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  1. Or maybe Dunfermline just offered more money for them?
  2. A number of players out on loan at clubs from the Premiership go back and play in the reserve league weekly. The boy who got the hattrick on Monday v Queens is on loan at Cove.
  3. Yet another season of the official site not updating the reserves results. Embarrassing.
  4. Well there’s not been one mention on Twitter about our game Saturday as an example. Should be tweeting that at least daily.
  5. Cheers, thought that was just the manager talking so had ignored that one.
  6. Where’s the highlights? The ones I’ve seen didn’t show a replay of the Mercer challenge.
  7. Only looking to bring in one or two more. Feels he has the quality in the squad.....
  8. The Upper Annandale thing is bizarre, the club previously played as Queen of the South Colts in one of the West youth leagues and now have changed to Uppers. They were called something else before the name change to Queens as well, Queens signed one boy from them and he didn’t last long and now plays for Stirling Uni I think.
  9. There not bothering with it, going to play the season with 7 men.
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