me to where it was discussed?
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